Marijuana Experiences Modern Day Rebirth

Marijuana has a deep history.

Cannabis can be found in Siberian burial chambers. Humans have had marijuana experiences as far back as 3000 B.C. Cannabis has been used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years. First American President George Washington grew hemp on Mt. Vernon.

Before the Nixon era, cannabis was legal and found in many tinctures and oils. After the big ban, cannabis became a schedule I drug. From then on the plant was deemed to have no medicinal value and only used by addicts.

In today’s time, marijuana experiences resurgence.

Researchers from around the world are trying to understand how marijuana works and how it can fight diseases. The U.S. surgeon general has expressed interest in learning about cannabis. Scientific data on marijuana shows potential for treating certain medical conditions and ailments. Countries around the world are in favor of legalizing pot. Uruguay, Portugal, Israel, Canada and the Netherlands have institutionalized medical marijuana programs and decriminalized possession.

Much of the danger has been over-hyped. There are no reports specifically linked to recreational “over-dosing” from marijuana. However, there are reported side-effects of giggling, short-term memory loss and a craving for Cheeze-Its in addition to other delicious candies and snacks.

The challenges continue with banking.

Because marijuana is a schedule I drug, U.S. banks are incredibly reluctant to host accounts for marijuana business’. Store owners are forced to deal solely in cash. This includes payroll, taxes, product, rent, security, etc. This leaves them vulnerable to theft and robbery.

Cannabis, the pain reliever.

The medicinal uses generally associated with cannabis include chronic pain relief, insomnia, stimulation of appetite, nausea and stress relief. The scientific community is in a buzz trying to figure out other benefits associated with marijuana. Most of the focus centers around how marijuana really affects the brain and neurological systems; but with so many uses the possibilities are endless.

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