How to keep the smell of cannabis smoke to a minimum

Want to enjoy your herb without attracting the attention of any nearby noses? Here we offer ways to reduce your smell output:

Avoid Papers

If discretion is your priority. Papers mean cannabis is constantly ignited, releasing pungent and lingering smells with added carcinogens from your paper or blunt wrap.

Consider purchasing a vaporizer

Vaporizers are one of the best ways to keep the smell from ingesting marijuana down to a minimum. Vapor still carries the scent of the product being vaporized. However, it does not linger like smoke does. If you smoke in your car you may be breathing dank fumes for the next 1-3 days. On the other hand, the lingering of vapor is comparable to a fart. A few minutes with the window down and that gas will pass. For some the effects of a vaporizer don’t provide the desired high and that’s OK. There are still ways to enjoy the actual smoking of the plant while still keeping down the smell.

Buy or make a sploof

A sploof is one of the best ways to reduce the volume of your loud pack. A sploof is a device that smoke is exhaled into, which then absorbs the odors instead of allowing the smoke to spread and be detected by neighbors or landlords. You can purchase one like the Smoke Buddy online or at your local smoke shop. If you don’t have or don’t want to dish our the extra funds there’s plenty of internet guides on how to make your own sploof using household utensils such as a finished toilet paper roll and scented dryer sheets.

Use a bowl or waterpipe

A sploof is best combined with a bowl or bong.The best way to keep the smell down using a bowl or bong is to pack the bowl just enough for you to be able to clear it all in one hit. This is to avoid the trail of smoke rising out of the still lit bowl when you’ve finished inhaling. If you do this correctly the smell of your smoke session should resemble a vape session and the lingering smell can be easily removed. One classic technique to containing the smell is putting a wet towel at the crack on the bottom of a room door in order to prevent dank fumes from escaping. A fan pointing out a window will help get rid of what little scent remains after using the any or all of the above techniques. The best way to get away with smoking is to keep the smell contained to the room you’re smoking in and by not allowing any smoke to linger in it, then airing out with a fan post-session. We hope this guide can help you avoid the drama that the smell of marijuana can bring about.

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