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  1. Avatar22 Jul
    Diana R Trimble

    I don’t think your theory is accurate. Yes, Mexicans used cannabis before Americans and some Mexicans undoubtedly brought cannabis across the border at some point. But that’s now how it became popular in culture. The New Orleans jazz scene is well-documented as being the first sub-culture to focus on cannabis use, this was in the 1920s. It stands to reason that cannabis was independently introduced along the gulf coast by people coming from the Caribbean. These Afro-Cubans had a lot more in common with the local African-American population than Mexicans, who have practically no influence on New Orleans music or culture. It is way more logical that black West Indians introduced cannabis into the Jazz scene. It was because of the many “reefer songs” that were all the craze in the 20s that the regular population first heard about cannabis. As the Jazz scene became more racially integrated, cannabis use crossed over into the white population. From there it’s an easy skip to rock n roll, the 60s, and the hippy stoner archetype. It has very little to do with Spain or Mexico. Sorry to burst your bubble. West Indians get the credit for bringing cannabis to Louisiana and New Orleans gets credit for kickstarting American cannabis culture. Read the whole article in August issue of The Emerald Magazine, available online or at Northern California dispensaries.

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