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  1. Avatar14 Sep
    Jean Everson

    I guess Jeff Sessions has never seen a child have hundreds of seizures a day ,receive CBD and they stop seizing! How can they turn their head on the proof about cannabis when there is hundreds of TESTIMONIES proving cannabis heals. He must be deep in the pockets of Pharmaceutical Companies. No child should be DENIED a natural medicine with no dangerous side effects that heals!

  2. Avatar14 Sep
    Green Star Sam

    At some point, citizens of the United States will be forced to stand against the tyranny of the out-of-touch and uninformed. The history of exclusion of cannabis as a viable medical and recreational product is well documented and seems to continue to this day. Obviously, foul play continues to happen now. I’ve run a recreational store in Washington State for three yeas (since day one) where visitors from all over the world seek our experience to develop their working markets…Uruguay, California, Oregon, Alaska and many more came to my store to seek advise on moral and ethical application of citizen passed legislation. Senators, Congressman, and more have sought our advise to be leaders of the industry. What happened to those folks? Mr. Sessions, frankly, is just too old and out of touch with the citizens of the United States. And, so is Congress. I want more for our people!

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