High Couples are Happy Couples

Substance abuse has been linked to a greater link for divorce but how about in the case of marijuana? New research has found that frequent marijuana use by couples is associated with less domestic violence.

This information comes from research performed at Yale, Buffalo, and Rutgers Universities. Hundreds of couples applying for marriage licenses were studied to measure the effects marijuana use can have on intimate partner violence or IPV. According to the study, acts of physical aggression like slapping, beating, and choking are considered IPV.

Since other substances like alcohol were known to increase domestic violence, the hypothesis in the study was that marijuana would also increase domestic violence. However, this was not the case and the more frequent marijuana was used the cases of IPV were decreased for both men and women within their first 9 years of marriage. 37 percent of the men studied had domestic violence incidents within the first year, it was the ones that smoked that fought the least. The study found that couples who BOTH used marijuana were at a lower risk for IPV than couples that only had one smoker in the relationship.

Besides decreasing violence at home, weed has also helped couples better their sex lives. Users have reported being able to orgasm easier when high. Others have reported intensified orgasm and more endurance in bed. Participants in a series of studies from the 70’s and 80’s reported “enhanced touch, heightened intimacy, stronger orgasms and better sex in general.”

If both partners smoke weed that’s automatically a common interest. It’s a lot more fun having someone to spark up with than to keep someone waiting because you want to spark up before you go. According to a study from 2013, having common interests is viewed as a “key connector” in relationships.

Another survey suggests that marijuana smokers are moral and selfless in romantic relationships. There are dating sites for pot-smoking singles and one did a survey to gauge the moral compass of its users in their relationships. According to the, “Do weed smokers ‘do the right thing?’” survey was presented to about 25 percent of the sites 4,500 registered users. All age groups were represented in this survey. The majority of responders were against cheating in relationships. A small 2 percent claimed they would cheat even knowing they would get caught. 77.8 percent of respondents claimed their partner’s pleasure was more important than their own. If you’re tired of selfish partners it might be time to date a stoner. These 420 dating sites provide people with a way to connect with potential spouses who they already know are okay with their lifestyle choices.

So smoking makes sex better, makes couples fight less, and it makes couples more moral and selfless in romantic relationships. More research may need to be done to be certain but cannabis appears to help couples connect and stay together so you shouldn’t be afraid to pass the jay your significant other’s way.

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