What Is CBD Oil and How Can It Help You

Get Natural, Safe Relief with CBD Oil

You may have heard of CBD Oil, an all-natural supplement that’s taken the realm of personal health care by storm due to it’s, what some would consider, miraculous healing powers. In states that have legalized the recreational and/or medical sale, possession, and use of marijuana, CBD Oil supplements and other CBD products such as edibles and salves can be purchased from most dispensaries. In states where marijuana is still illegal, more doctors are beginning to prescribe it to their patients, resulting in fantastic reviews and higher success rates than many pharmaceuticals.

 CBD Oil – What Is It and How It Can Help You?

CBD Oil, short for Cannabidiol Oil, is a derivative of the hemp or cannabis plant that has shown a continual increase in popularity as more research is published on the wide variety of uses and benefits the plant provides.As a non-psychoactive cannabinoid, CBD provides natural, safe, and effective relief for even the most sensitive of patients, without the typical psychoactive effects associated with cannabis or nasty side effects of pharmaceuticals.

Common Uses

CBD Oil may be used for a variety of ailments but is most commonly administered for pain and anxiety relief and to protect against the development and spread of cancer. It’s also commonly used as a digestive aid or prescribed as an antipsychotic for schizophrenia. As time goes on, more and more people are taking advantage of the medicinal and therapeutic effects proven in scientific studies, some of which are detailed below.

Pain & Anxiety Relief

Perhaps the most primary use of CBD Oil is for pain relief. The CBD cannabinoid binds to CB1 receptors in the body, relieving pain and reducing inflammation. With high effectiveness, CBD Oil has begun to replace costly pharmaceuticals for many patients, even some with severe and stubborn chronic pain.

 A 2011 study indicated CBD may alleviate even the most severe social anxieties. Thorough testing, measurements, and evaluations were completed before determining the CBD group had significantly fewer symptoms of anxiety, less cognitive impairment, and lack of general discomfort. The placebo control group however, showed elevated levels of the same. Standard anxiety medications, many of which are highly controversial for their dangerous side effects and increased risk of harm if used over long periods of time, are quickly becoming replaced by the natural, safe alternative of CBD.

 Reduced Risk of Cancer

According to studies conducted by the National Cancer Institute, CBD induces tumor cell death, inhibits cancerous cell growth and the spread of cancerous cells. Good for easing symptoms of chemotherapy, CBD is also particularly effective against breast cancer as research points to CBD disabling the accountable gene and preventing cancerous cells from traveling through inhibition of the ID-1 action in the body.

 Improved Digestion

While the best way to manage your digestion and avoid problems is through a healthy diet and regular exercise, CBD Oil has been scientifically proven to improve digestion and reduce nausea and vomiting. Patients undergoing treatment for serious illnesses sometimes experience negative side effects of the digestive system. These are significantly minimized with supplemental CBD treatment.

 Natural Antipsychotic

Although a rare disease, schizophrenia often comes with severely debilitating side effects. Patients are often forced to experiment with various pharmaceuticals that may or may not improve their general condition. While other disorders may share similar or equally psychotic effects, CBD has been used as a natural, safe antipsychotic treatment to reduce such debilitating effects.

 Find Out More

If you think CBD Oil may benefit you or you’re interested in finding out more, try it for yourself! If you live in a state where marijuana has been legalized recreationally, visit a dispensary of your choice and ask to see their CBD products. If legalized for medicinal uses only, you may need to apply and register for dispensary access. If you’re among the many still waiting for their state to awaken to the healing powers of cannabis, talk to your doctor about what CBD prescriptions may be available.

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