Strain Review: Big Buddha Cheese

10 Giggle

10 Relaxed

10 Social

8 Sleepy

2 Paranoid


I’ve encountered Big Buddha Cheese several times across coffeeshops in Amsterdam. The strain Cheese, cloned from Skunk #1 seeds, has been around since the 80s. Very popular and common strain in the UK, until grower “Big Buddha” crossed Cheese with Afghani to create a new seed. From there, it won the High Times 2006 Cannabis Cup, and has since garnered recognition as an exceptional hybrid amongst cannabis users across the world.

All variations of Buddha claim for big laughs and smiles, and Big Buddha Cheese is no different. In fact, the bud tender at one particular coffeeshop said, “You like the big belly laughs? Buddha Cheese. You’re uplifted, one hit, I swear.” He was not far from the truth. Smoking it brought on some good laughs, and was much better enjoyed in a group of friends. Though relaxing, it’s a very social weed.  As most cheesy strains go, Big Buddha falls right in line. It manages to be both a sticky-sweet fruit flavor, and the sort of sour cheesiness that feels like to coats your teeth. It was hard not to eat nuggets straight from the bag.

Most would describe BBC as ‘dank.’ If you live around sensitive noses, I suggest keeping this weed tightly bagged and sealed in a mason jar. Both to keep you safe, and to preserve bud freshness. Not everyone enjoys the potency of flavor and smell. I mean it when I say this strain is cheesy–all the odor, pungency, and sharpness of cheddar included. Physically, the nuggets are often compact and loaded with orange hair and trichomes. The batch I found in Amsterdam had beautiful tinges of blue, and broke apart like clumps of sugar in my hand.

The high lasts a few solid hours. I don’t recall how I felt physically after it wore off, but some users report feeling well-rested. Several say they feel it “right behind the eyes”, so you might experience some pressure, or that feeling of a head stuffed full of wool and white noise. If that’s what you’re looking for, great! If you want to stay coherent and cerebrally functional, either go easy on the Cheese, or avoid the strain entirely.

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