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The best types of seeds for growing weed

Seed Types
Now that most of the world has come to grips with the idea that marijuana is not only worthy of being legal, but can even be good for you, many pot smokers are getting into growing their own marijuana plants.  Many marijuana growers are now growing the plants they need for their own use indoors or in their gardens. The seed types that will be examined are good for indoor growth and for growth in various areas.
To grow the best plants you have to understand the basics of growing marijuana. First you have to make sure that it is legal in your city, state, region or country to grow marijuana, and then you can start by learning what types of seeds there are. Just like there is not one type of marijuana strain or bud, there are different types of seeds. For growing purposes, there are 3 important and noteworthy types of seed to pay attention to. We will explore them now.

  • Autoflowering marijuana seeds: Autoflowering cannabis or marijuana seeds flower in short periods of time, often within a few weeks. For this reason, as they provide blooms fairly quickly, the THC content of these plants is not that great or concentrated. Still, they are popular and easy cannabis seeds to grow, especially for beginners. Popular autoflowering cannabis seeds include the AK 47 and the Low rider seed.
  • Feminized marijuana seeds: These types of seeds have been altered genetically in an effort to produce female pot plants. Female pot plants are the only marijuana plants that produce flowers and buds that have enough THC in them to get people high, so these seeds are altered to produce over 90% feminine plants that will grow marijuana that is worth smoking or ingesting. Popular feminized cannabis seed strains include Skunk and Haze strains.
  • Regular marijuana seeds: These are simply any old seeds of any old type, and they can be either male or female, so they can produce worthy marijuana or male plants that are only good for helping to inseminate and fertilize female plants. The problem is, when purchasing these seeds, you can never tell how many male or female seeds you get, and the females are needed to produce flowering marijuana plants with a decent amount of THC.

Best for Certain Climates
There is not a ton of difference between climates and the type of seeds you can grow, except that some types of seeds are more suited to shorter summers, therefore they need less sun and heat to grow as they grow in shorter periods of time. Therefore autoflowering cannabis or marijuana seeds are ideal for areas with short summers or short growing seasons. These seeds grow plants that flower and can be cultivated in as little as a few weeks, so they don’t need long growth periods. Autoflowering cannabis or marijuana seeds are perfect for short harvests and yields. All other types of seeds and plants, while they very in growth periods, require longer summers or more light and warmth. It is important to know this, because if you want to grow plants indoors, your light and heating system has to mimic that of a natural growth environment. The more summer and growth period that a type of seed or marijuana strain requires, the more heat and light they will require.
While there are many growing tips and hormones and fertilizers and food and types of soil that can be used to grow the best marijuana plants, these are the basics when it comes to marijuana or cannabis seeds and how to best grow them. Once you choose your seed type, make sure your provide them with, cultivate or create a growing environment that will contribute to maximum yield and harvest. If you’re using times heat lamps to mimic the sun on feminized plants that require full summers , make sure that they get 8-12 hours of warmth and light a day, but also make sure that they get enough water to stay hydrated and not burn up. The last thing you want to do is ruin a good crop from growing it in the wrong environment or not giving it enough water.
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Best Types of Munchies

Best Types of Munchies

Why We Get The Munchies
The question as to why people get so hungry, and often crave the craziest of combinations of food, can be answered with one word: Cannabinoids! In your body, naturally, cannabinoids exist, but they are known as endocannabinoids. It is the endocannabinoids that help regulate your metabolism, and that tell your stomach and body whether or not it is full or empty. When you are under the influence of marijuana, your body is flooded with cannabinoids and THC, which confuses your stomach and makes you think that you are STARVING, often no matter how much you eat. THC totally confuses the endocannabinoids that regulate your feelings of hunger or fullness.
While someone who is under the influence will eventually develop the feeling that they are full, it takes a lot of food to trigger that feeling. The endocannabinoids are dulled by the THC, so it’s as if they are asleep at the wheel. This allows people to digest large sums of food and still feel hungry, and also explains while someone who is high can eat such rich foods or have such weird cravings, cravings that might seem insane if the person were not under the influence of pot.
Favorite Types of Munchies
While everyone has different tastes and craves different foods, one thing is for certain; people often get and entertain strange cravings when under the influence of weed. It’s an old joke, certainly it has been in many movies and television shows, how people gorge themselves when they are high, and how they eat incredibly odd foods when smoking pot. These weird, strong cravings, and the desire for a LOT of food while you’re at it, are commonly referred to as the munchies.  When you are high and starving and want to dunk strawberry Pop Tarts into a vat of Nutella, you have the munchies.  The munchies are a common affliction, and part of what can make marijuana beneficial, especially for those who have eating disorders or people who can’t hold down food.
Let’s take a look at some favorite munchies, or types of food that feed the hunger!

  • Fast Food: The number one munchie, the fast food grease bomb. Nothing hits the spot like French fries smothered in everything, chili, gravy, cheese, ketchup, you name it. Someone must have been high when they came up with the Canadian Poutine, or French fries smothered in gravy and cheese curds.
  • Peanut Butter and Anything: The famous peanut butter and chocolate combo is a munchie delight, but what about peanut butter and banana sandwiches, peanut butter and raisins, or peanut butter on a hamburger? These are all famous munchie stuffers.


  • Ice Cream and Anything: Much like peanut butter, ice cream is an adaptive stoner’s delight that goes with most anything. Where do you think flavors like cotton candy and moose tracks were invented anyway? Ice cream is sweet and rich and smooth and fills the biggest of munchie cravings, no matter what it’s paired with.
  • Pizza: The fact of the matter is, pizza is good most anytime and with most anything. But certainly someone was high when they decided to try pineapple and ham on a pizza pie. And anchovies? You would have to be smoking marijuana to eat those things right? There are many fine gourmet pizzas as well that fit the bill, from all white pizza to cheeseburger pizzas to pizza deserts!
  • Dagwood Sandwiches:  Ah yes, the old everything on the mile high sandwich trick> All the cheeses and all kinds of condiments and all the dressings and veggies plus as much meat as you can get your hands on. After all, someone has to eat the liverwurst and braunschweiger sooner or later, right?
  • Candy: Last but not least, what person under the influence of marijuana doesn’t get a sweet tooth? A good high makes for great candy munchies, including anything from licorice to chocolate to marshmallow fluff straight from the jar. Certainly whoever invented the Fluffernutter  had a huge case of the munchies.

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Sativa, Indica or Hybrid: What's the Difference?

If you’ve ever browsed through the cannabis catalogs of places like Leafly and Canna Seeds, you’ve probably been amazed at the sheer number and variety of cannabis strains out there. If you are new to the game, it can be quite confusing and overwhelming. So let’s start with the basics.
You’ll notice that different strains are described as either sativa, indica or hybrid. But what does that mean, exactly?
Well, cannabis is a genus, or family of plants, which includes 3 different species: cannabis sativa, cannabis indica, and cannabis ruderalis (which grows wild in parts of Russia, contains little THC, and is rarely cultivated for recreational or medical use). So sativa and indica are actually two separate species of pot, which originated in different places, and have their own unique qualities and effects.
Take a look at this awesome infographic which breaks down the difference between the two main branches of the cannabis family tree.

image credit: vaped.com

I know that’s a lot to take in. To sum it all up:

Cannabis Sativa

  • taller plants and thin, pale leaves
  • higher in THC
  • uplifting, energizing
  • mental or head high
  • stimulates appetite
  • treats depression, ADHD, anorexia

Cannabis Indica

  • shorter plants with thicker, darker leaves
  • higher in CBD
  • calming, relaxing
  • mostly body high
  • suppresses nausea
  • treats chronic pain, anxiety, epilepsy, insomnia


However, after ages of cannabis cultivation, selective breeding and cross pollination, there are very few remaining strains which are purely sativa or indica. Most of the weed on the market today are hybrids, created from both sativa and indica stock, and combining both of their effects in different ways and degrees.
A strain like GDP (Granddaddy Purple), for instance, is a hybrid with mostly indica characteristics. It’s often classified as an indica, but is technically an indica-dominant hybrid. Whereas a strain like Trainwreck is also a hybrid, but it’s extremely sativa-dominant, so it’s characteristics are completely different. While GDP typically leaves you all relaxed and mellow, Trainwreck hits you with a head high that will pick you up and bliss you out.
Then you have strains like White Widow or Blue Dream, which are more balanced hybrids, combining the “couch lock” full body relaxation of an indica with the famous sativa head high and euphoria, in equal measure.


Keep in mind that these are merely general tendencies, NOT absolute truths. There are many factors that determine the qualities of any given strain, and how it will affect you — not the least of which is your own body chemistry. Besides THC and CBD, there are many other cannabinoids and chemical compounds (like terpenes) which influence the scent, taste and effects of different cannabis strains.
Each strain totally unique, and will vary from grower to grower — even batch to batch! And of course, each user is unique as well. Just because a strain affects most users in a certain way, doesn’t guarantee that it will do the same to you. But if you use this information as a guideline, it can help you navigate the dizzying variety of cannabis strains available today.
And if you’re wondering where to start, then go check out our list of the 15 most popular cannabis strains!


Trim Run Vs Nug Run Dabs

Trim Run vs Nug Run Dabs

You may or may not have heard the terms trim run and nug run. If you live in a state with legalized marijuana you may have seen these terms printed on the label of extracts at your local dispensary. The nug run labels should have a higher price than the trim run labels. We’ll go over the differences between the two and how to make sure you’re not paying nug run price for trim run. In some places trim run is less than half the price of nug run so if you’re getting trim you should make sure that you’re paying trim prices.
Nug Run Extracts
Users report better flavor from extracts made with full marijuana nugs. The better flavor combined with the higher cost of using full nugs over trim explains the higher prices. If you’re a regular user of concentrates you’ll be able to tell the difference between trim run and nug run. If you’ve been paying more for nug run you’ll be happy to know it was not just for the hype.
Trim Run Extracts
Trim run extracts are less expensive because some marijuana manufacturers are recycling what would normally be waste. If you were hoping trim run was just as good as nug run without the hype, we may disappoint you. However, when it comes to potency there is not enough evidence to say whether trim run will get you any less high than nug run would.
How To Tell The Difference
Smell it.
You should bring your concentrate really close to your nose and take a big whiff of it. If you don’t smell much of anything you’re probably dealing with extracts that were made from trim. However, if your nose gets smacked by a cloud full of dankness, you’ll know for sure that your oils originated from a nug.
Taste it.
By doing a dab of your concentrate you should be able to guess whether it was made with trim or nugs. Several users report a chlorophyll taste from trim run extracts. Nug run is usually flavorful and smoother on the throat and lungs. This is because nugs are the most trichome and terpene-rich part of the cannabis plant. One user said that trim run gave them a peppery feeling in their mouth and throat. If you can get past this taste, it may be in your best interests to save money and purchase trim run extracts.
In Conclusion
If you’re paying top dollar for nug run extracts, make sure you’re not tasting chlorophyll. Also see if you can smell before you buy, follow your nose. You don’t want to pay sixty dollars for a gram of mislabelled trim. Oil snobs beware of any concentrates that do not smell because they’re likely made with trim. The regulations in some states allow companies to get away with mislabelling so your nug run might just be some false advertising. We hope the information in this guide was enough to help you find the right concentrates for you.

Vacation in states with legal marijuana

Marijuana has been recreationally legalized in four states making it easy for tourists to try out the state’s finest. Tourists with an enthusiasm for weed will now have four states to choose from with several weed-related tourist attractions. From weed-friendly hotels to white water rafting with complimentary weed, there are now many ways to make the best of your 420 vacation.
Here we’ll go over some of the marijuana-related activities that you can only get away with in one of the four states with recreational marijuana.
In Oregon smoking marijuana is legal, but only on private property when permitted. This can be troublesome as a tourist as you may not ever be on private property where you’re allowed to smoke. Not to worry, Weed Country Adventures has got you covered. WCA is a whitewater rafting company that also smokes you up. They get away with this by making stops on private properties to get you legally high. If you’re a fan of both marijuana and whitewater rafting the WCA was literally made for people like you.
Marijuana friendly lodging is easy to come across in Colorado, recreational marijuana is even easier to come across. There are marijuana tour buses with dab rig and e-nail stations on board. Loopr is one of the most popular marijuana party buses in the state:
“Hang out, relax and enjoy the biggest, baddest party bus in Colorado with comfortable seating for 46, a glassware and dab bar, granite countertops on the 4 booths, more than a dozen video monitors for multimedia entertainment and route information, free WiFi, a lavatory and refrigerator, laser light show and more!!”
While in Colorado you can take marijuana cooking classes or get a marijuana-infused massage. Colorado is definitely one of the spots with the most options when it comes to weed and weed-related activities for tourists.
One dope marijuana-related activity you can try in Washington is the Cannabus. The Cannabus is a weed party bus that takes you to grows and dispensaries in Washington. You can also get baked on board! Washington’s main attractions to pot loving tourists would be their recreational shops. Smoking in public is forbidden and there are less shops and weed related events going on in Washington than in Colorado or Oregon. If pot is a main theme in your vacation Washington may be a little too conservative for your tastes. Marijuana is treated like alcohol so you can’t be seen smoking in public or you’ll face consequences. Fortunately, those consequences are only a $27 dollar fine so at least you can smoke without fear of jail time.
The scenery in Alaska is quite a sight for red eyes. Who doesn’t want to see the Northern Lights while high on Northern Lights? Alaskan Thunder Fuck would be another good strain to try on your trip to Alaska. You might even get some for free. The laws in Alaska allow adults to legally gift each other marijuana. So the best way to get some weed while in Alaska is to ask somebody “Hey, can I have some of your weed?” Business’ like bud and breakfasts will straight up give you free weed as an incentive to stay with them over competitors.
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weed tips

5 Ways to Revive Dry Weed

Have you ever come back to your stash to see your juicy nugs have turned into brittle buds 2 steps away from shake? Here’s 5 easy ways to save your bud before it’s too late:
Adds no flavor to your product and adding a piece to your dried material will have it back to moist within 3 hours. Take it out after 3 hours or until your weed reaches the level of moisture you desire.
Orange or lemon peels.
One of the least expensive and most common ways to remoisten your weed is to throw in orange or lemon peels in with your bud. Be sure to take out peel after a couple of hours to avoid mold from growing and spreading to your precious buds. After 2 to 3 hours you should have yourself some moist and potentially better smelling product. Take that dried out sour diesel and turn it into some fresh lemon diesel.
Humidifier stone.
There are stones made with terracotta that can help out with dried buds. These small circular clay stones may only require 1 to 2 drops of water on them before being added to your bag or herbs. The raw hydrostone is meant to be soaked in water for 5 minutes and then added to your dry weed but as with these other methods leaving the stone in for too long will lead to mold. So once you see your material is no longer dry you should remove the stone. Amazon users report getting around 3 uses from each of these stones.
Boveda humidifier packs.
Boveda humidifier packs are a good way to bring your dried weed back to life and utilizing them can prevent your weed from drying in the first place. Boveda packs keep bud moist for about 30 to 60 days depending on which pack you choose.
Zeppelin blimpifier
An inexpensive fix is the Zeppelin blimpifier: a little black plastic oval with tiny holes throughout to hold water. Just take your blimpifier, run it under water for 15 seconds, then throw it in with your bag or jar of herbs and check up on it every hour until your buds are back to normal.
To all together avoid the drying out of your weed you should properly store your weed. Products like the boveda pack work great with storage devices such as the CVault container which comes with 2 Boveda packs and keeps your buds fresh for 2 months or more.
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Smoking marijuana

How to keep the smell of cannabis smoke to a minimum

Want to enjoy your herb without attracting the attention of any nearby noses? Here we offer ways to reduce your smell output:

Avoid Papers

If discretion is your priority. Papers mean cannabis is constantly ignited, releasing pungent and lingering smells with added carcinogens from your paper or blunt wrap.

Consider purchasing a vaporizer

Vaporizers are one of the best ways to keep the smell from ingesting marijuana down to a minimum. Vapor still carries the scent of the product being vaporized. However, it does not linger like smoke does. If you smoke in your car you may be breathing dank fumes for the next 1-3 days. On the other hand, the lingering of vapor is comparable to a fart. A few minutes with the window down and that gas will pass. For some the effects of a vaporizer don’t provide the desired high and that’s OK. There are still ways to enjoy the actual smoking of the plant while still keeping down the smell.

Buy or make a sploof

A sploof is one of the best ways to reduce the volume of your loud pack. A sploof is a device that smoke is exhaled into, which then absorbs the odors instead of allowing the smoke to spread and be detected by neighbors or landlords. You can purchase one like the Smoke Buddy online or at your local smoke shop. If you don’t have or don’t want to dish our the extra funds there’s plenty of internet guides on how to make your own sploof using household utensils such as a finished toilet paper roll and scented dryer sheets.

Use a bowl or waterpipe

A sploof is best combined with a bowl or bong.The best way to keep the smell down using a bowl or bong is to pack the bowl just enough for you to be able to clear it all in one hit. This is to avoid the trail of smoke rising out of the still lit bowl when you’ve finished inhaling. If you do this correctly the smell of your smoke session should resemble a vape session and the lingering smell can be easily removed. One classic technique to containing the smell is putting a wet towel at the crack on the bottom of a room door in order to prevent dank fumes from escaping. A fan pointing out a window will help get rid of what little scent remains after using the any or all of the above techniques. The best way to get away with smoking is to keep the smell contained to the room you’re smoking in and by not allowing any smoke to linger in it, then airing out with a fan post-session. We hope this guide can help you avoid the drama that the smell of marijuana can bring about.

Marijuana Edibles

7 Great Places to Purchase Marijuana Edibles in the U.S.

Currently, 25 states and the District of Columbia have legalized marijuana in some form, although only four states—including Colorado, Washington, Oregon, and Alaska, along with the District of Columbia—allow recreational marijuana use.
If you’re 21 or older and live in an area where marijuana use is legal, then you may be interested in edibles. Edibles are a healthier alternative to smoking, and although it takes longer for the high to hit, their effects last longer. This includes the pain relief quality, which make edibles a preferred choice for medical patients. Recreational users will also reap the same benefits. If you’re interested in trying marijuana edibles, start at one of these places in the U.S. where you can purchase edibles.


Starbuds is a 2015 Hightimes Cannabis Cup Winner in the Best Sativa category and currently has six locations around Colorado with more opening soon. Visit Denver, Aurora, Louisville, or Pueblo to explore their in-stock items. They carry favorites like Cheeba Chews as well as other tasty treats like gummies, chocolate bars, and mints.

Denver Relief

Denver Relief is a dispensary located in the heart of Denver, CO that caters to medical patients and recreational cannabis users. With their wide selection of edibles, you’re sure to find something that will suit your needs, whether you’re seeking a high dosage, low dosage, something sweet, or something discrete. They carry edibles from reputable manufacturers like Mountain Medicine, Cheeba Chews, Incredibles, and Sweet Mary Jane.

Natures Herb and Wellness Center

Natures Herb and Wellness Center currently has three locations across Colorado, including one in Garden City, one in Log Lane Village, and one in Denver. Their facility boasts award-winning strains, and they pride themselves in being a one-stop shop for everything cannabis. Edibles here range from tasty brownies and blondies to sweet taffy and candies. Wash it all down with a drink, whether you’re looking for pain relief or a recreational high.

Skywalker Delights

Skywalker Delights is the perfect place to stop if you’re looking for all natural, organic edibles. With locations in Washington, Oregon, Alaska, California, and Hawaii, there are many opportunities to enjoy Skywalker Delights whether you’re looking for stress relief or pain relief. Their products are fresh baked daily with premium organic ingredients and medical grade cannabis. Products are gluten-free, non-GMO, and vegan. Start by trying the delectable macaroon delights, which are made with Ghirardelli chocolate. Sea salt caramels, cannabis bites, cookies, and brownies are also available.

Sweet Leaf Cannabis

If you’re in the Springfield, OR area, consider stopping by Sweet Leaf Cannabis. They feature a wide selection of products, with over 40 different strains of flower. Choose from THC and CBD options. Edibles include tasty treats like brownies, cookies, and chocolates.


Cannabend is based out of Bend, OR and caters to both medical and recreational marijuana users. This registered dispensary ensures its products are of top quality by putting them through laboratory testing before placing them on their shelves. Cannabend’s menu consists of beverages, brownies, caramel popcorn, chews, fudge, and much more, so you’re sure to find a tasty treat that will satisfy your sweet tooth and your cannabis needs. Their inventory is constantly changing, so check online before you go to see what’s currently available, or feel free to give them a call to see what’s in stock for the day.

Club Sky High

Portland, OR is home to the marijuana dispensary Club Sky High, which is open to public visitors ages 21 and above. This dispensary uses strains grown and tested locally in Oregon to ensure customers receive a quality product, whether they’re buying seeds or edibles. Try gummies or a chocolate treat, or test out their mixed nuts and snack mixes. You’ll also find taffy, lozenges, and many other treats and edibles for medical or recreational use.
These locations are just the beginning. Expect to see more retailers offering edibles for recreational and medical use soon as more states legalize marijuana and more retailers obtain licenses. If you plan to visit one of the locations above, make sure you’re aware of your state’s laws regarding the possession and selling of marijuana before you buy. Which one of these locations do you think you’ll visit first?
image credit: bloomwellbend.com


How To Roll A Joint

Every smoker, at some time or other, has struggled with learning how to roll a joint.
There are so many ways to enjoy cannabis these days: pipes, bongs, vaporizers, edible treats, patches, cannabis-infused beverages… the list goes on. But sometimes, all you’ve got is some weed and a pack of old papers lying around… and in that case, a good ol’ fashioned joint is just what the doctor ordered.
Now, as you probably know, rolling a good joint is more difficult than it appears — especially if you’re new to this game. But have no fear! I’ve scoured the internet for the best video tutorials out there, and thrown in a few of my own tips, tricks and insights, in order to create the only guide you’ll ever need.
Ladies and gentlemen, you’re about to learn how to roll a perfect joint.

What You’ll Need

  1. Weed. About a gram (give or take) of your favorite sweet, sticky herb.
  2. Rolling papers. I really like Buglers, for their size and taste as they burn. Raw organic hemp papers are a clean, healthy, environmentally friendly option, if you’re in to that sort of thing.
  3. Grinder. To break up your buds. Okay, you don’t really need a grinder, necessarily. You can do this part by hand — but having the right tool for the job can save you all sorts of time.
  4. Filter. Also known as a roach, tip, or crutch, this is a bit of rolled up card stock that goes in the end of your joint to keep weed from falling out in your mouth. It also keeps the end from getting sealed shut by your slobbery lips, and enables you to smoke all the herb without burning your fingers. This is totally optional, and I don’t usually don’t bother with ’em myself. But they are all the rage these days, and all the cool kids are doing it. Here’s a good video that shows you different materials you can use, and how to fold ’em and roll ’em:


How To Roll A Joint: Video Tutorials

Alright, now that you’ve got all your materials together, let’s get rolling.

1. The Classic Cone w/ Filter

This video from 420guide.org gives you a quick, no-nonsense demonstration of the most popular joint rolling method, while Method Man spits some smooth, seductive verses at you, for a bonus. This is a classic technique that’s fairly easy to learn. The result is a joint that’s a bit skinnier at the filter end — that’s where your mouth goes, FYI — and it gets fatter as it goes up.

Tip for Beginners: with this method, you don’t have to roll it perfectly tight in the beginning, because you can pack it down afterwards (that’s what he’s doing when he taps it on the table repeatedly). That makes a bit easier on you, if you haven’t mastered the art of tucking and rolling a nice, tight, even joint.

The downside to this video is that there’s not much in the way of detailed instruction… which brings us to video #2.

2. Seth Rogen Teaches You How To Roll A Joint

Funny man Seth Rogen (from the stoner masterpiece Pineapple Express) teaches you his preferred method, and does a great job of breaking down the finer points of joint rolling, in this well-produced video tutorial.

Here’s the key: use your thumb and forefinger to roll the paper back and forth, compressing the weed into a tight cylinder, then tuck the bottom edge in with your thumbs. It takes some practice to really master this, but once you’ve got it down the rest is easy.

Notice that he tears his paper in a certain way to make it easier to tuck, and he adds the filter tip after the joint is rolled. A little different, but it works. He also “baptizes” the joint, which is cool if you’re smoking alone… but if you’re smoking with friends, they may not be so crazy about the idea of you glazing it with your saliva before they put it to their lips. Just sayin’.

3. Bogart Demonstrates Different Methods

This video demonstrates several methods for how to roll a joint, including how to fold the paper into a little boat shape, so your weed doesn’t spill out. This can be very helpful for beginners! It goes to show you that there is no “one right way” — feel free to experiment, and find what works best for you.

4. Wiz Khalifa Shows You How To Do “The Twist”

I love this video for many reasons. 1) Wiz Khalifa has all the swag, style and street cred you could ask for. Who better to teach you the ancient and mysterious art of joint rolling? 2) He’s in a freakin’ hot tub, for God’s sake! And 3) he demonstrates my personal favorite joint rolling trick of all time, “the Twist.”

Twist those corners. Notice how he folds the paper, and then takes the corner and gives it a little twist, creating a convenient boat shape that holds the weed perfectly. I’ve been smoking cannabis for 15 years, and rolling my own tobacco, too. In that time, needless to say, I’ve rolled a lot of smokes — and in my humble opinion, this method can’t be beat. Plus, if you don’t have any filter tip material on hand, you can twist both corners of the paper, and it gives the smoking end a small, tight opening that won’t leave weed crumbs falling out in your mouth.

So there you have it. The best advice, from some of the most notorious smokers on the web. Watch these videos a few times, and practice some different techniques to find your personal favorite. It takes time, and you’ll probably end up rolling a few crappy joints before you get the hang of it. But don’t give up! Stick with it, and you’ll be rolling like a pro in no time.