Strain Reviews

Strain Review: Liberty Haze

Liberty Haze fazes over you like a thick, fluffy green blanket of tingling warmth. The nuggets do smell of bright limes, but to the more sensitive nose,… Read more »

Strain Review: Big Buddha Cheese

I’ve encountered Big Buddha Cheese several times across coffeeshops in Amsterdam. The strain Cheese, cloned from Skunk #1 seeds, has been around since the 80s. Very popular… Read more »

15 Most Popular Cannabis Strains

Have you ever wondered what the most popular cannabis strains are? The best of the best. What the cannabis connoisseurs are smoking. Well, wonder no more! Feast your… Read more »

Mad Dream Strain Review

There’s a new cannabis strain called Mad Dream, a mix between the popular hybrids Blue Dream and Mad Dawg. Blue Dream is a sativa-dominate hybrid. It has… Read more »

Review: Mary’s Medicinals Transdermal Patch

There’s a brand new product that has taken off the last couple years in the cannabis market: Mary’s Medicinals transdermal patch. Available throughout Colorado dispensaries and now being introduced into… Read more »

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