Cannabis Cultivators Struggle to Go Green

Cannabis Cultivators try and grow environmentally friendly when possible. Currently, cannabis cultivators are struggling with the large carbon footprint that is needed to produce weed. Marijuana uses… Read more »

Collecting Marijuana: Sculptural Glass

Collecting glass is a passion shared by millions of people. People aren’t the only ones that start collecting either. Some animals cache or horde items too. Crows… Read more »

10 Slang Weed Terms and Why to Use Them

Before mankind learned to write, we used slang to describe the cannabis plants. One of the most ancient plants ever cultivated is embedded with slang. Over the… Read more »

8 Reasons Blunts > Joints

Alright, people, let’s talk blunts vs joints. We all have our own personal opinions here, but only 1 is right: mine and those that agree with me…. Read more »

The Founding Fathers All Grew Weed

The Founding Fathers grew hemp before America was a nation. Early colonists needed to grow hemp and the Founding Fathers helped make it easier. Hemp was used… Read more »

Four for the Fourth: Four Amazing American Made Products for Cannabis Consumption

Four for the Fourth: Four Amazing American Made Products for Cannabis Consumption The Fourth of July holiday is upon us. That means parties, road trips, hiking, and… Read more »

10 Best Summer Time Strains to Smoke

Summer is the best season for weed. Summer is the only season that encourages people to be outside. Maybe it is because summer brings about long days,… Read more »

GMO Weed Coming to Stores Soon

People have been genetically modifying weed since the beginning. Ancient farmers grew cannabis plants with specific goals in mind. The different goals produced two distinctly new variations… Read more »

10 Best Times To Get High

A wise man once said “Everything’s better when you’re high. If you don’t smoke, I don’t know why.” That wise man was Cameron Thomaz, otherwise known as… Read more »

Recreational Marijuana Grow: Starting Out

There are a few fundamental steps to starting a new business. Whether you are starting an investing firm or a marijuana grow, there are a few key… Read more »

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