The Benefits of Using a Vaporizer for Marijuana

In recent years, the word ‘vape’ has entered the public consciousness in a big way. This is mostly due to the invention of electronic cigarettes and their… Read more »

Cannabis Addiction by Teenagers

Cannabis is the illicit drug most likely to be used by U.S. teens. There is evidence suggesting that more than 40 percent of 12th graders reported having… Read more »

Vaporizing Buds vs Vaporizing Concentrates

As medicinal and recreational marijuana laws continue to improve, we see more advancements in the way we utilize cannabis. New vaporizers are being released every day around… Read more »

Dabbing May Pose Dangerous Health Issues

Dabbing is really popular. The process of vaporizing cannabis concentrates  or ‘dabbing’ started gaining popularity in the last few years. Before that, the standard way to consume… Read more »

How Spain Influenced the America’s with Cannabis

How Did Cannabis Make its Way to the America’s? Its National Hispanic Heritage Month. The time where we recognize Americans with ancestry in Spanish-speaking nations. To help… Read more »

What Is CBD Oil and How Can It Help You

Get Natural, Safe Relief with CBD Oil You may have heard of CBD Oil, an all-natural supplement that’s taken the realm of personal health care by storm… Read more »

Most Expensive Cannabis Strains in the United States

Cannabis Strain By Price When people walk into a dispensary, usually they’re looking for some combination of good quality and reasonable prices. Sometimes that can be tough… Read more »

Charities Refuse Cannabis Contributions

Charities Refuse Cannabis Contributions

Charities occupy a special place in modern society. Charities function like a corporation but they are very different. They are an institutional mechanism for people and groups… Read more »

House Rules Committee Marijuana Vote

The House Rules Committee leaders fear vote on cannabis. The republican-led House Rules Committee recently blocked protections for MMJ patients and banks that want to serve state-legal… Read more »

How to Prepare Marijuana Grows for a Hurricane

Water, water everywhere. Hurricane Harvey just passed and Irma is making landfall at the moment. So far, there are a total of eight confirmed deaths with whole… Read more »

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