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The Ultimate 420 Gift Guide

420 is without a doubt one of the world’s most famous unofficial holidays. And not just because it’s a great excuse to get high, watch Netflix, and binge-eat curly Cheetos with your friends (although that’s certainly a part of it)…
As any true cannabis enthusiast will tell you, there’s a lot more to it than that, and it’s something you truly have to experience to understand. 4/20 (despite its hazy origins) is a day for all cultures, all personalities, all subspecies of stoner and cannabis connoisseur to come together as one in celebration of a plant that has gifted and improved the lives of so many, despite being shunned and misconstrued by so many more.
The reality is you don’t have to be a cannabis expert to participate, you don’t even need to consume cannabis at all. But chances are you know someone who does, and maybe you’d like to impress them with a thoughtful, 420-inspired gift to symbolize your acceptance and appreciation for them and the plant. Well, read on, as you’re about to discover the best 420 gifts you could possibly give. Of course, I’ve broken them down by category to make things easy for you.


The pioneering Chicago Trap/Bass duo has teamed with up with SOURCEvapes, one of the industry’s leading manufacturers, to create the most powerful wax pen vaporizer on the market.  While the price is a bit steep ($120), it’ll be the only portable you’ll ever need.  Crafted from the purest Grade 1 titanium and quartz, the Source Orb XL is the ideal 420 gift for your refined cannabis enthusiast wanting the purest taste and experience.  With revolutionary triple coil atomizers the vape pen can hold over a half gram of concentrated oils, has five airflow settings, adjustable voltage battery, and dabbing tool—which all fit inside a compact and convenient travel case.  You’ll be able to sneak this into their next show and rep your love for the HDYNATION.


image03Considered the Rolls Royce of vaporizers, Storz & Bickel’s Volcano desktop unit is renowned the world over for its unparalleled performance, smooth taste, low maintenance—and hefty $500 price tag for a device that resembles a Vicks steam inhaler.  But once you’ve taken a hit it’s easy to understand how this continues to be such a popular model.  The hits are so smooth and clear it’s hard to tell if you’re medicating or inhaling air.  If you’re short on cash I’d opt to split the cost with a friend or roommate since you’ll most likely being using it among good company anyway.  It also comes with the option of choosing the Easy Valve or Solid Valve kit, though I believe all you need is the former which includes five balloons (each should last about five months), a cleaning brush, filling chamber, liquid pad, screen set and hot air generator.  It’ll be worth it.  


These thick glass Patron bottles have been refurbished into beautifully handcrafted water pipes available in two distinct styles, regular (water pipe) and hookah.  Personally I’d recommend the hookah as the experience is always more communal and conversational, perfect for a 420 group sash with friends and loved ones on this upcoming high holiday.  They’ll be sure to trip out (if they aren’t already) at its ingenious design and craftsmanship, which supplies ample space to hold your favorite smoke without any seepage.  The 750mL makeshift smoking device comes complete with an interchangeable four-foot hookah hose, ceramic bowl and is made to order.  Enhance your living room décor and make this unique piece a conversation piece at your next pot party.


Give the gift that keeps giving as you grow a few of your own plants in the comfort of your own home.  This mini greenhouse comes with a 7” dome, fluorescent light fixture that stays warm but not hot, adjustable lighting and a reflector allowing constant air flow.  It’s small enough to lodge in any discrete locale and powerful enough to blossom a mini bounty without the hassle of costly upkeep.  Retailing for about thirty bucks it’s an affordable junior operation and great practice for future horticulture operations should this hobby become a passion.  Get back to nature; cultivate a practical crop you can use in everyday life and share with friends.


The Black Rock Safety Case has been built not only for the methodical marijuana user on the go, but to disprove the popular misconception that all users are irresponsible stoners.  This durable, odor proof case has been field tested to withstand the elements.  At first glance its sleek design makes it look like just another phone or eyeglass case, but after further inspection you’ll note the plentiful space to keep your stash safe and discreet.  For twenty dollars more the case comes loaded with a vape, joint or pipe kit containing (depending): two 1g pebble containers for buds or concentrates, a stainless steel grinder card, rolling papers, pipe, poker, and lighter.  If you like convenience and tend to get forgetful after medicating this case is well worth the $50.  


Colorado Stashbox puts a lot of effort into their rustic, hand crafted 7” X 7” dab box, available in two distinct styles/woods: Colorado Aspen, more of a pale brown, and Beetle Kill Pine, an earthy red (my personal recommendation).  Inside it has carved compartments that include a medical dab mat, titanium dab tool and blue, yellow and green 7mL silicon jars.  The box’s simplistic design doesn’t require hinges or latches and is made with their detachable, air tight lid which also functions as a rolling tray.  For just seven dollars more you can truly personalize this gift by having it engraved.  This is perfect for the dabber who appreciates craftsmanship, color and design.  And in honor of 420 all products are currently 10% off, so don’t wait and order yours today!


A grinder is an essential medicating tool, and I believe this one is the best available.  Made in Amsterdam, The Bulldog Swing Grinder is a durable metal four-piece grinder with sharp teeth, a translucent lid, and a unique crank arm that moves easily and quickly requiring little energy.  The circular grip provides extra control when milling your herb into a fine, fluffy powder and the see-through top allows you to judge how coarse you want it.  It’s also easy to clean and comes with a kief collecting compartment for use in a medical emergency or rainy day.  Some might argue $25 is an unnecessary price for such a basic utensil, but it’ll last forever and help you get the most out of your herb.  


Based on the design of original CLUB rolling tray, RAW’s 20” X 15” Lap Tray combines quality, space and stability.  Its concave design, curved corners and high sides assure your precious herb won’t spill and provides plenty of room to keep all your medical marijuana paraphernalia together in one place.  You’ll no longer need to search for a magazine or textbook to find a flat, stable surface.  The built-in foldout legs also make it perfect for rolling blunts in bed or on the couch.  Made from thick metal, it’s strong enough to double as a lunch tray so if you’re a multitasker like me you can roll a smoke with your meal while catching up on your favorite shows.  This is an often overlooked but essential purchase.


Dixie Brands’ Aceso (named for the Greek healing goddess) spray products have unlocked hemp’s medicinal powers by combining them with all natural, immune enhancing ingredients to help you reach your full potential and find relief from daily stress, aches and anxiety.  Each bottle contains 335mg of cannabinoids (5mg of CBD per spray) and is available in three distinct flavors: Calm has hints of lavender and grapefruit; Soothe contains notes of cinnamon and cherry; Wellness has bursts of lemon and orange.  A $70 price tag for such a small bottle could deter some, but why put a price on your health?  It’s already proven to be so effective it’s been approved in New Zealand to combat Tourette’s Syndrome. Simply push and spray six times a day and swallow.


This handmade, light beige market bag is designed to make your shopping experience as convenient as possible.  Measuring 18” X 18” it has an attractive hand stamped lavender moth patch, wide straps that rest easily over your shoulder without drag or discomfort, and includes a large pocket for keeping your wallet, smart phone or additional bags.  Made from hemp/organic cotton muslin fabric the tote is environmentally safe, light enough to take to the beach and strong enough to carry the groceries, a trend which has quickly grown in popularity here in California where disposable paper and plastic bags are taxed.  Invest in a beautiful, reusable product that’ll pay for itself within the month—but hurry, they’re selling out fast so buy yours ASAP!


Baking can be too much work and isn’t for everyone, so if you want a different chocolatey THC treat Liquid Gold Delights will satisfy you and your sweetheart’s sweet tooth.  While there are countless gourmet chocolates on the market these High Times Cannabis Cup winning truffles actually live up to the standard.  They’re handmade and come in packets of four individually wrapped 25mg pieces, available in mint, cinnamon, raspberry, orange, caramel, espresso, and dulce de leche.  The Mint and Raspberry Meltaways are just as delicious as they are ornate, so much so you almost don’t want to eat them.  Each piece is an edible work of art detailed with abstract shapes and color patterns reminiscent of a Jackson Pollock.  GFarmLabs also makes equally tempting chocolate bars, confections, and cherry cordials.  Just take note, you’ll need to be a medical marijuana patient or live in a recreational state to get your hands on these.


Whether you buy it or make it yourself, cannabutter and cannaoil are one of nature’s greatest gifts.  I recommend unsalted MariButter and their extra virgin MariOil (available in 8 & 16oz containers).  They’re tasty on their own, moderately strong (25mg per ounce), and will leave you feeling warm, full and fuzzy from head to toe.  I use the butter for creamy dishes, soups, and desserts; the oil for salads, seafood, and light pastas; both for searing and braising.  Before making anything you should understand the products’ dosage so test your tolerance with a piece of bread and a spread or drizzle.  Be patient with its effects which should kick in anywhere from a half hour to an hour and a half.  And, if you insist on wine with your meal, limit it to one glass and do not mix with hard alcohol.  After crafting your first delicious dish you’ll wonder why you never combined these two before.  


What better way to profess your love for someone this Wednesday than making them a delicious, THC-infused gourmet meal?  Or baking them a batch of cannabis sweets?  Think of  HERB: Mastering the Art of Cooking with Cannabis as The Joy of Cooking for marijuana foodies; you can make simple and amazing dishes right from your own stash!  Containing hundreds of delectable and colorful recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks and desserts, this text tackles the herb like any other organic ingredient.  Chefs Melissa Parks and Laurie Wolf also provide easy extraction techniques, tips on making your own butters and oils along with a comprehensive understanding of strains and their varied effects on our mind and body.  Remember you don’t have to be a veteran chef to whip up a tasty dish, so don’t be afraid to try; kitchen experimentation is always a fun bonding experience.  Just be sure not to be overly medicated around the stove or oven and take the proper precautions.  
Phoenix Tears The Rick Simpson Story chronicles the activist’s uphill battle to champion cannabis as a medical miracle after confirming in 2003 that hemp plant extracts can not only cure cancer, which he himself had until homemade cannabis oil cured it, but also treat a wide range of illnesses.  Despite this book’s overwhelming testimony neither the government nor the medical community will openly recognize its life saving properties.  If you want to learn the truth, debunk misconceptions, and understand why marijuana should no longer be a Schedule 1 drug, read this book.  It’ll make a believer out of you, regardless of your position.  You can also purchase Rick’s signature oil with your doctor’s recommendation here, though only available to California residents.  


If you’re baking or cooking with butter or oil, you definitely need some kitchenware to handle hot grills, pots, pans and to protect your hands.  Priced at only $27 these vibrant full body aprons are made from a 65% polyester/35% cotton blend and available in red, white, green, black, and blue with a variety of marijuana themed prints suited for every mood and occasion.  In honor of the holiday I say go for this “I Heart 420” graphic print.  Each apron has an adjustable drawstring and split front pocket for holding your grilling utensils, condiments or other culinary enhancing items.  Take it a step further and match your apron with a chef’s hat for a coordinated look.  This would make a great gift for the cooking cannabis connoisseur in your life.  


image16 image17 image18
Regardless of your medical intake preference, every cannabis user must show his or her pride and have at least one weed themed piece of apparel in their closet.  While there are countless inspired designs, these three satirical tees pictured above are my favorites and will sure to bring compliments from cannasseurs and non-users alike.  Retailing between $8 and $10 they’re a bargain, available in eight colors, made from 100% cotton, come in sizes small to 3XL, and are machine washable.  I recommend washing them inside out at cold temperature and not putting them in the dryer since the print will eventually fade or crack.  Don’t be ashamed to wear it publicly and show your support for the cause!


For residents of California, there’s plenty of deals around the corner, whether they come from your dealer down the road, or a legitimate, licensed medical cannabis dispensary. I personally prefer the latter, as having my marijuana use protected by law sits well with me, and dispensaries (although not all) are notoriously more upscale than your dealer’s living room. Luckily, sourcing cannabis from a real dispensary isn’t as hard as you might think. It’s actually gotten incredibly easy thanks to Nugg, a “Grubhub meets cannabis” site that lets patients view menus of nearby dispensaries and place orders online for delivery.
As if getting your cannabis delivered to your door wasn’t enough, they’re putting on an incredible 4/20 promotion — $20 off your first delivery plus a FREE Domino’s Pizza with EVERY order! That’s right: free food for that inevitable munchy moment and a cash discount on all your essential 420 purchases, all day and night. Now I don’t know if the company is working with Domino’s directly or not, nor do I care, they’re bringing me free pizza. And the best part? Nugg works with dispensaries all over California, so no matter where you are, stay there. In fact, don’t even get up at all this 4/20 if you don’t have to, let the party come to you. I lied, that’s not the best part. The best part is that even if you don’t have a doctor’s recommendation for medical marijuana, it’s no problem! You can get one 100% online from the comfort of home through NuggMD, which lets you video-chat with a licensed California doctor to get your recommendation in ~10 minutes for just $40.
To claim the $20 off deal and your free pizza, Nugg’s website instructs new users to signup with the promo code “PIZZA” and include what type of pizza (medium, 1 topping) in the comments section at the checkout screen on your order!


BAIT retail has collaborated with Adidas Skateboarding to produce the medicinal inspired Stan Smith Vulc “Happy” variant.  Made from natural hemp, the detailed stone patterned and colored shoes have contrasting touches of green, red, sky blue, and yellow along with suede heels and hidden tongue compartments to protect your emergency stash and cash.  There’s also the option to have your laces in matching stone hemp, black or white, though I wouldn’t recommend changing their rustic look and keep them as pictured.  These are so limited and in-demand that you must create a BAIT account just to win a chance to purchase the $120 pair, so hurry! Those lucky few are already being notified as they ship out on 4/18 then will be available on 4/20 at their seven West Coast stores.  A must have for any weed loving sneaker head.    


The self-proclaimed “world’s best online headshop” continues its annual 420 sale with 20% off all their products (excluding vapes and papers) and free, fast shipping on orders over $100.  Choose and compare from a large selection of pipes papers, bongs, bubblers, dab and oil rigs, vaporizers, grinders, accessories and anything else weed friendly; no discount code needed!  Knowing the holiday might put a hole in your pocket and your memory, they’ve extended the sale until 4/30, so you have an extra ten days and no excuse not to pick up some cool gear.


My Love Affair with Mary Jane

I was just a teenager when we first met. Too young for the start of a life-long romance, I know… but sometimes love blossoms in the most unlikely places.
Like many teenagers, I was shy and socially awkward. My parents were recently divorced, and I was bouncing back and forth between two houses and living out of a duffel bag. And, like many teenagers, I was more than a little bit bitter about it.
I was depressed. I was a pessimist, a cynic, a jaded youth; and being unable to find any meaning, purpose, or joy in life, I had withdrawn into my own private darkness.
And then along came Mary Jane…
Okay, so it may be a stretch to say that cannabis cured me of depression and turned my life around, just like that. But honestly, in retrospect, it kinda seems like it. Getting high was an epiphany for me, a defining moment. I can divide my life neatly into B.C. (before cannabis) and A.W. (after weed).
In the years since that first toke, marijuana has been a constant companion, a friend and lover, teacher and guide who has unveiled to me the depth and beauty and mystery of the world… and myself.

I think it all started with music.

Before cannabis, music for me had been more of a social statement than anything else; a declaration of how angry and rebellious I was, a sign of what clique I belonged to. But after a few hits, every preconceived notion I had about music — what I liked, what I didn’t like, and why — all flew out the window.
For the first time, I was really listening, with rapt attention, and what I heard was a revelation. For the first time, I was really hearing every note, every silence, every movement. For the first time, I could really feel the emotions behind the song; I could feel the soul of the artist.
I embarked on an epic exploration of music, from cool jazz and doo-wop, to fusion and funk and psychedelic rock, to disco and electronica, country and pop. I wanted to hear it all, to swim through those vast universes of sound and soak up whatever secrets lie within.
And music was only the beginning…
Movies became a whole new phenomenon. Smoking a joint helped me to tune into the finer and more subtle elements of comedy, drama and storytelling; to really let go, and forget myself, and be transported to other worlds; to laugh with joyous abandon, and to be moved by emotions and longings so powerful they brought tears to my eyes.
Under the mind-expanding influence of cannabis, and the wise tutelage of my high school English teacher (thanks, Mrs. Negaard), I developed an appreciation and love of literature and poetry that is still one of my greatest joys in life. Shakespeare, Whitman, Emerson, Frost, Yeats, Thoreau, Melville and Hemingway, Steinbeck and Dostoevsky, Kerouac and Vonnegut, all suddenly came alive for me — in large part because of the curiosity, openness and insight of cannabis intoxication.
My first clumsy poems and essays were were written while stoned out of my mind, and so were many of my best since then. Marijuana helped me find my purpose, my path, the art that has become my career and livelihood.
If it weren’t for cannabis, I wouldn’t be writing today.
Getting high revealed to me what it means to be a writer, to be an artist. It showed me the power of words. It showed me what art is, what beauty is, and how art and creativity is one of the only things capable of fulfilling the deepest longings of the human spirit.
For the first time, I didn’t care about fitting in, being cool. My eyes had been opened to new possibilities, new frontiers. The world that had seemed so cruel and hopeless now shimmered with promise. There was beauty, and humor, and meaning, and joy to be found everywhere, if you knew how to look for it.
Cannabis showed me how to look for it.
It also showed me how to stop looking, stop worrying, stop trying so hard to get somewhere else, to be someone I’m not. It showed me how to relax, and be still, and just breathe, and enjoy the moment, and be myself. Cannabis helped me to realize who I am, deep down; beneath all the roles I play, and the masks I wear.

Like Marley said, “When you smoke the herb, it reveals you to yourself.”

Before cannabis, I was lost. Mary Jane opened my eyes, awakened my passions, inspired my creativity, and gave my life purpose and meaning and direction.
It’s been more than fifteen years since that first toke, and our love affair is still going strong. My longest relationship, by far.
She still brings out the best in me, my child-like playfulness and curiosity. I still turn to her for inspiration, guidance and relaxation; when I’m reading, or writing, or meditating.
And sometimes we just curl up on the couch and watch a movie together. I want nothing more than to grow old together, and live happily ever after.
That is, if I don’t get arrested. The love we share is still illegal in most places, so there’s always that risk…
But you know what?
She’s worth it.


15 Best Things To Do While Stoned

A bag of your favorite sweet, sticky herb… check. Lighter… check. Pipe, bong, rolling papers… Check, check and check. You’re ready to kick back, smoke up, and…
And then what?
That might seem like a silly question, but it’s not. Sometimes it’s hard to think of something fun to do when you’re baked, and if you’re not careful you could end up zoned out on the sofa, watching infomercials (been there, done that), or whatever mindless show might be playing on the TV.
And that, my friends, is a waste of time — and a waste of perfectly good weed.
I know that cannabis makes everything better (well, almost everything), even infomercials and dumb ass sitcoms. But if you really want to get the most out of your high, you’ll need to get a bit more creative than that.
I also know that once you light up, and the buzz sets in, it can be hard to get motivated. Some of us need some inspiration, and little bit of a kick in the ass, in order to get off the couch and get active.
So here’s some inspiration for you — a list of activities that perfectly complement and accentuate the effects of cannabis, and make getting high a magical, sensual, and unforgettable experience. Here are my 15 favorite things to do while stoned.

1. Listen To Music In The Dark

Okay, so this one is completely obvious and unoriginal. Guilty as charged.
But come on, I can’t put together a list like this without including the #1 way to spend your “high time.” Being stoned, alone in the dark, listening to music with your headphones on or your stereo turned up obscenely loud, is nothing less than a spiritual experience.
You can feel the bass vibrating in your cells, and see colorful patterns conjured up on the back of your closed eyelids, shifting and dancing in time with the song. You can leave the whole world behind and lose yourself in lush and vivid inner dimensions; you can be moved to tears and laughter, and have life-changing epiphanies, as the music ebbs and flows and unveils deeper layers, and hidden meanings.
It’s some good shit.
Bonus: check out our kick ass list of 20 great songs to smoke to. You’re welcome.

2. Watch A Movie

Just like cannabis can help you lose yourself in music, it can also help you to immerse yourself in a movie. So much so that you forget who your are, and where you are, and are just completely carried away by the story, the characters, the drama…
But not all movies are created equal.
I know that when you’re stoned, even Troll 2 can be entertaining. I once got high and laughed my ass off watching the Spongebob Squarepants movie (Omg, their facial expressions!), so I get it.
But being high is good for so much more than a few cheap laughs. It’s a chance to go deeper, and explore the more creative/indie/experimental side of film making. It’s a chance to be moved, to expand your mind, maybe even have it blown wide open.
And yeah, a good laugh doesn’t hurt either.
Guess what? We’ve got a list of movies too. If you need some ideas, it’s a pretty good place to start.

3. Take A Walk Outside

Pretty simple, right?
Get stoned, go outside, and look around you. You will notice, and really appreciate, the beauty and immensity of the world. It gives eyes to see all the amazing thing that we usually just pass by without noticing. It helps you to get your mind out of it’s usual rut, and look at your life from a higher perspective. (Pun intended.)
Bonus points if you go to a park, or take a hike through the woods. Get away from the city, the crowds, the traffic, etc. and surround yourself with Nature. Double bonus points if it’s raining or snowing.
Seriously, if you haven’t played in the rain, or made snow angels in a while… it’s about time.

4. Go Swimming

Get high and go to the beach, or a water park, or even an indoor pool. (If you can afford to smoke weed, you can afford a membership to the YMCA.) This is always a good time, but when you’re high, it’s a sensual delight. The feel of the water on your skin, the sensation of floating, being weightless… simply awesome.
Plus, it’s a pretty good workout, so it’s good for you too.

5. Ride A Roller Coaster

And speaking of parks… you’ve got to ride a roller coaster high at least once in your life.
As you know, marijuana makes everything more vivid and intense. And it just doesn’t get much more intense than plummeting down the first steep drop of a massive roller coaster at 70+ mph, wind whipping you in the face, screaming at the top of your lungs…
Really let’s you know you’re alive.
Pro Tip: instead of smoking, try some cannabis edibles, like these Ooey-Gooey Chewy Pot Cookies. The high will last much longer that way.

6. Make Some Art

Weed is to art what steroids are to weightlifting. Only, you know, without the side effects.
The point is, there are few things better than getting high and getting creative. Get out your paints and brushes, and make a colorful mess. Get out some crayons and color (I like mandalas). Or just make some sketches or doodles (ever heard of Zentangle?).
Not into visual art? That’s alright. Try some creative writing. Get a pencil and a spiral notebook and just write — poetry, journaling, spinning fantastic tales, whatever comes into your mind.
Don’t consider yourself an artist? Maybe you just haven’t found your medium. Keep trying new things. Don’t expect perfection — that comes with practice. Forget about how “good” it is, and just have fun with it.

7. Jam Out

Making music is one of the most fun and rewarding things to do, anytime. Period.
But being high takes it beyond the stratosphere. You feel the vibration, the music pouring through you, shaped and formed by your hands, like making sculptures out of sound… there’s nothing like it. It’s magical. It feels like you are literally making magic…
Like you’re a fuckin’ wizard.
Don’t know how to play an instrument? Hey, no better time to learn than right now. Seriously, it’s not as hard as you might think. Practice every day and you’ll be amazed at how far you can get in six months.
It develops focus, discipline, coordination, confidence, and so much more. Plus it’s so good to look back a year from now and see how much you’ve learned, and what you’ve accomplished. Makes you feel like you can do anything.
And of course, it’s really fun too. What are you waiting for?

8. Exercise

Working out while you’re high is amazing. It can be anything: yoga, push ups, jumping jacks, tai chi, jogging, bike riding, mountain climbing, whatever. It just feels so good to move, and be active.
Being stoned makes you so much more attuned to your body. You are super aware of your breathing, your heartbeat, the burn in your muscles. The rush you get from a good work out can really complete your high, and make you feel like a million bucks.
Caution: don’t push yourself too hard, too fast. You can get a major head rush that might knock you on your ass. Also be sure and stay hydrated.

9. Meditate

When you’re high, it’s so easy to just close your eyes, and drift away. That can be a good thing — if you know how to do it right.
Meditation is proven to be good for you in countless ways: it lowers stress and boosts your immune system; it helps relieve anxiety and depression; it boosts your confidence, creativity and productivity, improves your relationships, and it just makes you an all around better, kinder, happier human being.
It can also be boring as hell.
But not when you’re high.
Smoke a little green, then sit down, relax, and close your eyes. Just watch the thoughts as they drift through your awareness. Don’t judge them as good or bad, don’t get caught up in them, don’t even identify them as “your” thoughts. Just watch them like you would a movie — a bizarre, interactive, virtual reality movie.
Relax, deeper and deeper, and just let go of every bit of stress, tension, judgment, and attachment. Eventually your thoughts quiet down, and you become aware of the vast, deep, silent awareness that lies behind them…
And that’s you.
That’s what you are — not your mind, not your thoughts, not the anxious, insecure, constantly-gibbering voice in your head. You are the peaceful, silent, consciousness beneath it all.
Liberating, isn’t it?

10. Have A Deep Conversation

When you’re done transcending your ego and tuning into the One Cosmic Consciousness, you might want to find someone to talk to about it.
Having deep talks while stoned out of your mind is just the best. Assuming, of course, that you have friends that you can have deep talks with.
Friends with whom you can sit and ponder the meaning of life and the mysteries of the universe. Friends that like to get really high and talk about God, and aliens, and how everything is energy, and all that jazz.
If you don’t, you need to get some new friends.

11. Read A Book

Yep, I’m one of those nerds. I actually read books. The kind made out of paper.
And you know what? There is nothing better than smoking a joint and then curling up on the couch with a really good book. You can lose yourself in the story, leave “reality” behind for awhile and go inhabit other worlds.
You can learn a lot, increase your vocabulary, expand your mind, and have a good time doing it.
I’m a big fan of poetry (Walt Whitman, Mary Oliver, e.e. cummings, David Whyte, Rumi and Hafiz) and fiction (J.R.R. Tolkien, Orson Scott Card, Kurt Vonnegut, David Mitchell, Greg Egan, Phillip K. Dick; even classics like Les Miserables, The Grapes of Wrath and Moby Dick). There’s also some non-fiction authors I really like, such as Alan Watts, Steven Pressfield, Ram Dass, Thoreau and Emerson…
Next time you get high, head down to the library and check out anything from that list. You won’t be disappointed.

Check out our List of 20 great books to read while high.

12. Try New Food

Yeah, everyone likes to eat when they’re high. But don’t settle for fast food, or a gas station burrito. How lame can you get? Plus, it’ll make you fat. And give you diarrhea.
Seriously, it’s just a bad idea.
When the munchies set in, try something new and different. Never eaten at a Korean restaurant? Well, tonight’s the night! Or you could sample some Bosnian, or Indonesian cuisine… the weirder the better. Or go to the grocery store and buy the most exotic fruit you can find, like a dragon fruit or an African cucumber.
Bonus points if you can track down a rambutan — just because they’re awesome. Even the name is fun to say. “Rambutan.” Rolls off the tongue.
The point is to be adventurous. Broaden your horizons. Explore the culinary possibilities…

13. Take A Shower

A nice hot shower is the perfect way to unwind and release your tension and stress. And also the perfect cure for any pot induced paranoia.
The heat, the steam, the feel of the water running over your skin… it’s delightful at anytime. But when you’re stoned, your nerve-endings are buzzing and your senses are sharpened, and the warmth and moisture of the water are intensified into a tidal-wave of relaxation and bliss.
And it’s the perfect precursor to #14…

14. Give And/Or Get A Massage

Speaking of relaxation and bliss, have you ever gotten a massage while stoned? Mmmm… it’s delicious.
Being high helps you to relax and loosen up, of course. So when a skilled pair of hands goes to work on your muscles, the stiffness and tension just melts away, and you basically become a big, fleshy puddle. In a good way.
And giving someone else a rub down is almost as good as getting one yourself. Best of all, do both. Call up the one you love, and tell them you’ve got a surprise in store. Set the mood with some incense and candles and music. Get high together and give each other slow, deep, thorough massages…
And before you know it, you’re on to #15.

15. Have Sex

Getting high and gettin’ it on — the ultimate sensual experience.
Sex is pretty great anytime, high or not. You can lose yourself in the throes of passion, the heat and sweat and friction and pleasure, even when you’re stone cold sober. But when you’re high, it’s a holy communion.
Remember what I said about buzzing nerve endings and hyper-sensitivity? Yeah. Exactly.
Every little kiss and lick and nibble, every squeeze and thrust and grind is intensified, sanctified, electrified. Lovers merge and blend together, no longer two separate people, they become one motion, one dance, one body — tingling, wet and throbbing.
And when the big moment arrives, hold on for dear life.
When you’re high, an orgasm is a full body explosion, a volcanic eruption of pleasure so powerful it’s almost painful. Your mind is obliterated by the sheer force of it, and all that’s left is the white hot brilliance of pure bliss, like you’ve come face to face with God, if only for a moment.
Sorry for going off the poetic deep end on you there. That’s just what weed does to me. Besides, if I’m exaggerating, it’s not by much.
And if you are a single person, don’t be discouraged. You can always take matters into your hands. It might take two to tango, but you can get high and get your rocks off all by yourself 😉
Well, there you have it; my favorite things to do while stoned. What are your favorites? Did I miss anything? Tell me in the comments below!
Too long to read? Watch all these point in this video: Best Things To Do While Stoned.

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My Uncle Sam’s a Pot Farmer

image by weedmemes.com
image by weedmemes.com

Did you know that Uncle Sam grows weed?
At the University of Mississippi in Oxford MS, under armed guards, high tech digital surveillance and dozens of locked doors and gates a government funded program is set to produce 650 kilos of pot this year.
Numbers like this can mean little until put into perspective. So, if you were to put a gram of reefer into a rolling paper and twist it up, you’d have a healthy looking joint. How many of those would 650 keys make?
650,000 doobies. That’s a lot of research.
The program, under the direction of Mahmoud ElSohly, has been in operation since 1968. It is charged with growing quality controlled marijuana for ‘research purposes.’
The question is, why is OUR government spending OUR tax dollars to provide those 650,000 joints to researchers?
Franklin Roosevelt once admitted that; “the real truth of the matter is, as you and I know, that a financial element in the larger centers has owned the Government ever since the days of Andrew Jackson.”
Big Business.
Business is afraid that if weed is not prohibited it would result in Business not ‘earning’ profits on a scale that they think they should.
Does this surprise you? It shouldn’t.
Together the pharmaceutical industry reported profits of $300 billion last year.
And the health care industry, another $1.7 trillion. The end result?
Physician and medication error along with adverse effects from drugs and surgery accounts for over 200,000 deaths per year in the US. Which makes the healthcare system the third leading cause of death in the US. Only cancer and heart disease are more deadly.
What did they researched to attain those noteworthy stats?
Money has been making the world go ‘round for a long time now. It’s time for a change.

What to do about it?

Quit supporting it. And start voicing your objections.
While this was written from a North American point of view, experience in other cultures suggest that governments get by with what they do because it’s tolerated. If the majority of people want government supervision OUT of their personal lives then nonviolent civil disobedience can help make change happen.
Begin to take responsibility for yourself. Ask yourself why it is necessary that YOU become the one of every four that will die from cancer this year. Then go searching for answers. You find what you look for.
Finding the answer is only the beginning. Information must be acted upon. Even if it makes life awkward.
Life became awkward for Rosa Parks. But because she had tied feet on the day a police officer ordered her to give her bus seat to a white person, the world is now a better place.
The Gallup Poll reports that 58% of Americans favor legalizing weed. The flame of change is now in our favor and we have the opportunity to turn it into a raging wildfire. All we need do is act.
It is time to get big business out of government. And government out of our personal lives.

Where to start?

Reform. Sign every petition you can that supports legalizing weed.

The Marijuana Policy Project, the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws and the Coalition for Cannabis Policy Reform are three groups to research and support. They need funding. Help if you can.

In 2011 a documentary film entitled “Breaking the Taboo” was released to a worldwide audience via YouTube. The focus of the film is the global effects of the war on drugs. Here are more than a few statistics, taken from the documentary, to piss you off.
Since Nixon declared war on drugs in 1971 $2.5 trillion of your tax dollars have been spent on that ‘war’. Over 44 million Americans have been arrested. And according to Human Rights Watch 60,000 persons, in Mexico alone, have died as a direct result of this ‘war’.
The US has the largest prison population in the world – 2.3 million Americans are behind bars. 500,000 for drug related crimes.
If global drug commerce where a political entity it would have one of the top 20 economies in the world with an estimated yearly net income of $320 billion. Yes that was billion.
If drugs that are now illegal were taxed at a rate similar to tobacco and alcohol they would generate an estimated $46 billion in tax dollars.
Legalizing drugs would save the US an estimated $41 billion a year in costs associated with enforcing current laws.
Are you black or hispanic? If so, you should be pissed. These 2 groups use illegal drugs at about the same percentage rate as whites but are between 2 and 5 times more likely to be arrested, convicted and imprisoned.
In a December 2012 feature article on CNN titled “War on drugs a trillion-dollar failure”, Richard Branson asked;
“How would our society, our communities and daily lives improve if we took the money we use running a police and prison state and put it into education and health? Treating drugs as a health issue could save billions, improve public health and help us better control violence and crime in our communities. Hundreds of thousands of people have died from overdoses and drug-related diseases, including HIV and hepatitis C, because they didn’t have access to cost-effective, life-saving solutions.”
Not to mention the hypocrisy of the US government engaging in activities that are prohibited for its citizens. For profit.
Sobering facts. And a travesty of civil and human rights.
Our interconnectedness as a society of over 7 billion people adds to the complexity of arriving at reasonable and effective solutions to this issue. Creativity and a new commitment to humanity over business is needed. And the role of government as ‘babysitter’ and ‘moral advisor’ must be rethought.
Archeologists tell us that weed (cannabis) has been used recreationally since 3000 BC. There are now over 7 billion of us. Weed is not a threat to human existence.
I urge you to live life to the best of your ability. And allow others the same right. Treat others as you yourself would like to be treated. And leave society better for your having passed this way.
Strive for the decriminalization of all adult activity that harms no other.
Starting with weed.

Is the U.S. Finally Changing Marijuana Policy

Is the U.S. Finally Changing Marijuana Policy?

sanjay gupta_legalize
Since the Controlled Substances Act of 1970, cannabis has been classified by the U.S. government as a Schedule 1 narcotic. Which means that it is considered a dangerous and highly addictive substance with no known medical use. In recent years, scientific studies have repeatedly found that cannabis does indeed have powerful medicinal qualities, casting doubt upon that dubious Schedule 1 classification.
But Uncle Sam has always made a point of ignoring that evidence… until now.
The National Institute on Drug Abuse recently updated their official position on medical marijuana to say:

“The FDA has not recognized or approved the marijuana plant as a medicine. However, scientific study of the chemicals in marijuana, called cannabinoids, has led to two FDA-approved medications that contain cannabinoid chemicals in pill form. Continued research may lead to more medications.”

An article by Mike Adams, which was published on many major cannabis sites, goes so far as to say that the government admits that pot kills cancer. While I can find no evidence of that, it is a promising sign that the NIDA is using such pro-cannabis language on their official website.
The President has also voiced his support for medical marijuana. In an interview with Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Obama was quoted as saying, “I think carefully prescribed medical use of marijuana may in fact be appropriate, and we should follow the science as opposed to the ideology on this issue.” He also expressed his support for decriminalization, saying, “The more we treat drug abuse from a public health model, and not just from an incarceration model, the better off we’re going to be.”
Well, if we put aside the fanatical War on Drugs ideology and follow the science, I don’t see how we can possibly justify continued prohibition. There are countless research and case studies which demonstrate the healing properties of marijuana. Dr. Gupta, who has become one of the biggest champions of the medical marijuana cause, tracked down many of these cases in his documentary series WEED:

Marijuana is beneficial in treating chronic pain, glaucoma, epilepsy, nausea, appetite disorders, anxiety, depression, OCD, PTSD, addiction, insomnia, and even cancer. This is not speculation—it’s proven by science, and by real people whose lives have actually been saved by cannabis.
A bill has been introduced in the U.S. Congress called the CARERS Act (which stands for Compassionate Action, Research Expansion, and Respect States) that would re-classify marijuana as a Schedule II substance, and open the doors for more research, medical use, transport across state lines, and hopefully help solve the current banking problem faced the cannabis industry. The bill is currently being considered by a Judiciary Committee, and if passed it would mark a new age in United States drug policy—one determined by reason, not by fear.
Subscribe to Weed Reader to stay informed on this issue. Make sure you are registered to vote in your district, and contact your Senators and Congressmen! Let ’em know that you support the CARERS Act, and encourage them to do the same.
Together, we can change U.S. marijuana policy, and make sure that this natural, herbal medicine is available to all those who need it.


I Believe In Cannabis

I believe in cannabis.
I believe that it’s medicinal properties far outweigh those scant few risks that haven’t yet been debunked by scientific research. I believe that, whatever negative side effects there may be from smoking weed, they are far less harmful than those of the pills you see advertised on television every 15 minutes. And I believe that more and more medical applications will be discovered with time.
I believe that cannabis prohibition has done more harm than cannabis itself. Making marijuana illegal creates a black market for a plant which could be grown in anyone’s garden, making it possible for hustlers and gangs to profit from what should be freely available for all. It turns peaceful, law abiding people into “criminals,” who are then harassed and persecuted, handcuffed and thrown in jail. Every day, innocent people have their careers and their finances destroyed, their families torn apart, and their lives turned upside down, just for kicking back and smoking a little grass.
I believe that the urge to get high is normal and natural, felt by all people, and indulged in a variety of different ways. Some people drink beer to feel good, others prefer wine or coffee. Some people go jogging or rock climbing; others go out dancing, or eat a pint of ice cream. Everyone has something that they do to relax and make themselves feel better, whether it’s yoga or television, prayer or rock music, sex or shopping.
I believe that most people who condemn marijuana haven’t even tried it, and are merely afraid of what they don’t understand. Those same folks all probably have their own way of “taking the edge off,” which is likely more harmful and addictive than cannabis, just not against the law.
But I am not afraid to try anything: cigarettes and booze, drugs and pills, yoga and chanting, prayer and meditation, music and dancing, fasting and feasting… I’ve done it all. I have found that compared to many of the “approved” substances – like alcohol, tobacco and anti-depressants – cannabis is a relatively harmless way to catch a buzz. It may not be as healthy as a good work out, or a good fuck, for that matter, but it makes them both more fun. And it’s certainly a lot better for you than compulsive eating or shopping, or zoning out in front of the TV.
Getting high helps me to be a healthy, sane and active member of society. Smoking this herb makes me feel more alive. It makes music sound better, and food taste better, and the tedious routines of everyday life just a little bit more exciting. It helps me to appreciate art and poetry, and the beauty of nature. It energizes my mind and body, and inspires me to think for myself, to ask deep questions, and ponder the wonder and mystery of existence. It stimulates my creativity, and makes my writing more lively and interesting.
I believe that smoking a joint while taking a walk outside is absolutely one of the best and most pleasant things a person can do, anytime, night or day, rain or shine. Your worries and stress just melt away, replaced by a joyous, innocent curiosity about all the little things we tend to overlook. It awakens a sense of awe and gratitude, a sense of connection to and harmony with the natural world.
I believe that the “cannabis state of mind” can contribute to our happiness and well-being, as individuals and as a society. I believe it can inspire great works of art, therapeutic personal insights, and brilliant technical innovations in all fields of human endeavor (both Bill Gates and Steve Jobs were pot smokers). I believe that being high shows us the benefits of slowing down and “taking it easy,” and that it can help us find contentment and meaning in a world out of balance.
I believe in cannabis.
I believe that the philosophical ramblings of stoners everywhere (myself included) are worth reading and contemplating. There really might be whole universes within the atoms of our fingernails. The world is much more strange and intricate, more amazing and beautiful than we realize – and I believe that cannabis can help us to see and appreciate it more fully.


Why is Weed Illegal?

For purposes of clarity the term ‘cannabis’ will be used in this post to mean marijuana, pot, hemp, weed or whatever you happen to call it.
Cannabis has not always been illegal in the US. The history of the plant and its uses can help us to understand why things are now the way they are.
Back in 1619, when the only English colony in the Americas was Virginia, the then King of England decreed that every colonist grow 100 cannabis plants. The harvested plants were to be exported to England and used primarily for the manufacturing of cloth and rope. For use on sailing vessels.
England has a long history of sending its representatives to distant parts of the globe for the purpose of conquering them. And one the earliest means of transportation was by sailboat.
Canvas, which is a sturdy fabric originally made from hemp, has qualities that make it excellent for sail making. The word canvas is derived from the 13th century Anglo-French canevaz and the Old French canevas. Both may be derivatives of the Vulgar Latin cannapaceus for “made of hemp,” originating from the Greek κάνναβις (cannabis). (From Wikipedia)
The American colony of Virginia, and later the rest of the English Colonies, produced cannabis to meet the demands of the Crown and for their own use. Rope and sturdy fabric being essential to early colonial life.
It was not until the mid 1800’s that cannabis began to play a role in pharmaceuticals. Although cannabis has been used ‘recreationally’ since around 3000 BC.
At about the same time the US government began to play an increased role in the lives of its citizens as the enforcement arm of Big Business.
Without human intervention, cannabis is a weed. Ideal conditions for maximum crop yields are narrow, however the plant will grow and thrive to the extent necessary to produce seed and ensure the survival of the species in a wide range of climates and soil conditions.
Even if you don’t take human intervention into consideration, cannabis has been through a lot and yet has managed to migrate and thrive far from its origins in Asia.
Which posed a problem for the early pharmaceutical industry. If people could grow, trade and consume a weed with medicinal benefits as well as being fun to use then why would they bother to purchase some concoction from a store?
Enter legislation restricting and eventually prohibiting the possession, trade and use of cannabis.
And to make their reasoning as convincing as possible rumors began to spread that cannabis was poison. Which resulted in it being classified as a Schedule One Substance. Along with peyote, psilocybin and mescaline.
War has a long history of fueling economic growth. In 1971 then US President Richard Nixon declared War on Drugs leading to a law enforcement frenzy and the arrest and imprisonment of millions of US citizens. As well as creating a shot in the arm for the US economy.
It is interesting to note that the use of natural substances has historically been associated with minority groups. Of interest is Latin America and cannabis. Between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn in the Americas lies an area well suited for the clandestin cultivation of illegal plants.
Rugged, mountainous terrain and a poorly developed infrastructure both lend themselves to hectares being dedicated to growing cannabis and coca. Coupled with a culture that keeps the vast majority of people in poverty, the cultivation of these plants has become a staple for many poor and rural people.
The criminalization of these plants has created an extensive black market. With exorbitant prices and a cash business policy, drug lords have and continue to fight to protect their investments and earnings. An estimated $320 billion USD in profits are realised by the illegal drug trade every year. Which is funneled into the mainstream economy.
And the pharmaceutical industry is left to its own devices to create and market concoctions that develop clients rather than cures. Worth another $300 billion USD a year. And you and I left to bear the resulting death, destruction and reduced health and wellness.
History has shown that government and big business can go against public opinion for only so long. While the naysayers continue to push their pot is poison rhetoric, John and Jane Q. Public have begun to voice their discontent.
As this is written the US states of Colorado and Washington have legalized cannabis for recreational use. And it is projected that other states will soon follow.
But there is the opinion of the US Federal Government. Cannabis is still considered to be a Schedule One substance and as such is illegal in all 50 US states.
‘They’ are now admitting that the sheer number of violators makes the enforcement of some laws unadvisable. Such would bog down the already slow wheels of justice.
So progress is being made – but there is a price.
Big Business has begun to study the plant and its effects in an effort to isolate and market some of the chemicals found in cannabis. And the government is inventing new ways of harassing users – other than outright prohibition.
Weed will eventually be legal. However we’re not there yet and many challenges have yet to be overcome.
It would be nice to sit back, fire up the bong and enjoy a smoke. And we can every once in a while. But complacency will bear disastrous fruit. There are petitions to sign, rallies to attend and emails to send. The work of pro weed organizations needs our support and donations. And our collective voice must be heard at the ballot box.
The powers that we have allowed to be can ignore us for only so long. Society will change. But remember, your effort is required. Your voice must be heard. The old adage ‘together we stand, divided we fall’ has never been truer.
I challenge you to take the money you would spend on weed for a day once a week and donate it to pro weed advocacy. I challenge you to donate a day a month to circulate a petition or in some other way further our cause.
Join an online forum or community and let your voice be heard. And above all let the politicians know that it is pointless to run for office IF they do not support the decriminalization of weed.
“United We Stand”