Marijuana Legalization

Cannabis or Cartels: Where are Trump and Sessions at these days?

President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions have talked about a lot of things lately, but what they haven’t addressed is the big question of cannabis legalization—what… Read more »

Mississippi the first to take down their legalization Bills for 2017

This year 26 state legislatures are considering bills about cannabis in some form (it was 27, but Mississippi has already stopped two of its medical marijuana bills)…. Read more »

A History of Medical Cannabis Part 2: Modern Cannabis

In Part 1 we talked about ancient cannabis and how it has been used throughout the ages. Today we are going to talk about modern cannabis and… Read more »

Marijuana Policy Under President Trump

President Trump. Those are two words I thought would never be uttered together. But much to my dismay, Donald Trump has won the election, and is now… Read more »

The Wave Of Recreational Marijuana Hits The East Coast

New Recreational Marijuana States It wasn’t all bad news on election night, several new states now have access to legal marijuana. Voters in Maine, Massachusetts, California, and… Read more »

These States Just Passed Medical Marijuana Initiatives

More Legal Weed For Those In Need The one good thing to come out of this year’s election is all the legal weed. Four different states passed… Read more »

Australia legalized medical marijuana

Australia legalizes Medical Marijuana Australia made the bold move this week to legalize medicinal marijuana use for the whole country. The Therapeutics Goods Administration was the one… Read more »

Marijuana abuse has decreased even though marijuana use increased

Marijuana abuse has decreased even though marijuana use increased With marijuana becoming legalized in more states across the US, more people are beginning to use marijuana. Many… Read more »

Can Legal Marijuana Reduce Drunk-Driving Accidents?

Can Legal Marijuana Reduce Drunk-Driving Accidents? One of the main concerns that opponents of marijuana legalization have is that intoxicated driving will be increased by pot users…. Read more »

Will Cali Say Yes to Retail Marijuana this November?

The decision on whether or not to legalize marijuana in the state of California is right around the corner. In reports going out by the Associated Press,… Read more »

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