Marijuana Legalization

Washington Changes New Marijuana Laws

Washington Governor just signed a bill updating marijuana regulations. A few exciting changes made by Washington with Senate Bill 5131 will go into effect July 2017. And… Read more »

War on Drugs: Medical Marijuana

The war on medical marijuana is causing uncertainty. The war on medical marijuana has arisen due to President Trumps latest document, causing uncertainty in the community. Medical… Read more »

Investing in the Cannabis Industry 2017

Marijuana stock investing in 2016 has seen a meteoric rise. Investing in cannabis is making some major money with one especially impressive company posting gains of well… Read more »

Advocates Confused Over what “Greater Enforcement” of Marijuana Means

It was a heavy news week at the White House, but little on the Green Rush front until Press Secretary Sean Spicer threw cannabis advocates for a… Read more »

United Nations drug enforcement body gives global legalization a public finger wagging

The International Narcotics Control Board (INCB), a United Nations drug enforcement body, is warning the U.S., Canada, and other countries that legalizing marijuana goes against their obligations… Read more »

Adult Use Cannabis Industry is on Tenterhooks After Spicer’s Comments

With products that rival that of fine wine, high-end health, and wellness brands and gourmet foods that are fit for a gift basket, this controversial plant is… Read more »

New Conditions Could be Added to New Jersey’s Medical Marijuana Program

Medical marijuana may become an option for those in New Jersey who suffer from chronic pain, thanks to some emotional testimony that took place before a Health… Read more »

Reports says Marijuana Will Create More Jobs Than Manufacturing By 2020

If it’s jobs that President Trump wants to conjure up during his time in office, then he should look no further than the cannabis cash crop to… Read more »

Will the White House Crackdown on Cannabis?

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer just issued an ominous warning to pot smokers in the U.S. “There is still a federal law that we need to… Read more »

DEA: Marijuana is Not a Gateway Drug

Marijuana has been called a gateway drug for over 80 years. The battle lines were drawn long before anyone currently driving the gateway debate had assumed power…. Read more »

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