Marijuana Legalization

You Would Have Thought They Were Giving Away Free Weed in Calaveras County

Calaveras County California was founded in 1850 and has a population of roughly 45,000 citizens. It takes up an estimated 1,037 square miles of land that sits… Read more »

Zoning Battles for Recreational Marijuana Businesses in Oregon

Oregon voted to legalize recreational marijuana almost two years ago. However, the market is just now coming into focus. There are hundreds of dispensaries across the state… Read more »

Top 10 Reasons To Legalize Marijuana

This infographic, created by rehab-programs, makes the argument to legalize marijuana and provides ten reasons why it is better to do so. The infographic takes a side… Read more »

Marijuana Laws Around the Globe

It seems that every day there is a new state or country that is making headlines for legalizing or decriminalizing marijuana. With laws changing all the time… Read more »

Why the NFL and Other Major Sports Should Eliminate Marijuana from its Drug Discipline Programs

Want to hear a who’s who of famous professional athletes, of celebrity sports stars who have dominated the sports world? Let’s narrow such a list down to… Read more »

Happy Holidaze, Weed Readers!

Happy 4/20! But wait… what does 4/20 even mean? Why do so many folks in (and out) of the cannabis culture, reference this number to no end… Read more »

5 Medical Marijuana Nurseries Approved in Florida

Florida has just approved five new medical marijuana nurseries. The Florida Department of Health just released the names of five nurseries authorized to grow cannabis for use… Read more »

Bernie Sanders Wants To End Cannabis Prohibition

If you’ve been wandering which of the 2016 presidential candidates has the most progressive marijuana policy, the verdict is in. Bernie Sanders, the spunky old socialist from… Read more »

20 Greatest Cannabis Quotes

It’s no secret that some of the most brilliant and successful people in the world smoke cannabis, and speak out in support of marijuana legalization. And I’m… Read more »

Indian Tribes Legalize Pot

  U.S. states aren’t the only ones leading the way in marijuana reform; in recent months, several Native American tribes have also taken steps to legalize pot…. Read more »

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