Marijuana Legalization

Stone Cold Reception for Roger Stone

Cannabis reform is under threat from extremist ideologies. I’m not talking about one person or one ideology either. On the Left and Right, people are taking extreme… Read more »

The New Jersey Marijuana Justice Act

Senator Cory Booker’s Marijuana Justice Act The Action Together New Jersey (ATNJ) Supports Senator Cory Booker’s Marijuana Justice Act. The ATJN advocates for fair and equitable drug… Read more »

Cannabis DUI and Alcohol DUI Laws are Treated the Same

In many states, cannabis DUI laws are treated like alcohol DUI laws. But a cannabis DUI and an alcohol DUI should be treated differently for many reasons…. Read more »

Ohio Cannabis Legalized but Patients are Left in the Dark

Ohio Cannabis Legalized but Patients Still Waiting. One year after medical marijuana became legalized, patients still can’t buy legal cannabis within the state of Ohio. No licenses… Read more »

Nevada Officials Rush to Legalize Recreational Weed

Nevada officials are moving too fast. The tourist season is just around the corner and many are wondering if Nevada officials are moving too fast. Nevada expects… Read more »

Prop 64 Starts Rolling Recreationally

Prop 64 is getting recreational weed rolling. Also known as the Adult Use of Marijuana Act (AUMA), Prop 64 passed with a wide, 57-43% margin in November… Read more »

California Passes Sanctuary Bill 1578

What happens now that California passed Bill 1578? California has taken a major step in ending the War on Drugs. By passing Assembly Bill 1578, California has… Read more »

Government Targeting Marijuana Next

How could you tell if the government was targeting marijuana users? Weed smokers often complain the government is targeting marijuana users. Complaints of government tracking is almost… Read more »

Governor of Vermont Veto’s Pot Bill

Just when Vermont was about to make history, the governor stepped in. Vermont Governor Phil Scott, a Republican, is vetoing a bill to legalize marijuana. His reasoning… Read more »

First Amendment Lawsuit Filed Against NM EXPO

EXPO New Mexico restricts access to info. A state-licensed medical marijuana producer is suing EXPO New Mexico officials. The suit claims restrictions on what the company was… Read more »

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