Marijuana Legalization

Cryptocurrencies and Marijuana: Made for Each Other

Cryptocurrencies and marijuana both exist in a gray area in the United States. Although medically legal in 29 states and recreationally in 9, marijuana businesses have some… Read more »

Canada Still Hashing Out Cannabis Act Details

Canada Wants More Time To Review Cannabis Act In an interview last Thursday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said that recreational cannabis is on track for summer. This… Read more »

Berkeley California Fights the Black Market

Berkeley is Tired of the Black Market Thousands of people purchase cannabis regularly in California. Residents, tourists, and visitors contribute billions of dollars to California’s economy, but… Read more »

Holland Takes Sessions to Federal Court

David Holland is here to defend marijuana. Holland is a member of the legal team representing 5 plaintiffs in an ongoing suit against the current Attorney General.But… Read more »

2018 Weed Legalization: These 4 States Are Joining The Movement

The road to weed legalization has been full of pot-holes for decades. With those now being filled by tax revenue from the legalization of the plant, many… Read more »

MMJ Patients Banned from Owning Gun

Marijuana Patients Can’t Own a Gun Christopher Morales is a California Criminal Defense Attorney well versed in gun law. He believes that the Gun Control Act of… Read more »

MEDS Act Sponsored by Senator Hatch

Senator Hatch Introduces the MEDS Act. The Marijuana Effectiveness Drug Study Act (MEDS Act) was just sponsored by Senator Orrin Hatch from Utah. If you have ever… Read more »

Charities Refuse Cannabis Contributions

Charities Refuse Cannabis Contributions

Charities occupy a special place in modern society. Charities function like a corporation but they are very different. They are an institutional mechanism for people and groups… Read more »

Is Legalization to Blame for the Increasing Number of Car Related Fatalities?

Colorado State and Federal data shows a rise in the number of drivers involved in fatal crashes who tested positive for marijuana.The overall number has doubled since… Read more »

Black Market is Oregon’s Most Notorious Export

Oregon is the Epicenter of national Cannabis Production. The black market is alive and well. According to the Oregon State Police report, Oregon generates between 132 tons… Read more »

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