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Recipe: Fudge You Up Pot Brownies

Dense, chocolatey, chewy, and fudgey as… well, fudge. A vegan and gluten-free spin on the classic pot brownie. Top with nuts or chocolate chips for variety!

The recipe makes roughly 12 brownies, though slice them how you please! One 2 x 3 inch slice is surely enough to stone somebody solid.


2 cups oat flour (or a blend of oat + almond, coconut, or rice flour)
    + more as needed
1/4 cup whole flaxseed
3 tbs milled flaxseed + 6 tbs non-dairy milk
1/4 tsp baking soda
4 tbs raw cacao or cocoa powder
AVB (already vaped bud, for extra buzz)
4 tbs powdered coconut sugar (blitz regular coconut sugar in a coffee or spice grinder)
3 tbs maple syrup
1/3 cup cannabutter, softened
1/3 cup unsweetened applesauce
1 banana
2 tbs vanilla extract
3 pinches of salt

Optional additions:
chocolate chips, nuts, coconut flakes

coconut oil for greasing
or parchment paper for lining
hand or stand mixer & bowl
baking dish, 9 x 9 for thicker + denser brownies or 9 x 13 for thinner


1. Preheat the oven to 350F. I tend to do 375F when I’m impatient, though it’s your call. If you need to, do the prep steps first; make powdered sugar or oat flour if you need to. Do this by pulsing oats several times in a food processor until a flour forms. Creating powdered sugar is virtually the same, though a coffee or spice grinder will be easiest to use.

2. Prepare flax ‘eggs’ by combining the ground flaxseed with the non-dairy milk, in a small bowl. Then, set aside and wait for it to congeal. Chia seeds + water would work as well!

3a. If using a hand mixer: in a large mixing bowl, combine oat flour, whole flax seeds, baking soda, sugar, cocoa powder, and salt, and AVB (already vaped bud) if desired. Next, stir in applesauce, vanilla extract, maple syrup, flax eggs, and the cannabutter with a spatula. Then, blend in the banana with the hand mixer until a dough forms.

3b. If using a food processor: Add all above ingredients including ‘optionals’ if using, and blend. The ending texture should be somewhere between a batter and a dough–not too gooey, not too stiff. If it’s too stiff, add sips of water or milk until the mix is slightly sticky. If it’s too wet, add pinches of flour until sticky.

4. Transfer dough to a greased baking dish. (note: Using parchment paper will be the easiest clean-up overall, but the brownies come out a little crispier/chewier at the edges when baked in a greased pan).  Then, press it down with the spatula to remove any air bubbles, and smooth over the top. Bake uncovered for 25-30 mins, or until a crackle top forms, and it achieves a cake-like texture when a toothpick is inserted. When cool, top, slice, and serve.


It is very, very important that you allow these brownies to cool to at least room temperature before slicing. They will hold together much better, and you won’t run the risk of burning your mouth before you can taste anything good! With any edible, start slowly. Eat 1 brownie and wait 20 minutes before deciding whether you need to eat another. And remember, there are consequences to everything! You might get high, but too much sugar at once could cause a crash rather than a blissful, relaxing experience. So, munch wisely!

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pokeman weed

That Moment When a Policeman Thinks Pokémon Players are Drug Dealers

Unless for the past week you have cut yourself off from the rest of the world and have been in your basement getting stoned, drinking soda, eating pizza, and vegging out on Netflix, you have probably heard of Pokémon Go. This augmented reality game was designed to get people up and moving while providing technologically based entertainment but now has people wondering the streets like zombies.
This AR game is accessed utilizing your mobile phone and the main objective is to catch Pokémon strategically placed in places around the world. When looking through your mobile phone thanks to your phone’s camera the AR reality game allows you to see other Pokémon  players in the alternate world. As you can only imagine this has made the news more than once.
A Reddit user went to the internet to share his strange and unusual story associated with Pokémon Go which has gained the attention of the cannabis community. This individual stated that while he was out hunting for Pokémon using this game he came in contact with two other individuals who gave him a tip for finding an Onyx in the game. He ended up chatting with these individuals for a while and being that it was 3 a.m. and they were in a public park it drew the attention of a police officer.
This police officer thought that the individuals were conducting a sale of marijuana but after an extensive explanation of the situation and the game no one was arrested and the cop ended up downloading the game as well. I don’t know what’s worse the fact that three individuals can’t just be hanging out in a park at 3 a.m. talking without being suspected of being drug dealers or the fact that people are out wandering the streets at 3 a.m. looking for virtual characters that do not even really exist and their not high.
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american joint

How Much Weed is in an American Joint

If you had ever wondered how much weed goes into joints, chances are if you turn to the internet you had a hard time coming to a conclusion. If you were to look things up on YouTube, for example, you will find an abundance videos that contain people rolling or smoking extremely large joints that are not typical.
If you turn to sources such as Weedmaps to see the size of pre-rolled joints being sold at dispensaries, chances are you would have come to the same conclusion as many and would believe that the typical American joint is on average a half gram of cannabis.
This half gram has also been utilized as a baseline by the United States office of National Drug control policy. But thanks to Greg Ridgeway from the University of Pennsylvania and his colleagues Beau Kilmer from the Rand Corporation we now have a more decisive answer.
Based on the analysis of more than 10,000 marijuana sales in 40 different communities over an 11-year period shows that the average sized joint contains .32 grams of cannabis. So you were probably wondering why someone would have spent money to perform a study to come up with this statistic but it’ll actually make complete sense once I explain.
Knowing how much cannabis is typically consumed within one joint allows organizations such as the United States office of National Drug control policy a better ability to determine the amount of marijuana that is trafficked from out of the country as well as to positively affect the conversation surrounding legalization of cannabis on the federal level within the US.
Having this data could drastically benefit the reform of cannabis at both a state and federal level. How much marijuana do you think is in a typical joint? We would love to hear how much you roll in a standard joint, so let us know in the comments below.
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weedreader online

Celebrities You Can Smoke Weed with Online

Times have changed, thanks to the internet we can now smoke with our favorite celebrities from home. There are video podcast shows where hosts invite celebrities to smoke and entertain questions from viewers smoking from the comfort of their own homes.
Comedian Doug Benson, known for Super High Me, hosts the video podcast show Getting Doug with High where he invites a celebrity guest on to smoke with him. The show usually starts around 4pm on the West coast so that guests have time to get comfortable before 4:20 hits and a buzzer sounds prompting Doug and his guest to begin the smoke sesh! The guests on Doug’s show are usually actors, comedians, and recently pornstar has been added to the list. There are a few segments that occur while the guests are smoking and talking, like pot history. Pot history is when guests reveal their first experience with marijuana. Towards the end of the show when guests are thoroughly baked, Gabe time begins which is a magic show by the shows on staff magician, Gabe. In the past the show has had legendary guests such as Jack Black, Cheech Martin and Tommy Chong. Check it out Tuesdays on Doug Benson’s youtube channel.
Snoop D O double G started hosting his own talk show where he talks to a wide variety of celebrity guests. Snoop has interviewed fellow rappers, musicians, comedians, athletes, and even other celebrity talk show hosts. Guests on Snoop’s show are less pressured to smoke but are more than welcome to, guests like Seth Rogan and the whole G Unit crew can be seen chiefing during their visits to the GGN network. Despite continuously releasing albums the past few years, Snoop has dropped several episodes a month on his westfesttv channel on YouTube.

BREALTV’s The Smokebox

B-Real, lead rapper of the hip hop group Cypress Hill, AKA as Dr. Greenthumb, interviews guests in a hotboxed vehicle. B-Real’s guests are mainly fellow rappers and some celebrity stoners. Unsurprisingly his most popular smokebox video to date is with rapper Wiz Khalifa. B Real has also interviewed Snoop Dogg, Schoolboy Q, and Tommy Chong. During the filming of his interview the guest and B-Real are locked in a car that has the windows completely rolled up and he even knocked on the sun roof to prove to skeptical viewers that it’s shut. If you’re trying to see your favorite rappers get stoned fast and attempt to answer questions The Smokebox is the show you’ve been looking for.


weed tips

5 Ways to Revive Dry Weed

Have you ever come back to your stash to see your juicy nugs have turned into brittle buds 2 steps away from shake? Here’s 5 easy ways to save your bud before it’s too late:
Adds no flavor to your product and adding a piece to your dried material will have it back to moist within 3 hours. Take it out after 3 hours or until your weed reaches the level of moisture you desire.
Orange or lemon peels.
One of the least expensive and most common ways to remoisten your weed is to throw in orange or lemon peels in with your bud. Be sure to take out peel after a couple of hours to avoid mold from growing and spreading to your precious buds. After 2 to 3 hours you should have yourself some moist and potentially better smelling product. Take that dried out sour diesel and turn it into some fresh lemon diesel.
Humidifier stone.
There are stones made with terracotta that can help out with dried buds. These small circular clay stones may only require 1 to 2 drops of water on them before being added to your bag or herbs. The raw hydrostone is meant to be soaked in water for 5 minutes and then added to your dry weed but as with these other methods leaving the stone in for too long will lead to mold. So once you see your material is no longer dry you should remove the stone. Amazon users report getting around 3 uses from each of these stones.
Boveda humidifier packs.
Boveda humidifier packs are a good way to bring your dried weed back to life and utilizing them can prevent your weed from drying in the first place. Boveda packs keep bud moist for about 30 to 60 days depending on which pack you choose.
Zeppelin blimpifier
An inexpensive fix is the Zeppelin blimpifier: a little black plastic oval with tiny holes throughout to hold water. Just take your blimpifier, run it under water for 15 seconds, then throw it in with your bag or jar of herbs and check up on it every hour until your buds are back to normal.
To all together avoid the drying out of your weed you should properly store your weed. Products like the boveda pack work great with storage devices such as the CVault container which comes with 2 Boveda packs and keeps your buds fresh for 2 months or more.
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Gateway Incubator – Mentoring Startups to Success

Investing in the cannabis industry can be a tricky area today. This is why it is advisable to have a cannabis consultant on your hands. Even if you know the industry very well the ins-and-outs of running a successful cannabis business and scaling it to its full capacity is an area that not everyone will know. Gateway Incubator is a great example as they have been advising Buddha Bakeries on how to scale their business.
Gateway Incubator has 7 applicants in which they chose from a class of 150 that they will help strengthen their business by engagement through mentors. For several years now Buddha Bakeries has been successfully running and on average generating more than a million dollars yearly in revenue with distribution reaching 75 dispensaries. Be sure to check out episode 38 of a series called Investing in Cannabis to see more about Gateway Incubator and what they do.
Gateway Incubator is based out of Oakland California and invests roughly $30,000 each year in up to 10 cannabis startup companies. The startup companies admitted to the incubator will move to Oakland for 4 months while they receive mentoring and coaching from the team of industry leader experts who work with Gateway Incubator. Startup companies in the incubator will have  a chance to present their companies to a panel of investors that have been carefully selected.
Even after the program is complete, business owners of the startups that went through the incubator program at Gateway will become alumni of the program and have access to a large entrepreneurial network for continued guidance, increased knowledge exchange and ultimately further success.
Gateway Incubator is not the only program that offers services such as this, in fact, there are several more so if you have an idea for a cannabis business and have the dedication and devotion it takes to see it through to success you need to check out Gateway Incubator and other accelerator programs for startups in the cannabis industry.

cannabis eu

Europe is Blazin with Cannabis Progress

Marijuana regulation in the Czech Republic is taking shape thanks to efforts of cannabis advocates and other supporters of the marijuana industry. The Czech Patient Association for Cannabis Treatment also referred to as KOPAC, was responsible for the first ever organized educational seminar on cannabis for the general public, medical professionals as well as medical marijuana patients.
Focusing on sharing information, facts, and knowledge pertaining to the potential of medical marijuana to nurses, doctors, and patients was one of the main focal points of this educational seminar.
Prague the capital of the Czech Republic posted these lectures which covered every aspect from patients, government advisers all the way down to pharmacy representatives that are responsible for providing cannabis to the patients in the Czech Republic. Only less than 20 pharmacies throughout the entire Czech Republic are said to even offer medical marijuana. Educating individuals across the country about the benefits that patients may potentially receive from medical marijuana is essential to the health of the people.
Marijuana is starting to make its way around the world with countries considering reform laws and legalization. The health minister of Greece was asked to revise current laws. The health minister of Macedonia recently announced the good news that cannabis extracts can be purchased at pharmacies without a prescription. Rick Simpson Oil has made its way to Serbia. Croatia is breaking ground by importing European and North American cannabis extracts! Even Hungary is catching the munchies when it comes to marijuana legalization hosting a cannabis conference in the capital of Budapest on June 1st.
It is absolutely incredible to see progression such as this occurring throughout Europe. This should be a heads up to the rest of the world that it is time to make changes as well and take steps to end the prohibition of cannabis once and for all.
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medical marijuana

Medicare Has Seen a Decrease in Prescriptions Thanks to Cannabis

The pharmaceutical companies are starting to lose profits. Their eighty billion dollars a year plus in profits may be reduced to 70 billion dollars a year! According to an article in The Marijuana Times, prescription drug rates in states that have legalized access to medical marijuana are dropping. Medicaid has not seen the same amount of prescription drugs being prescribed to patients and there’s been up to a 25% drop in prescription drug-related overdoses in the states.
Not only are these prescription drug overdose or opiate-related overdoses dropping it is showing that people, in fact, would rather choose cannabis over prescription pills. This is exactly what the pharmaceutical industry has known would happen when marijuana was made legal. This is also why they have been working so diligently to try to synthesize or create in a laboratory a drug that does the same thing as marijuana does naturally. To this date, they have not been able to do this.
GW Pharmaceuticals is currently in the final testing stages of a synthetically developed cannabis drug to help with nausea. Unlike natural cannabis,  synthetic or man-made cannabis replicas made by pharmaceutical companies have hurt dozens of people. In England during a test trial of a synthetic base marijuana drug created in a laboratory much the same way methadone is 10 people went into comas and the program was stopped immediately. When it comes to pharmaceutical marijuana from giant corporations if I were you I’d stay away from anything they try to give me.
When something works, there is no need to try to fix it. When something is natural there is no reason to try to replicate a man-made version, especially when it comes to medicines and things that could potentially change life as we know it on Earth for the better.
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Cannabis Stored

3 Suggestions as to Where You Should Store Your Weed

When it comes to the best containers to store your weed in there are many options available to you today. Storing your weed is not like it was in the past. You don’t just keep it in a sandwich baggie.
Today marijuana is much stronger than it was in the past and has a higher quality for flavor along with increased potency. When you leave your marijuana in a sandwich bag, air will get to it and typically within a day or two it will dry up. This causes you to lose potency and flavor.
A great alternative to the sandwich baggie is the Mason jar. The Mason jar is what you will commonly see dispensaries use to store their marijuana on the shelves. Mason jars are relatively inexpensive ranging from free to about a dollar each. Another great item is a smell proof bag. These can be purchased from anywhere between $0.50 and $4. If you go to a dispensary in a legal state you will get one of these when you purchase marijuana.
It is referred to as an exit bag and can be used at home to store your herb. Alternately you might receive your herb in a jar similar to what you would receive pills in from the pharmacy.
Having a place to put your herb is a little bit different than it was in the past. There are endless options for marijuana storage containers. You can find them online at places like Amazon and eBay or you can go to specialty stores that sell marijuana merchandise and find some really wild storage containers. The CVault can hold anywhere between an eight of ganja (3.5 grams) all the way up to 10 ounces depending on which size you buy and resembles a pressure cooker. One of these bad boys will set you back 20 to 40 bucks but it’s a great way to revitalize your old dried-out nugs.
These are just a few great options for containers to store your weed in!
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Smoking marijuana

How to keep the smell of cannabis smoke to a minimum

Want to enjoy your herb without attracting the attention of any nearby noses? Here we offer ways to reduce your smell output:

Avoid Papers

If discretion is your priority. Papers mean cannabis is constantly ignited, releasing pungent and lingering smells with added carcinogens from your paper or blunt wrap.

Consider purchasing a vaporizer

Vaporizers are one of the best ways to keep the smell from ingesting marijuana down to a minimum. Vapor still carries the scent of the product being vaporized. However, it does not linger like smoke does. If you smoke in your car you may be breathing dank fumes for the next 1-3 days. On the other hand, the lingering of vapor is comparable to a fart. A few minutes with the window down and that gas will pass. For some the effects of a vaporizer don’t provide the desired high and that’s OK. There are still ways to enjoy the actual smoking of the plant while still keeping down the smell.

Buy or make a sploof

A sploof is one of the best ways to reduce the volume of your loud pack. A sploof is a device that smoke is exhaled into, which then absorbs the odors instead of allowing the smoke to spread and be detected by neighbors or landlords. You can purchase one like the Smoke Buddy online or at your local smoke shop. If you don’t have or don’t want to dish our the extra funds there’s plenty of internet guides on how to make your own sploof using household utensils such as a finished toilet paper roll and scented dryer sheets.

Use a bowl or waterpipe

A sploof is best combined with a bowl or bong.The best way to keep the smell down using a bowl or bong is to pack the bowl just enough for you to be able to clear it all in one hit. This is to avoid the trail of smoke rising out of the still lit bowl when you’ve finished inhaling. If you do this correctly the smell of your smoke session should resemble a vape session and the lingering smell can be easily removed. One classic technique to containing the smell is putting a wet towel at the crack on the bottom of a room door in order to prevent dank fumes from escaping. A fan pointing out a window will help get rid of what little scent remains after using the any or all of the above techniques. The best way to get away with smoking is to keep the smell contained to the room you’re smoking in and by not allowing any smoke to linger in it, then airing out with a fan post-session. We hope this guide can help you avoid the drama that the smell of marijuana can bring about.