10 Slang Weed Terms and Why to Use Them

Before mankind learned to write, we used slang to describe the cannabis plants. One of the most ancient plants ever cultivated is embedded with slang. Over the… Read more »

These 12 States Consume the Most Marijuana

The United States is still feeling the effects of the 2016 Election. A lot of controversy surrounds the results of the Presidential portion of Election Day. However,… Read more »

Best Way to Get a Medical Cannabis Card for 2017

One of the most common questions I get is, “Is it difficult to get a medical cannabis card?” I always respond, “Not as difficult as you might… Read more »

Nevada Officials Rush to Legalize Recreational Weed

Nevada officials are moving too fast. The tourist season is just around the corner and many are wondering if Nevada officials are moving too fast. Nevada expects… Read more »

Spliffs Lessen Cannabis Memory Loss

Tobacco rolled with marijuana helps lessen memory loss. Spliffs are a mixture of pot and tobacco that are rolled up in a fashion that is similar to… Read more »

Nevada’s Early Start for Recreational Weed Sales in Trouble

Nevada liquor wholesale distributors challenged marijuana licenses. Nevada’s Department of Taxation expected the first recreational sales to begin July 1st, but alcohol distributors wanted to put a… Read more »

Top 10 Influential People Who Support Legalizing Weed

Some people are simply more influential than others. Influential people hold a special place in society where their opinion matters. These people are the most outspoken and… Read more »

10 Best Weed-Friendly Destinations

If you could smoke anywhere, where should you go? Smoking weed will get you in trouble most places. There are an increasing number of places that are… Read more »

Marijuana Helps Treat Drug Addiction

Marijuana aims to reduce drug addiction. For those who can’t simply stop taking dangerous drugs, harm reduction is the next step. Harm reduction is the process of… Read more »

Synthetic Marijuana Popular in Prisons

Synthetic Marijuana is becoming a popular drug in U.S. prisons. Synthetic marijuana has taken over the prison market for a few big reasons. First, it is easier… Read more »

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