5 States Where You Can Grow Your Own Cannabis

While many individuals in the U.S. live where they could spend years in jail for cultivating cannabis, others are able to grow freely. Of the 30 plus states that have medicinal cannabis programs and the 10 states that have legalized adult consumption, there are many that also allow for home cultivation. Some however are not as lenient as others. If you are looking to move to a state where you can legally and freely grow, check out the list below which includes the 5 best states in the U.S. for growing cannabis at home.


Maine legalized medical cannabis in 1999 and voters also approved a recreational market for adults in 2016. Thanks to these changes in the law, adults over the age of 21 are able to grow. Laws allow them to cultivate up to 6 mature plants, 12 immature plants and be in possession of unlimited seedlings in their residents. They must, however, be grown in a locked and enclosed environment unless being transported. There is a 12 mature plant limit per household, however, municipalities have the option of allowing up to 18 plants per household for personal adult consumption.


Per the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act of 2008, a caregiver with a registry identification card is able to cultivate cannabis. The law allows them to cultivate up to 12 plants for each registered qualifying patient that they are specified as the primary caregiver for by the state program. Patients are not allowed to cultivate cannabis themselves and cultivation for personal adult recreational consumption is also not permitted. Caregivers are able to cultivate up to 72 cannabis plants total in an enclosed and locked environment.


In Nevada, both medical cannabis and recreational cannabis for adults has been legalized and dispensaries are operational. In addition,  if you live more than 25 miles from a dispensary, you are able to grow your own. For adults, there is a 6-plant max limit with up to 12 plants total for a household. For medical cannabis patients who live more than 25 miles from a dispensary, they are able to grow up to 12 mature cannabis plants at once in the privacy of their own home.


Medical cannabis patients in the state of Washington are able to grow up to 6 mature plants for their medical use. In certain circumstances where a healthcare professional believes this is not sufficient, that limit can be increased. The maximum plant count that a medical cannabis patient in the state can receive is 15 plants. Unfortunately, if you are not a medical cannabis patient in the state you are not able to grow.


Colorado was the first state to legalize an adult retail cannabis market. They also allow for growing your own at home. Any adult resident in the state of Colorado is allowed to cultivate up to 6 cannabis plants at any time. This is as long as no more than 3 are in the mature/flowering stage at one time. There is, however, a 12-plant limit per household for adult personal consumption. Colorado residents that opt to grow their own are required to do so in an enclosed and locked environment.
At one time, Colorado allowed for medical cannabis patients or their assigned caregivers to grow up to 99 plants per patient. This law however changed in 2017. The new law allows for medical cannabis patients to grow the same amount of plants at home as recreational consumers. Patients, however, can receive approval for a higher plant count, though if they do, it must be assigned to a medical cannabis dispensary as their caregiver and cannot be grown at home.
Check out a full breakdown of cultivation laws throughout the U.S. here.
Can you grow where you live? What do you feel the laws surrounding home cultivation should be? Let us know in the comments below!

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Great Ways to Use Up Cannabis Shake Or Trim

Coming up with original ways to use up your shake and trim shouldn’t be too difficult of a task. If it is, then you have way too much shake or trim on your hands. In case you’re not sure what you have lets clarify the difference. Shake is what you get when tiny pieces of bud break off in a container or bag and end up on the bottom of it.
It kind of resembles weed that’s already been broken up. Trim is the excess from harvesting buds and clipping them to manicured perfection. Leaves from trim will have trichomes on them but frequently will not provide the same euphoric buzz that shake will. Either way, if you have some of either on hand, there are many different things you can do with it.

Give it Away

If you’re really feeling generous one of the most sharing and caring things you can do is gift that shake or trim to a friend in need. Maybe all your friends suck, or they just don’t smoke. Whatever the case is if you’re looking for ways to utilize your shake or trim here are a few ways to accomplish that task.

Make CannaButter

Use your shake or trim to make yummy for your tummy delectable cannabutter. Shake or trim works beautifully to make sensational cannabis-infused butter. In return, you’ll have an endless array of culinary treats that you can prepare with an elevated kick from cannabutter.

Make Cannabis Extracts

You can use your trim or shake to make concentrates too! That’s right you can make wax. Depending on your method of extraction you can get anywhere from 50 to 80 g out of a pound of trim or shake depending on its quality. The more trichomes, the better.

Make Cannabis-Infused Oil

Another great idea to help use up that trim or shake is to make it into an oil. Making your own cannabis oil is not only healthy but a great way to utilize that excess herb that’s just going to waste.

Vape it Up

An herbal vaporizer is another excellent way to use up that stash. These devices will allow you to vape the essential oils from the plant without combusting the material which is known to be a little bit harsh at times.

Make an Alcohol Concoction

Using up your cannabis shake or trim is a great idea. You don’t want just to leave the stuff lying around and let it go bad. It does dry up and can and will lose its potency. If you are making wax making oil, making butter and still have trim left over perhaps try throwing some in rubbing alcohol to make a tremendous topical medication or adding some to drinking alcohol to make a great cannabis-infused cocktail for a later date.
What type of creative ways can you come up with to use up your trim or shake?

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Top 4 Stoner Gifts on My Cannabis Wishlist

Some people on your holiday gift list may be hard to choose presents for. However, the stoner in your life should be pretty simple to please. While every cannabis consumer and connoisseur would love a bag of top-shelf bud, an infused edible, or a new smoking apparatus there are some other rather extraordinary and elevated stoner gifts available on the market today. From tools that will help you de-carb your cannabis and ones to help you make infused butter and oils to ones that can even help you grow your own cannabis at home the list is almost endless. Here are five of my favorite cannabis centric gifts that will elevate the happiness of the stoner in your life this holiday season.

The Magical Butter Machine

The Magical Butter machine is well… simply magical and sure to light up the eyes of any stoner on your list. This high-tech device allows for at home cannabis chefs to easily infuse cannabis and other herbs into butter or oil of their choice. The Magical Butter Machine makes cooking with cannabis at home, as easy as adding a few ingredients and pushing a button! First, you will want to decarboxylate your cannabis though, and for that, I highly recommend the next product on our list! Learn more here!

The Ardent Nova Herbal Decarboxylator

The Ardent NOVA Decarboxylator takes the guesswork out the decarb process. If you aren’t familiar with this process, check out this article. The NOVA guarantees full activation of the THC in your product without producing an odor in a clean, straightforward process. The machine offers the ability to decarb up to 1 ounce of flower. Or if you prefer, 5 ounces of kief at one time! Learn more here!

The Grobo One Automated Grow Closet

For individuals lucky enough to be able to grow their own cannabis at home, an automated grow closet such as the Grobo One makes a fantastic gift. I will warn you though, this is the most expensive gift on the list with a hefty price tag. But as you will see, it is well worth it! The Grobo One is made of high-quality steel and Canadian birch wood.
Its features include an ultra-efficient LED lighting system, a small, sleek design that will fit in almost any room, and full automation of the growing process. According to their website all you have to do is, “plug it in, plant your seed, select the recipe on the Grobo app and let Grobo One do the growing.” Learn more here.

The Juice Box Rosin Press

The Ju1ceBox rosin press makes the process of making your own cannabis concentrates at home from bud easy as possible. This small handheld extractor utilizes the idea combination of surface pressure and heat. This and precise timing intervals to ensure high yields of clean extracted oil. This process of extraction eliminates the need for dangerous solvents and hydraulic components. It also allows you to make amazing concentrates in just a few minutes! Learn more here.
What is the must-have dank gift on your cannabis wish list for 2018? Let us know in the comments below!

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Stoned for the Holidays

The holiday season has once again found its way to our calendars. Before we know it that festive time of year will be here. This means larger crowds and more time with family and friends. For many people, this also means going home for the holidays. If you’re going to be at home for the holidays, you might as well be stoned for the holidays.
If you’re looking for some great cannabis strains to be stoned for the holidays this holiday season, you’re in luck. Thanks to cannabis legalization happening in so many places there is a more beautiful selection of delectable cannabis than ever before.



This intense Indica can help you sit back relax and chillax when things start to get a little bit hectic. Be careful if you go to light this stuff up around anyone who doesn’t smoke as they will smell it within the first toke.

Jack Frost

Jack Frost is usually known for nipping at your nose and your toes, but this time he’ll be biting at your lungs if you get you some of this incredible cannabis strain. Sit back and relax in front of the fireplace sipping hot cocoa relaxing with Jack Frost this holiday season for an elevated experience.

Northern Lights

This strain will treat you just right with all the stress of the holidays. Relax and take a load off with a big joint or freshly packed bowl to soothe your soul. Northern Lights pairs delectably with seasonal holiday cookies along with coffee, tea, or cocoa.

God’s Gift

God’s Gift is the perfect strain to enjoy around the holiday season especially in America. No matter what religion you are one of God’s gifts is definitely cannabis. God’s Gift will help get you in the spirit of the holidays in no time at all.


Everybody knows that lavender helps to soothe and relax even restless babies. With that in mind, the Lavender cannabis strain took a rise to fame having the same calm, soothing effects on adults. If you’re looking to relax and get away from the stress of the holidays take a few puffs of this funky stuff and your troubles will float away.


Strawberry Cough

This is just the strain you need to get you off and help you cough to block out the gut-wrenching sounds of arguing family and annoying in-laws this holiday. The extra spunkiness you’ll get from this Sativa might just give you the energy needed to get up and walk away to a happier place.

Jack Herer

This legendary strain named after the iconic cannabis activist, advocate, and author himself Jack Herer is one that will make you shake your derriere. This earthy strain has an immaculate flavor profile with a buzz to boot.

Super Silver Haze

Silver bells don’t have anything on Silver Haze especially when it’s Super Silver Haze. You can find yourself in a haze for days with a few puffs of Super Silver Haze. When you got to stay up all night to make presents come out just right Super Silver Haze may be the friend that sticks with you till the end.

Lamb’s Bread

Lambs are synonymous with religions around the world and during the holiday season what better strain to enjoy than Lamb’s Bread? This sweet, delicious tasting cannabis strain is rumored to have been the favorite of legendary music performer and cannabis supporter Bob Marley. Then there was Mary. Mary had a Little Lamb…that was until she sparked it up and shared it with her fam. Because of this festive treat, they all had the best holiday ever.

Durban Poison

If your family and friends start to become a little bit troublesome this holiday season just poison them. No, don’t actually poison them with poison give them some Durban Poison or even enjoy some Durban Poison yourself. This spunky sativa has a euphoric body buzz and frequently helps facilitate the giggles.
Between these five Indica cannabis strains and five Sativa cannabis strains, you’re sure to find a way to be stoned for the holidays. Now the only thing left to do is make sure you’re home for the holidays.

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5 Strains That are Spooktacular for Halloweed

Looking to reach new heights this year while you take in the freights on Halloweed? If so, turn Halloween into Halloweed. It won’t take much with these spooktacular, eerie, and outright frightening strains of ganja! Remember not to overconsume though or the only thing scary about the night could be your overwhelming high.


Start the night off right with a Sativa dominant strain by the name of Voodoo. This strain won’t leave you feeling like someone is playing with a voodoo doll version of you. Instead, it will have you uplifted and ready to take in the freights of the night. This beautiful Sativa delight is a descendant of a Thai landrace.
Consumers describe the flavor of Voodoo as being pungent and tropical with hints of a nutty undertone and aroma. The most common effects from Voodoo tend to be happiness, euphoric, energetic and overall uplifting. She is also known for providing a spark of creativity which makes her perfect for enjoying while you are bringing your Halloweed costume to life.

Ghost OG

Ghost OG is a spooktacular strain that may just sneak up on you like a ghost. Be careful with this hybrid as she is known to produce a potent long-lasting heavy high that might just knock your socks off. Ghost OG comes from none other than the notorious OG Kush.
Her flavors, aroma, and effects are perfect for Halloweed, as well as every other day of the year. Consumers describe the taste of Ghost OG as being earthy with hints of citrus and pine throughout. The most common effects from Ghost OG tend to be relaxation, happiness, euphoria, and sleepiness.

White Widow

White Widow is a notorious hybrid cannabis strain that has been enjoyed by individuals on Halloweed for many years. This infamous strain is a combination of two amazing landraces being a South American Sativa and a South Indian Indica. This combination makes for the perfect pair and won’t give you a scare.
Instead, she will have you wanting to eat treats and playing tricks on your friends. Consumers describe the flavor of White Widow as being earthy, woody and a bit flowery in the aftertaste. The most common effects from White Widow tend to be happiness, relaxation, and euphoria.

Killer Queen

Killer Queen is a dream strain for Halloween. This hybrid cannabis strain is a combination of G13 and Cinderella 99. Be careful with Killer Queen, she’s used to being the belle of the ball, and if you aren’t careful, she just might give you a fright with just how quick she will hit you.
Consumers describe the flavor of Killer Queen as being pungent and sweet with an earthy aroma and undertone. The most common effects from Killer Queen tend to be euphoria, creativity, happiness and an overall sense of being uplifted making her perfect for toking on during your Halloweed festivities.

Zombie Kush

To top off your Halloweed partake in a few tokes of Zombie Kush. Be careful because this potent Indica dominant strain may just knock you on your tush. Zombie Kush is a combination of two heavy-hitting potent strains, Amnesia, Bubba Kush, and Lavender.
Consumers describe the flavor of Zombie Kush as being pungent and earthy with a hint of grape. The most common effects from Zombie Kush tend to be relaxation, happiness, hunger, and sleepiness making it the perfect strain for winding down on fright night.
How will you be celebrating Halloweed? Will you be partaking in a toke? If so, do you have a favorite fright night strain? If so let us know in the comments below!

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Canada Legalized – What U.S. Visitors Should Know Before They Head North to Higher Country

Cannabis legalization happened across all of Canada on October 17th, 2018. For adults 18 and older, you can now for take in a wake and bake without the fear of prosecution. The same can’t be said for Canada’s sister to the South.
The United States of America is behind many places in the world including Canada when it comes to ending draconian cannabis prohibition. Politicians and federal authorities tinker and toy with the lives of millions of citizens while just one imaginary line to the north freedom exists. The United States of America is supposed to be united, but that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore.
It’s more like the land of who has the most money. If you want to enjoy cannabis legally, there are only a handful of states in which you can do this on a retail or recreational level. However, if you go to Canada, you can partake in a wake and bake anywhere in the country. Before you go though there are some things you need to know.

Oh Canada, Here I Come

In order to get across the border, you’ll need a valid passport. If you’re going to bring your pet, make sure you have the proper paperwork. Don’t try to bring fruit across the border as that is a big no-no. Cigarettes and booze are available in limited quantities from duty-free stores. Don’t try to take back more than your supposed to though.
Should you be considering taking a gift to Canada, you’ll want to know if that gift is valued at more than $60. This is because if it is, you may be required to pay an additional tax. Driving in Canada is much the same as it ends in America except for some fundamental traffic laws and the speed limit. Speeds are measured in kilometers, not miles so remember its kilometers per hour not miles per hour.
Don’t smoke in a car if you have a minor child or you can find yourself in trouble. Whatever you do don’t ever text or talk on your phone going down the road unless it’s hands-free. You’ll also want to be sure that you have the right cheddar to spend while visiting Canada. US currency is accepted in many places but not everywhere.

There’s Still A Lot to Know Before You Go

If you’re used to roaming all over with your cell phone attached to your face, you better be ready for a wake-up visiting Canada. You could find yourself with excessive phone charges that some refer to as astronomical if you don’t have a pre-existing plan worked out for when you visit Canada.
If you have a criminal record, there is always the chance that you might not be permitted entry into Canada. Canadian border patrol agents can deny anyone entry into Canada. Even a DUI can get you denied.
Travel Insurance for healthcare when visiting Canada is another great idea to invest in. While Canada’s health care system covers a lot of things, it doesn’t include American visitors. If you get sick or hurt while you’re there, you could end up in despair at the costs.

Cheers to Cannabis, Beer, and Taxes Canada

Smoking cannabis is allowed for all adults. This means between the ages of 18-19 and up. Some provinces have laws allowing for the consumption of cannabis starting at 18 while others kick that age a year to 19. Make sure you know the rules in the province or provinces you plan to visit.
If you like to throw back a few beers, then be prepared for a slightly younger crowd than you’re used to in the US. The legal drinking age in Canada varies between 18 and 19 years old depending on what province you’re visiting. So, toss back them beers and say cheers, just be prepared to do so with a slightly younger crowd at some places.
If you’re familiar or used to shopping at dispensaries in the United States, then visiting Canada won’t be that much of a shock when it comes to taxes. There is an additional federal sales tax, and some provinces also add their own tax to things such as hotel and restaurant bills. This means that you can see as much as an extra 15% added to the total of what you were intending on spending.

Drink, Smoke, Eat, Play, and Be Merry in Canada

Canada offers all kinds of freedoms that you won’t find in the U.S. For America being the land of the free they sure seem to have a lot of rules restricting those freedoms. Maybe with luck, the U.S. will take a play from their neighbor to the north and listen to the people when it comes to cannabis.
The United States of America’s Federal Government started this draconian war on drugs and the attempted irradiation of cannabis. It’s time that they end it. Until then we’ll continue to fight for cannabis rights in America. At least now though we can venture north to enjoy true freedom in Canada from time to time.
Remember before you go, there are some things you’ll want to know. To find out where all the most lit events in cannabis are happening be sure to check out Expert Joints. Craig has all the latest and greatest info about cannabis in Canada. Above all though remember to consume responsibly and have fun.


INDIVA Master Grower Pete Young announces memoir to be released October 17th

Recreational cannabis goes legal in Canada on October 17th of this year.  It’s also the day Pete Young’s memoir, The High Road: A Pot Grower’s Journey from the Black Market to the Stock Market will be available for purchase through Amazon and Indigo.
Pete Young is a Co Founder and Master Grower of London, Ontario’s first and only Licensed Producer, INDIVA Ltd., and has been a leading voice for Canadian cannabis since the early 1990’s.  Now with a monumental shift to legalization – Pete is releasing his memoir about his life’s passion and what it’s taken for cannabis to finally get to where it is today. The memoir tells Pete’s story of cannabis activism and compassion throughout the last three decades and his fight for the people who rely on cannabis to live their daily lives.  
Pete is the real deal.  There’s just no other way to say it.  In a world where cannabis seems to be taken over by big business, Pete and his dreadlocks can be found shoeless in a t-shirt, walking around a cannabis convention connecting with like minded individuals as he works tirelessly to help ensure that Canadian cannabis is done the right way.  He’s focused on growing the best cannabis and always making his clients well-being the number one priority. For Pete, it’s not about money, it’s about care, compassion and quality medicine, so forget about suits, ties and corporate board rooms – cannabis legalization is for freedom and quality of life.
Pete’s roots in cannabis activism date back more than twenty years, throughout which his involvement and willingness to fight for medical cannabis has taken him on a long journey to the eventual success we are witnessing today.  From growing his own cannabis on rooftops in New York’s Long Island, to founding the London Compassion Society (LCS) in 1995, to becoming Co Founder and Master Grower of a Licensed Producer – Pete has been the voice for Canadian cannabis compassion all throughout his career.  
Pete’s story is one of perseverance, focus and compassion – a real look behind the scenes into the ups and downs of cannabis activism.  The story so far hasn’t been glamorous, and it hasn’t been profitable, but, it has made a difference.
An interesting, insightful read and a breath of fresh air in a cannabis world where all one seems to hear about is stock prices and the latest merger or acquisition.

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How To Pass A Drug Test: The Definitive Guide (2018)

So you need to pass a drug test? Well, you’re not alone. Whether applying for a new job, getting a random screen from your current employer, or ordered to take one by the court – most people will end up taking a drug test at some point. And for cannabis smokers, that can be a bit of problem.
Despite the fact that marijuana is completely natural, completely harmless, and now completely legal in many states, it can still get you in a lot of trouble. Employers can refuse to hire you. They can fire you, and even use your cannabis use as grounds to deny unemployment or workman’s compensation claims. Testing positive for pot on a court-ordered test can land you in jail, or lose you custody of your kids. And if all that wasn’t bad enough, marijuana has the inconvenient quality of sticking around in your body’s fat cells long after you smoke – so you can test positive days or even weeks afterward.
But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We’ll dispel the rumors and give you the straight truth about what works and what doesn’t – so you can pass your test, and get on with your life.

Types of Drug Tests

There are several methods which may be used to test for the presence of drugs in your system:

  • Blood Test – while rare, blood tests are much more accurate at determining whether or not a person is currently high. Unlike other methods, which test for non-psychoactive metabolites, the blood test actually measures the level of THC in the bloodstream – which means they usually only test positive a few hours after smoking.
  • Hair Test – a hair test is perhaps the most difficult of all to pass, and will supposedly test positive even months after your last use. Luckily they’re also fairly rare. And before you go shaving your head to try to fool a hair test, know this: the sample can be taken from anywhere on your body. So if you’re gonna shave, you’ll have to be pretty damn thorough.
  • Saliva Test – more common than either the blood or hair test, the saliva test is usually administered with just a simple mouth swab. They are less sensitive than other methods, and will usually only detect marijuana use within the last few hours.
  • Urine Test – by far the most frequently administered drug test is the urine test, favorite of employers and probation officers everywhere. As you probably guessed, this test requires you to submit a urine sample to a lab for examination. Most labs use what’s called a “5 panel” test, which screens for 5 commonly abused substances: opiates, cocaine, amphetamines, methamphetamines, and of course cannabis. Some do a more rigorous “10 panel” test which also tests for barbituates (sedatives), benzodiazepines (anti-anxiety meds like Xanax, Valium, etc.), methadone, methaqualone, and propoxyphene (Darvocet). For more info, check out this video where a lab tech walks you through the process in detail:

Because it’s the most common, and also the most troublesome for cannabis users, our article will focus primarily on how to pass a urine test.

Bogus Methods

Before we reveal the best way to pass a drug test, let’s first clear up what not to do. There is a lot of misinformation out there – because, you know, the internet. A little digging will turn up many methods which will supposedly help you pass your test, many of which aren’t reliable or simply don’t work at all. For instance:

  • Drinking niacin, vinegar, fruit pectin (Certo), etc.
  • Taking Goldenseal or other herbal cleansing supplements
  • Throwing off the test with a high dose of Aspirin or Ibuprofen
  • Adding bleach, vinegar, water, etc. to your urine sample

None of these methods are proven or reliable. Nowadays labs test for and can detect all kinds of tampering. And the old Aspirin trick no longer works, either. I’ve even heard a rumor going around online that drinking bleach will help you pass! That’s not only wrong, it’s stupid and dangerous. Don’t. Just… don’t.
Many people swear by Detox drinks, many varieties of which are sold at head shops everywhere. These drinks supposedly give you a window of a few hours after drinking it, during which you will piss clean. However, there are no studies or reliable evidence to prove that these really work. So, use at your own risk.

How to Pass

So, how do you pass a urine test? Your best bet is to flush your system with a ton of water. The more water you drink, the more the metabolites in your urine sample will be diluted – hopefully to the point of being below the threshold.
Drink lots of fluids the day of your test, as much as you can hold. You might want to take a big dose of vitamin B along with it, to darken the color of your urine (labs can get suspicious if the sample is too clear and watery, and may even reject it). You’ll want to piss a few times before you give your sample, so never schedule a test early in the morning if you can avoid it. The metabolites build up in your bladder overnight, leaving a rich deposit in your first whiz of the day.
When it comes to passing a urine test, time is your friend – so put it off as long as possible. Quit smoking and use that time to flush out your system — drink lots of water, exercise, sit in a sauna. Diuretics like coffee, tea and cranberry juice can help. You can also buy diuretic pills over the counter. Natural detoxifiers, like activated charcoal, may also help lower you’re metabolite levels. If you’re only an occasional smoker, your body can clean itself out in as little as a few days. A heavy user can still test positive 3 – 4 weeks after quitting, maybe even longer. So the more time, the better.

Testing On The Spot

But what if you don’t have the luxury of time? Some employers require employees to take a drug test immediately after a workplace injury or other accident, or even submit to random screens with no advanced warning. In that case, if you’re a relatively light user, you might still pass simply by chugging water and diluting your sample. Regular, heavy users, however, don’t stand much of a chance.
So the only way out in that case is to swap your sample. Admittedly this requires some foresight. But if you work for a company that does random screens, or have other reason to worry that you might be tested, then planning ahead might just save your job. You can keep a clean sample in your car, your backpack, etc. You can borrow urine from a friend who’s clean, but remember that samples don’t keep much longer than a day. You can buy synthetic or powdered urine (powdered is better) online, but some labs do test for synthetic samples. So, again: use at your own risk.
Keep in mind that the sample must measure close to body temperature (about 90 – 98°F or 32 – 36°C) or it might be rejected. Some synthetic and powdered samples come with a heating element for this purpose. But if you tuck it under your armpit, your breast, or your scrotum for long enough, it should work. Or you can use a hand warming packet (like Hot Hands, etc). Then the challenge becomes to get it into the sample cup unseen. If you are allowed to go to the bathroom in private, then it’s not a problem. But sometimes the lab will insist on observing you collect your sample. In which case, you better hope you have some impressive sleight of hand, or a “first day on the job” lab tech who’s still shy about other people’s genitals.
Maybe one day the law will catch up with morality and common sense, and cannabis users will be free to partake of their herb of choice without fear of unjust punishment. Until that day, though, remember: no method is 100% guaranteed. If you choose to smoke, you always run the risk of failing a test and suffering the consequences.
But if you’re smart, and follow our guide – and steer clear of sketchy internet quick fixes – you have a better than average chance of passing your drug test. Good luck, and thanks for reading!

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Growing Marijuana Indoors; A Beginners Guide

As users of herb, it makes sense that growing our own bud would be the ideal situation. You may be thinking, “That sounds way too difficult and risky” but the reality is, it isn’t. With marijuana steadily becoming legal around the United States, the odds that your local police department will be knocking on your door for a few plants are relatively low. Just remember, loose lips sink ships.

I won’t lie, this project isn’t’ for the person that’s looking to throw some seeds they found in the bottom of their plastic baggie into a pot and stick in under a grow light in the basement. Sure, you might get a sprout but the reality is growing weed is a fairly simple project with a lot of distinct steps that any beginner could do, if they dedicate the time to do it right.

Why Grow?

If you are a regular user of marijuana then there are quite a few reasons why you should consider growing your own plant(s).

Save Money

How much do you spend on buying pot? Probably anywhere from fifty to well over a hundred dollars for a quarter ounce and how long that lasts depends on the frequency in which you smoke. Some folks spend over a hundred dollars or more a month on marijuana, continually over the span of years and years. This adds up.

For a smalls start-up cost, if you cultivate your plants well, this recurring charge could disappear.

Know What You’re Getting

When you grow your own, you know that it’s free of chemicals and pesticides. Just like eating vegetables from your own garden, it doesn’t get much purer than smoking the weed you grew.

Constant Supply

If you do this correctly, you can swing it where they flower on a regular basis, which will get rid of any dry spells your supplier might be going through. You’ll know how to ration between flowering stages so you always have a bud on hand.

Free From Trouble

Marijuana is legal in some states, it is still illegal in others. On top of that, marijuana is still considered a schedule in narcotic by the United States Federal Government. This makes purchasing without a card trick and leaves smokers who imbibe for reasons that don’t warrant medical approval stuck buying from street dealers.

When you have your own supply, you can keep your harvest hidden for yourself. It is important to be discreet. Local law enforcement will come snooping if you get too cocky.

What You Need

Before I can tell you how to grow your own marijuana plants, it’s important that you have all the proper equipment. It may cost a little up front, but when you reap a great harvest the money you will save when you stop purchasing.

Grow Lights

Good light is one of the most important factors in keeping a couple marijuana plants healthy and productive. When you choose to grow indoors you can’t exactly leave a plant sitting in your window for reasons we spoke about and, even if you could display your weed plant for the whole neighborhood to see, this wouldn’t be the most efficient way to get the best harvest.

During different stages of growth, the amount of light your plants will need will vary. Your best option is to get a grow light with a timer. Otherwise, you will need to be home at certain times every day to turn the lights on and off. If you are unfamiliar with the products out there this guide will teach you how to choose a grow light.

Plenty Of Room And A Tent

Find a good place out of the way and take a look at what grow tents are on the market. Get a tent that will fit in that space. They are fairly cheap and easy to put up and take down. Some tents are elaborate but, as a beginner, it’s always best to start small with any new project and let it grow into a hobby with fancy gadgets.

Exhaust Fan And Activated Carbon Filter

These can be sold together or on their own. You need both and if you buy them separately then make sure they will fit one another. This will keep the air in the tent from getting stagnant and give your new friends a healthy environment to grow in. It will also combat the heat and get rid of any odors.

Five Gallon Bucket Or A Cloth Pot

You can go with either of these although beginners are advised to j use buckets. Make sure you drill a hole in the bottom of them and place a saucer of some sort underneath them. Plants need to significant drainage so they don’t drown. Cloth pots come equipped with their own drainage source.


A good organic soil should do just fine.


Organic products would be a good choice here. You will be fertilized quite often so get a good amount.

Peat Pellets And A Container To Hold Them

These will be used when you germinate your seeds.


You can use the seeds out of the last bag you bought but have you noticed how bags don’t have the seeds they did back in the day? That’s possible because growing your own has become so prevalent they don’t want to lose clients.

Seeds can be purchased online as well and they are hidden pretty well. It’s been suggested to have them shipped somewhere other than where you plan on growing. This is up to you.

If possible get feminized seeds because you want all your plants to be female. If you don’t get feminized seeds you have 50/50 chance of getting a male. You can tell the difference between the male, with hanging bulbs, and females, with white wispy hairs. You want to get rid of the male plants as soon as you realize they are male. If they pollinate the females then your harvest will suffer.

Another note on seeds, healthy ones are marbled and hard like nuts. Dead seeds are black and typically hollow.

Let’s Get Started

I am going to list this one step at a time and take you from seed germination all the way to harvest.

  1. Take your peat pellets and soak them in water until they swell up.

  2. Place one seed onto each peat pellet. It should be a ½ inch deep into the peat pellet.

  3. Put the peat pellets on the container or tray with walls.

  4. Leave them in the tent at room temperature.

  5. Keep the pellets moist by pouring water into the container or walled tray carefully. If you pour the water directly over the pellet you risk losing your seed in the overflow.

  6. They should sprout in 3-7 days.

  7. When they sprout, turn on your grow lights. Set their timers to be on for 18 hours and off for 6 hours.

  8. Make sure your new sprouts are under the light.

  9. Continue to keep the peat pellets moist. The seedlings will grow fast.

  10. Roots will grow out of the pellet’s sides.

  11. Take a 5-gallon bucket with a hole drilled in the bottom, or a cloth pot, and place some soil in the bottom.

  12. Dig a deep hole in the middle and place the entire peat pellet into the dirt. One peat pellet per pot. Bury it deeply submerging ½ of the plants stem into the dirt as well. Roots will grow out of it.

  13. Compress the soil only slightly. Don’t overdo it.

  14. Give it water slowly.

  15. Put your pots under the light.


The amount of light your new weed plants get is important if you want it to grow some serious bud. When they are young, continue with the lighting schedule we listed above. When they are ready to flower, you should change the light schedule to and even 12 hours of light/12 hours of dark.

During those dark times is when your plants will start to grow the bud. You want to make sure the dark hours are continuously dark without any light interrupting it otherwise you can jeopardize your growth.


Be wary not to over water your plants. Vegetation can typically come back from a drought but drowning is the best way to kill any plant. Cannabis grows quickly because it is a weed, so it takes a lot of water. One way to check is to test the soil with the back of a finger. If it’s cold then the dirt is still wet. If its warm, then it’s dry.

There is no set watering schedule but new plants typically need water once a week while older plants might need some water every day. Try to use filtered water to save your plants from the fluoride and chlorine in tap water.


If you keep your weed plants well fed, they will keep you healthy with their harvest. Some professionals suggest the 3/1 ratio. When you water your plants, three times there should be fertilizer in the water, the fourth time, give it just fresh water. So, if you water every day, it should be as follows: fertilized water 3 days, pure water one, repeat.


To get your plants to grow like a bush pruning is imperative. Just pinch or snip off the branches, just above the node where two new shoots are emerging. You can try to use those snippings as clones for new plants.


If you follow the steps above you should be able to cultivate your own little weed garden inside your home. You’ll save money and have the purest pot you can find. The upsides of this are unbelievable. Just remember discretion is key to avoiding any unwanted attention.

marijuana jobs

How to get a Job in Cannabis Business?

Ever thought about being a manager of a cannabis store? Or maybe a grow master? With an annual salary of up to $100,000, these positions attract more and more people in the industry. In fact, the legal cannabis industry has become a major job generator, with the number of employed people exceeding the number of bakers and dental hygienists.

The State of the Cannabis Industry

Marijuana Business Daily recently used the data of the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics to create Marijuana Business Factbook 2017 and compare the number of employees in the marijuana industry to mainstream professions. According to these sources, the cannabis industry employed 165,000+ workers in 2017.

This number is expected to reach 400,000 by 2021, opening high paying jobs all over the U.S. Clearly, the industry is booming, and new job opportunities are expected to grow over the next several years. Here are some examples of high-paying jobs as described by CNBC:

  • Store Manager ($75,000)

  • Cannabis Sales Representative ($80,000)

  • Dispensary Owner ($60,000)

  • Grow Master ($100,000)

  • Edibles Chefs ($50,000 – $100,000)

Here is the breakdown of marijuana industry jobs by sector, also courtesy of Marijuana Business Factbook 2017.


So should you try to become a part of this profitable business? If you think you should, here are some pointers you could use.

Does One Have to be a User?

First and foremost, many people think that one has to be a user to work in the marijuana industry. Cannabis businesses hire people from other industries and being a cannabis user isn’t a mandatory requirement.

How to Get a Job in Cannabis Business

Start by Doing Research

If you don’t have any experience or knowledge of the legal cannabis industry (e.g. you have no idea how to make dab or what the hack dab is), don’t worry – it’s totally okay to be starting from scratch. Do your research and you’ll discover a lot of useful information very quickly.

Just by reading this article, you’re already working on researching. So just ask Google what you need; for example, sign up for cannabis industry reliable website, newsletter, or blog.

Get Certified

Getting a certification for a particular in-demand skill is one of the best ways to get a job in the industry. The key skill, of course, is the ability to grow marijuana plants. That’s okay if you’ve never grown it.

Cannabis businesses are looking for graduates from agricultural schools and those with certificates from training schools. For example, cultivators hire people with experience in agricultural operations, like growing tomatoes. Retailers are looking for candidates who worked in stores and restaurants and can communicate with customers.

So, enroll in a course that will teach you how to grow plants and get a certification. THC University and Cannabis Training University online courses are great places to begin training.

Check Popular Job Boards

When you have your certification ready, it’s time to go job hunting. Visit popular job boards like Indeed and search for cannabis jobs in your area. Also, you need to check boards that list marijuana industry jobs, including CannaJobs and 420Carrers.

Look Professional

There are two important parts here: dressing and resume. First, you should dress like you’d dress for an interview with Elon Musk. Right now, cannabis businesses are trying to distance themselves from “stoner hippie” stereotypes and show that they are professional.

Second, your cover letter should be great. Proofread everything, avoid slang, and make a professional email address (not something like!). When explaining your passion for cannabis, also avoid lines like “I want to be around pot all the time.” Say that you’re a professional and you appreciate cannabis.

Where to Look for a Job in Cannabis Business?


Image Source: Marijuana Policy Project

How to become an Owner of a Cannabis Company?

To open a dispensary or other marijuana-related business, you need to comply with a number of laws and regulations. Greenzipp offers the list of state-by-state laws and news for you to check out. For example, here’s how to obtain a license for a dispensary in Colorado.

In addition to assessing your eligibility and legal requirements, you should find a rental property; the choice of the property should also follow a number of guidelines (e.g. it has to be more than 1000 feet from school).

And don’t forget about the business plan. It’s still a business, right? It shows a serious attitude and commitment to reaching success. Consider all costs, including licensing application fee, rent cost, cost of license, employee salary, security, and transportation and storage of products.

Wrapping Up

If you’re unsure of the best way to get their foot on the door, use these tips to lock down a cannabis-related career. Taking a leap into the burgeoning new industry could be a great adventure for you; besides you timing couldn’t be better, as cannabis market is becoming one of the fastest-growing ones in the U.S.

Top Image:  Doug Pensinger/Getty Images