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8 Reasons Blunts > Joints

Alright, people, let’s talk blunts vs joints. We all have our own personal opinions here, but only 1 is right: mine and those that agree with me. So for anyone wondering, the answer is blunts. Blunts are better than joints and there are multiple reasons why:

1. Blunts Burn Longer

Blunts burn way longer than joints, and you never have to relight them. One spark up and that thang’s riding until the very end. That doesn’t happen with blunts. You smoke half of it, and then the other half is just ashtray decoration because it becomes a light-the-joint-every-time-you-hit-it kind of situation. If I wanted to do that I’d just get a pipe/bong.

2. Blunts Are Easier To Roll

I’m at the point where I can twist a J no problem, but in my early days, boy were they an impossible feat. Zig zags twisting all over the place, weed fall out on the floor, it’s a real task to roll a joint when you’ve never done it before. Or even when you have done it before. Blunts though? Little saliva and a properly rolled mouthpiece can take you a long way.

3. Blunts Don’t Get Wet Often/As Much

There’s nothing worse than someone getting the mouth of the blunt wet. It’s like “Dog…Are you serious with this right now?” You have to throw the lighter on there then monitor every hit they take for the rest of the session. It’s annoying. But that doesn’t happen as often with blunts as it does with joints. Pass a J to someone with the moist mouth and it immediately becomes a Pixy Stix. No one wants that.

4. Blunts Are Better For Sharing

Blunts are way better for sharing than joints because reason #1 above. The factor of burning longer enables you have a blunt session without worrying about where the blunt is, how long someone’s had it, and how long someone’s talking while the ganja burns into the air frivolously. Sure, you don’t want anyone to do these things, but I’m just saying, they’re less of a problem when you know the blunt is going to burn for a minute. Joints though? It’s like “Hey, pass, smoke, pass, smoke, ahhhh man, it’s already done.”

5. The High Lasts Longer

I haven’t researched the science on this, but I feel like blunts get me way higher and for way longer than joints. It could be that small bit of tobacco in the wrap, but whenever I smoke a blunt, I’m high for hours upon hours. When I smoke a joint, however, I feel like I’m stoned, but not on a level that makes me feel stuck. Again, haven’t researched this, but I have field tested it. Same thing, right?

6. You Can Find Blunts At Any Gas Station

There’s nothing more annoying than needing some rolling materials that aren’t readily available at your nearest gas station. Have you seen the rolling papers selection at most 7-Elevens? Garbage, son. They always have some trash ass JOBs or some little ass zig zags that won’t do the trick for Big Smokers like us. They never have Raw papers, or King Size anything. Blunt wraps though? You can find some Swisher Sweets or some White Owls at any gas station you come across. That’s a guarantee.

7. You Can Fit More Weed In A Blunt

Sometimes you want to roll a Grammer Jammer and that doesn’t always fit in a joint. For those wondering, a Grammer Jammer is a blunt that requires an entire gram or it ain’t bout shit. You can’t roll one of those in papers though. I mean, you can, but it’s not going to hold up like a blunt. And what if you want to get extra and excessive with it by throwing even more in there? Which rolling device offers you more breathing room? Huh? Which? Exactly.

8. Rihanna Smokes Blunts

End of discussion.

The Founding Fathers US All Grew Weed

The Founding Fathers All Grew Weed

The Founding Fathers grew hemp before America was a nation.

Early colonists needed to grow hemp and the Founding Fathers helped make it easier. Hemp was used to make a multitude of essential gear for early Americans so importing it was impossibly expensive. Presidents like Washington, Jefferson and even Lincoln are well documented hemp farmers but their personal consumption remains a historical mystery.
While hemp and weed are both cannabis, there’s a big difference between the 16-1800’s and now. Similar to how humans grow larger when more specialized nutrition and scientific knowledge advances, so too does cannabis. Most Founding Fathers grew hemp specifically for fiber and seed instead of high THC seedless flowers.
They planted in dense patches and prioritized harvesting long, thin stalks. The Fathers allowed their plants to go to seed but removed the males after they pollinated the females. Any female cannabis plants that produce seeds have very little THC, just like modern day ones.
George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Ben Franklin all grew hemp on their plantations. Hemp was essential to naval vessels and travel in general, so every Founding Father needed more. In previous centuries, all ships navigating the western seas were rigged with hempen rope and sails.

It takes a lot of hemp to make ships, so everyone grew hemp.

(U.S. Navy photo by Seaman Matthew R. Fairchild/Released) 140704-N-OG138-866 Join the conversation
A 44-gun frigate like the USS Constitution took over 60 tons of hemp for rigging. This included sails, ropes and an anchor cable 25 inches in circumference. The Conestoga wagons of the pioneer days were covered with hemp canvas as well. In fact, the very word canvas comes from the Arabic word for hemp.
The founding fathers were well acquainted with the industrial version of cannabis but how they consume it. Many doubt that Washington and Jefferson grew hemp for recreational enjoyment but John Adams has a mysterious quote of his in several Boston newspapers.
In 1763, under the pen name Humphrey Ploughjogger, Adams wrote in the Boston Evening-Post about the advantages of growing hemp. Adams claimed that “… if grate Men dont leeve off writing Pollyticks, breaking Heads, boxing Ears, ringing Noses and kicking Breeches, we shall by and by want a world of Hemp more for our own consumshon,”. This is likely a reference to the hemp rope a hangman used and not a sweet bowl of some Purple Urkle.

The Digital Age has made a liar of Honest Abe.

The internet is overrun with people claiming that Honest Abe claimed to enjoy “a pipe of sweet hemp, and playing my Hohner harmonica.”  There are only a few issues with the timing of quote though. Hohner didn’t make harmonicas until years later and didn’t even start exporting them to America from Germany until 1868. That’s four years after Abe’s assassination, meaning the whole thing is made up.
But that isn’t the only popular Lincoln quote that was entirely false. The oft-cited “Prohibition… goes beyond the bound of reason…”? Claimed to be from an 1840 speech to the Illinois House of Representatives. In fact, it was written by a former mayor of Atlanta in 1922. The fake quote was used to court black voters into opposing alcohol prohibition. That doesn’t prove Lincoln didn’t partake, just that there is no proof he did.

Washington was into the Sticky Icky.

George Washington did make concerted attempts to cultivate high THC cannabis. He kept meticulous diaries throughout his life. Within his notes he wrote “Sowed hemp at muddy hole by swamp” This was far removed from the area he would have normally cultivated cannabis. This remote location improved the likelihood that the cannabis flowers would remain seedless or ‘sensimilla’.
Washington further reinforces the idea that he was growing for some sweet smoke by writing “Began to separate the male from female plants” and he specifically references the desire for flower by dismaying that he “Was too late for the blossom hemp by three weeks or a month” One theory for Washington’s interest in potent cannabis flower was to treat his toothaches.

Thomas Jefferson was known to farm hemp just as all the other Founding Fathers.

He has the unique distinction of being an international and intercontinental strain hound. During his time as Ambassador to France, hashish was a big deal. During his encounters with the court, it would have been disastrously unfashionable for him to refuse consuming.
The time with the French court must have left a lasting impression on him. Jefferson later sought out high potency cannabis seeds from China while he was searching for better versions of rice. At great risk of imprisonment, Jefferson smuggled many types of seeds back to the colonies for American production.
The president employed many hirelings to do the brunt of the work. He specifically employed Turkish smugglers to bring seeds back from China. No records prove that Jefferson himself transported the seeds, only that he arranged for and ensured the delivery of many restricted cultivars from across the globe to American farmers.

People have taken the stoner Founding Fathers idea and run with it.

Even without direct evidence of the Founding Fathers smoking weed, modern stoners have embraced the idea. Artists like Trevor Moore and groups like The Whitest Kids You Know have brought the mythology of the Founding Fathers into the modern day.
The historical accuracy of these interpretations remains hazy at best. Yet the performances are likely closer to reality than the stories and legends that people have grown up with. Regardless, they add a bit of spice and real world flavor to stories about wealthy young rebels.

This 4th of July, light up a joint, load a bong and hit a pipe for the Founding Fathers.

America wouldn’t be here without cannabis, so roast a bowl this Independence Day to honor our complex history. Greats like Andrew Jackson grew it for seed and fiber while Jefferson smuggled it out of China and likely France. And just think about how Ben Franklin would feel about a great summertime strain.
Be like Ben and grow a female plant or two, or take a page from Lincolns book and get some sweet hemp to enjoy. Don’t smuggle genetics from China like Jefferson though. Better to get a clone or seed from a reputable source like or a local dispensary.

Four Amazing American Made Products for Cannabis Consumption

Four for the Fourth: Four Amazing American Made Products for Cannabis Consumption

Four for the Fourth: Four Amazing American Made Products for Cannabis Consumption
The Fourth of July holiday is upon us. That means parties, road trips, hiking, and cannabis! Here are four great American Made products that are excellent for cannabis consumption. Nothing says patriotic like buying products made in the USA and nothing says holiday weekend like exploring new ways to enjoy our favorite plant.

  1. Mendo Mulchers Grinders: If your preferred method of consumption is flower than you know how important a quality grinder is. These grinders are not only high quality but are made here in the USA. With prices that range from just over $15.00 to just over $70.00, based on the size and whether or not it includes a screen, there is a grinder here for every budget. So if you are blazing up a bowl on the fourth and want an American made grinder this is an excellent option.
  2. Jane West Collection by Grav: If glass pipes are your thing then the Jane West Collection by Grav might be just what you are looking for. Designed with both form and function in mind these glass pipes for “the mainstream cannabis consumer” are made from borosilicate glass colored with pure cobalt ore giving them a distinctive deep blue coloring. Jane West’s goal is to make cannabis accessible to “everyday women” and these five glass pieces are designed with that in mind. The pieces look and feel luxurious and would be an excellent addition to any savvy consumer’s collection.
  3. The Galaxy E-Nail by Smoke Cartel: If you are looking for something a little pricey but definitely unique the Galaxy E-nail fits the bill. It is the only e-nail with an all ceramic air pathway, which is vastly preferable to titanium. Additionally these e-nails are handcrafted in Santa Cruz, CA with materials sourced from around the United States. At a price point of $349.00 this is for the serious cannabis enthusiast, but it is covered by a three year manufacturer’s warranty so you can purchase with confidence.
  4. Firefly 2 Vaporizer: I saved what I might consider to be the best for last with the Firefly 2 vaporizer. This is one of my favorite products for personal use. Gizmodo calls it “the best overall vaporizer,” Newsweek called it “the iPhone of vaporizers.” I call it an excellent travel companion. It’s a handheld vape that’s small enough to fit in your pocket, can vape both flower and concentrates, and has a bluetooth app featuring six preset temperature settings. It is high-end item, but totally worth it if you like to have options when you are on the go.

Eucalyptus/Spearmint Earth Elements Tranquil Bath Soak from Ganja Chica: If you’re a California resident and are looking for something that is therapeutic, relaxing, and different for this 4th of July look no further than this bath soak from Ganja Chica. Sometimes we need to get away from the party for a little bit of self care and rejuvenation. This soak combines epsom salts, ground cannabis, and Eucalyptus and Spearmint for a relaxing, soothing, bath that will help you recover from your holiday adventures no matter what they were.
There you have it, not four but five products that could help you further enjoy cannabis this Fourth of July weekend!

How to Take Marijuana as Medicine

How to Take Marijuana as Medicine

Firstly, you’re going to need a medical marijuana card in most states. Secondly it can easily be argued that all marijuana use is medicinal or for health & wellness. Why? Simply because, even if you are using cannabis for the euphoric “high”, you are still getting the benefits of all the cannabinoids and terpenoids from the plant. The cannabidiol (CBD), cannabichromene (CBC), cannabigerol (CBG), caryophyllene, bisabolol etc. are all still doing their jobs and reducing inflammation, busting stress and helping put the endocannabinoid system (ECS) back into order.
As such, there is no one strict, definite way of taking marijuana as medicine – at least, not yet, anyway.. Now you have that here are some suggestions for taking marijuana as medicine …
Go for Whole Plant Extracts
If you’re looking at tinctures and the like, it is best to go for ones that have been made as a whole plant extract. This means all of the plant’s natural cannabinoids, terpenoids and flavonoids are kept, rather than being “stripped” for a particular cannabinoid (often CBD), and then having artificial flavors and synthesized terpenes added afterwards.
The reason for this is simple: isolated compounds are generally less effective, and having various cannabinoids and terpenoids helps the main cannabinoid you’re seeking do its job properly. There is some evidence showing that crude plant extracts have greater in vitro and/or in vivo activity than isolated compounds at equivalent doses. Jayden’s Juice and the tinctures made by CannaKids are great examples of high-quality whole plant extracts. Vaping flowers is also a good way of utilizing cannabinoids effectively.
You Don’t Have to Smoke …
Although there is no evidence linking cannabis smoke to cancer, it is understandable that many would want to avoid smoking, especially as cannabinoids and terpenoids can be lost vias combustion. Nowadays we have edibles, tinctures, topicals and a whole host of smoke-free ingestion methods.
However, it must be said: smoking cannabis can often be less overwhelming than edibles, and for some smoking it really is the best way of getting medicated. As everybody has a different constitution, some ways of taking marijuana are more effective than others. Edibles also take a long time to kick in, so the temptation to take more thinking, “This isn’t having any effect” is huge.
Go Slow …
Remember: you can always take more, but you can’t take less. Should this be your first time using medical marijuana, it is advisable to try out vaporizing first, as the dosage is easy to control. Just take one puff on a vape pen or whatever other type of vaporizer you’re using, wait 10-15 mins, then dose again. Build up slowly, and get a gauge of where your tolerance lies.
Should you want to go with edibles – and many people do due to discretion and their long-lasting effects – microdosing is ideal, and tinctures can provide similarly effective relief in a much more controllable manner. For those with aching muscles, there are medical marijuana-based topical creams out now as well!
Mood and Setting
Medical marijuana is best taken in a place where you’re most relaxed and comfortable. For many people, this is their own homes, which is a good thing, as this is the most discrete way of consuming cannabis as well.
Eating Properly
Granted, many of you will be using medical marijuana in order to get the munchies and be able to sit down for a proper meal, especially if you’ve been prescribed harsh drugs that can kill appetite or you’re going through chemotherapy. However, as with most things in life, using marijuana is possibly best done on a full stomach. Your energy levels are less likely to dissipate this way and the effects won’t be as overwhelming.
Take Note of Cannabinoid and Terpenoid Concentrations …
… As this is what will tell you the sort of effect a strain is likely to have, rather than the strain name or even its parentage (although the genetics do have an effect, but it’s a rough measure at best). Also, as everyone has a different ECS, different cannabinoid concentrations will treat different people differently!
For example, whilst most people seem to report a 1:1 CBD:THC ratio, others might find such a ratio to have no effect whatsoever. Those people will have to find their ideal ratio. Another thing to remember is that people often prefer different cannabinoid ratios for different times of day or for different environments. You might prefer a CBD-heavy indica for sleep and a THC-heavy sativa for socializing, whereas a 1:1 CBD:THC helps you keep functional and pain-free throughout the day.
Hopefully, this article has helped you clear up any questions on how to take marijuana as medicine. Should you wish to learn more, head on over to!

Nevada Debuts Recreational Cannabis

Nevada Debuts Recreational Cannabis

Nevada started recreational sales just in time for the 4th of July.

Nevada recreational sales debuted July 1st. Firework, parties, DJ’s and Sen. Tick Segerblom (who is considered Nevada’s hero) were celebrating the recreational kick-off. Sen. Tick has been around the cannabis scene for a while and remembers the hippies of the 60’s in addition to spearheading the cannabis legalization in Nevada.
Segerblom was the first in line buying a bit of weed from Reed dispensary on July 1st. The senator was all smiles. As he looked at the variety of flower available, he said, “When I was doing this back in the 60’s, it didn’t look like this. No seeds, no stems, no sticks. This is pure bud.”
Local Nevada resident, Zach Prekop, said,” Now that it’s legal, it’s more accepted and people can try it out without feeling like they’re doing something wrong. I think it’s going to be another tourist attraction.” Many Las Vegas residents feel the same way and look forward to the increased tourism.

The industry is running into issues spreading awareness about the new changes.

Even with all the hype, many people were not aware that recreational weed is now legal in Vegas. A cabby said on Friday that he expected a lot of people to show up for the July 4th holiday. He also noticed that no one seemed to know they could buy it.
Part of the issue is the lack of available ad space. Nevada law bans cannabis advertising on radio, TV and any other medium where the audience is expected to be under 21 years old. Finding good places to advertise is expensive and limited.
Sen. Segerblom says that cannabis is going to be another feature of Las Vegas. That Las Vegas is the entertainment capital of the world. And they aim to keep it that way with the help of exceptional recreational marijuana.

As of July 1st, recreational weed is legal in Nevada.

All customers need to show legal ID that they are 21 years or older. Out-of-towners are free to purchase as much as anyone else. But that doesn’t mean that it’s a free-for-all. Nevada does have some purchasing and cultivating limits.
Customers may purchase up to 1oz. of cannabis flower per day and/or up to 3.5g of concentrate per day. Nevada will excise a 10% sales tax, but medical patients are exempt from the tax.
Adults may grow up to 6 plants each and a household may grow up to 12 plants in total. Consumption is legal at private homes and on porches or in yards.  Public consumption is still considered illegal and carries civil penalties.
Cannabis is prohibited in casinos, bars, restaurants, parks, concerts and federal property, national forests and federal subsidized housing. The best bet is that if you don’t own it, you shouldn’t consume there. Literally, cannabis consumption is legal only on private property, for now. Oh, and smoking in the car will get people DUI’s.

Where is a traveling stoner to consume?

There are cannabis clubs being put together in Nevada, especially around the Las Vegas strip. These cannabis clubs are to give consumers, mainly tourists, a place to smoke instead of taking it back to their hotel rooms or smoke in the open.
Nevada officials don’t want to see a bunch of cops on the Las Vegas strip creating havoc. Deputy Reno Police Chief Tom Robinson said that previously, officers were told to aggressively enforce cannabis laws. Deputy Chief Robinson said, “Now, we’ve got to change our stance, which isn’t a big deal, it’s just a mindset shift for our personnel.” With police protection and oversight, Las Vegas Cannabis Clubs are set for development by 2019.
A Denver-based entrepreneur started setting up 420 condos on the Las Vegas strip. The interesting thing is that these cannabis-friendly condos are only 420 friendly and not cigarette friendly. Entrepreneurs set up cannabis tours complete with swag bags. They even have coupons and vouchers to use on tours of dispensaries and grow ops.

Nevada is preparing for the next step in their legalization plan.

Nevada is expected to take the lead in national cannabis sales. This is despite the state legalizing cannabis after California and Colorado. While California is the nation’s bread-basket, Nevada is where people go to party, and they know it.
Nevada is set to sell more cannabis that any other state. The reason is because Las Vegas, Nevada brings in 63 million tourists a year. That’s 20 million more than California, Colorado and Washington bring in.
Nancy Whiteman is the co-owner of the Colorado based Wana Brands, they create yummy edible products. Whiteman says, “I don’t think we’ve ever seen anything quite like what Nevada is going to look like just because of the sheer volume of tourism in the state.” Whatever the future holds, Nevada is proving that it can meet its cannabis goals.

cann dui

Cannabis DUI and Alcohol DUI Laws are Treated the Same

In many states, cannabis DUI laws are treated like alcohol DUI laws.

But a cannabis DUI and an alcohol DUI should be treated differently for many reasons. One example of their difference is how THC and alcohol levels are metabolized. THC stays in the body for weeks after consuming while alcohol is purged in several hours. Yet the highs last about the same amount of time.
Getting pulled over weeks after smoking results in drivers getting charged with a DUI. That’s because it’s difficult for cops to determine how recently a driver smoked a bowl. Traditional sobriety tests don’t correspond to cannabis effects either. For example, a stoned driver can stand on one leg while a drunk driver cannot.
Scott Leist was a Seattle police officer, and a defense attorney for the Washington Traffic Defense. Leist agrees that Washington’s Cannabis DUI laws are a problem. In Washington, there is a .08 limit for alcohol and THC, but THC is nothing like alcohol.
Leist said, “some studies suggest that driving with moderate levels of THC in one’s system can actually improve driving performance.” There is simply no good science about what determines impaired driving with weed and what doesn’t.

THC doesn’t metabolize quickly and completely like alcohol.

Leist found that alcohol can metabolize quickly, meaning that it is easy to test when the last time alcohol was consumed. Marijuana is different because a person can consume weed and be impaired for a few hours. But THC stays in the system long after the consumption and high phase.
How quickly and completely THC metabolizes depends on a few factors. Namely; how it was consumed and when, how often the person consumes, and the potency of the substance. Small amounts of THC can be found days or even weeks after consumption. At the other end, a heavy consumer can test over the 5ng/mL limit long after they are sober.
Alcohol has more exact prediction than weed. What is the marijuana equivalent of two beers? How much THC at what age and weight will get a person to 5ng/mL levels? How fast does THC wear off for each person? Nobody knows the answers to these questions because cannabis research is hampered by federal scheduling. Alcohol has no scheduling restrictions to prevent accurate studies so much more research is available.

There are no accurate field sobriety tests for THC intoxication.

Police Officers don’t have a lot of experience or training for marijuana DUI detection’s. Smell alone is not a good clue for recent intoxication. Physical signs like red eyes is not enough to prove that a person is THC impaired.
There are a variety of reasons a driver might experience the ‘signs of THC intoxication’. A person crying or struggling with allergies causes red eyes. Fatigue can also reproduce the short-term memory issues associated with weed.
The best method cops have available is a warrant granted blood test. But blood tests don’t reveal when the last time the driver consumed weed. Unlike alcohol, there is no way to check if a person has had too much THC. There is no breathalyzer that would reveal THC impairment. A person can’t give themselves a field sobriety test like the alcohol tests.

Abby McLean drove sober and received a DUI.

Northglen, Colorado resident Abby McLean went through a DUI roadside checkpoint on her way home. She is 30, had nothing to drink or smoke that night and had no worries. When the cop walked up to her car he saw that she had blood shot eyes and smelled weed in the car.
The cop pulled out his handcuffs to arrests McLean when she exclaimed that she was on her way home to her children. McLean was forced to take a blood test which tested positive for THC intoxication. Her blood test was 5 times over the legal limit. She didn’t go to jail that night but she did go to court. It was a hung jury, but McLean settled for a lesser punishment.
Mark Kleiman is a professor of public policy at New York University. Kleiman said, “you can be positive for THC a week after the last time you used cannabis. Not subjectively impaired at all, not impaired at all by any objective measure, but still positive.”
It didn’t matter that McLean hadn’t smoked at all that night. If she smoked a week ago, she still got a cannabis DUI. Denver, Colorado’s District Attorney Mitch Morrissey says that Colorado won’t completely throw out the THC blood test. He then explained how it gives courts an extra piece of evidence during trials.

How to travel with cannabis in the car.

Scientists at UCSD are researching a new generation of cannabis field sobriety tests. One of these tests is called critical tracking. A person moves their finger around a square on a tablet to measure time distortion, because time can slow down when a person is high.
There is still a long way to go before an accurate field sobriety test exists. Tests like critical tracking are still in their experimental phase. But the nation is in desperate need for an accurate cannabis sobriety test.
Leist advises that drivers keep their weed in the trunk or in other inaccessible parts of the car. Crossing state borders with weed can result in significantly higher penalties and fines. Drivers should try to remember what they have stashed in their glove box. And don’t consume while driving or you will get a cannabis DUI .

Cannabis Flower Perfume Steals the Show

Cannabis Flower Perfume Steals the Show

Many people wonder if cannabis could smell good as a perfume.

The smell of cannabis is usually skunky or earthy with a hint of other smells like berries or flowers. Sometimes cannabis has a strong cheese or diesel smell and I don’t want to wear the smell of cheese. After over 12 years of trial and error, Mark Crames managed to successfully create cannabis perfumes that please the senses.
The popular cosmetic retailer Sephora asked Crames to create a fragrance based on the scent of cannabis. A difficult task for sure. He needed to capture the skunky essence of cannabis and at the same time include the pleasant essences of flowers and spices.
Crames experimented with several versions before developing his final line of fragrances. “I look at cannabis like liquor – it’s about capturing great, memorable tastes, smells and experiences,” Crames explained. His final offerings are light enough to incite desire in non-stoners but nostalgic for the cannabis consumer.

If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again.

12 years ago, Sephora asked Crames to create a cannabis based perfume. He created several formulations but they never found one Sephora approved of. Even though Crames’ perfumes were not where they needed to be, he didn’t give up. He found new backers and continued his work, looking for just the right mix.
In 2006, Crames released his first marijuana perfume line. He called the flagship fragrance Cannabis Flower. Crames also released the fragrance under his own label (along with others he had formulated) called Demeter Fragrances. The release became a turning point for cannabis-based perfume and Crames career.
Cannabis Flower became the most popular fragrance within his company’s product line. Cannabis Flower is not too spicy, not too flowery, but unmistakably smells like cannabis. Due to the use of cannabis flower during manufacture, the perfume is illegal to use and possess in some states.
Crames is a pioneer in both the perfume and cannabis industries. It took years of research, effort and imagination to get Cannabis Flower ready for market. However, that didn’t stop other companies from experimenting by trying to create their own cannabis perfume.

Crames started off as practicing lawyer and never went to perfume school.

Crames tried very hard to create a perfume that had the scent of marijuana but at the same time not let it be overpowering. He’s not a master perfumer, as they are called. He never attended a perfume school in France, which flies in the face of tradition. Crames was a practicing lawyer but had a passion for perfume and followed his passion.
Crames trained his nose for 15 years while working as a perfume distributor and a lawyer. Eventually, Crames received his own manufacturing license and started creating his own commercial licenses. Crames said, “I’m always approaching a target trying to capture what the majority of people would recognize as the thing itself. But in an idealized version.”
In 2002, Crames bought Demeter which already had a splendid perfume catalogue from renowned perfume artists. The Demeter company continued to employ perfume artists like Christopher Brosius. Brosius started Demeter 10 years earlier and his scents were exhibited at the Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum’s Triennial in 2003. That was the first time that perfume design elements construction was appreciated in that type of setting.
With years of practice, Crames developed a photographic memory with his nose. He can recall scents years after he inhaled them. His nose became Demeter’s driving force for fragrances. Crames stretches the concept of what is considered mainstream perfume. He has a long history of creating unusual scents. Some of his most popular fragrances are called Clean Skin, Paperback, New Baby, Laundromat, Snow and now Cannabis Flower.

Cannabis Flower is a haughty supporting actress that steals the show.

According to Crames, “Cannabis Flower is like a haughty supporting actress. There’s always the risk she might get too loud and steal the show.” There is a formula for making a pleasing scent. Good perfumes have top notes, middle notes and base notes.
Top notes are what people smell first but go away after a while. Middle notes reveal their scent over time and base notes appear several hours later. Cannabis Flower is similar to a perfume that has all three notes. Crames says it has a sneaky top note, a middle note that moves in and out, and a steady backdrop of base notes. Crames struggles with cannabis scents because its herby aroma tends to steal the show with its strong notes all together.

More designers are making perfume as well.

Christi Meshell is the owner and professional perfumer for House of Matriarch perfumes, a Seattle-based company. Meshell’s company created cannabis perfumes called Sex Magic and Forbidden. They describe working with cannabis as a strange and underused herb. Like, “drinking lemonade with your pet skunk in the middle of a pinyon pine forest as newly baled hay cures in a neighboring field.”
As the cannabis industry develops and matures, so too will the perfumes and scents associated with it. Gone are the days when patchouli was used to cover up cannabis. Let’s hope more designers like Crames and Meshell continue explore the wonderful world of weed.