Jay and Silent Bob Wall Rolling Tray




Snoochie Boochies, Jay and Silent Bob are back and they’re here on this awesome ‘Wall’ rolling tray! This durable rolling tray made of high-quality aluminum has a brick wall background with an image of Jay & Silent Bob.

The tray has rounded edges to prevent your herbal materials from getting caught in the corners and high sides to prevent your things from sliding off. The Wall rolling tray has a non-stick, easy-clean surface for rolling your J’s and blunts and extra room for your smoking gear.

It’s available in Small (7″ x 5.5″) Medium (10.6″ x 6.3″) and Large (13.4″ x 11″). The small tray is perfect for taking along with you so you can roll up a fast one while you’re out and about. The medium is the right size for keeping your smoking gear together and within reach at home.

The large tray has lots of room for all your important smoking accessories, even your bong or bubbler. You can even use the large tray to serve drinks to your friends or for enjoying breakfast in bed on those lazy, relaxing mornings.


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