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Cheech & Chong 40th Anniversary Blue Rolling Tray

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This awesome blue metal rolling tray commemorates the 40th anniversary of Cheech & Chong’s epic stoner movie Up in Smoke. This is a must-have for Cheech & Chong fans and perfect for anyone in need of a high-quality, great-looking rolling tray.

Made of durable high-grade aluminum, this tray is built to last. It won’t bend, break, or warp nor will the colors fade. It’s got an easy-clean, non-stick surface perfect for rolling and nice tall sides to keep your herbaceous products and accessories securely in place.

This tray is available in Small (7″ x 5.5″) Medium (10.75″ x 6.5″) and Large (13.5″ x 10.7″). It’s priced nice to make it an affordable gift for any fan of America’s most well-known stoner duo.

This 40th anniversary tray featuring official Cheech & Chong artwork won’t be made again so order yours before they’re gone.


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