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Puff Puff Pass “Dog” Rolling Tray

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If you’re into rolling your own, you should be using a good quality rolling tray like this tray by Puff Puff Pass It. It’s made of durable, high-quality aluminum that can take a beating. The sturdy tray is adorned with a happy dog in bright psychedelic colors on a matching blue background. 

Featuring a non-stick smooth surface, this eye-popping tray with the colorful pooch design is ideal for rolling your joints and blunts. It comes in two travel-friendly sizes: Small (7″ x 5.5″) and Medium (10.6″ X 6.2″).

With the tray’s rounded edges and high sides, it’s easy to do your rolling and keep your stash and rolling accessories safely and neatly in place. Order yours today and we’ll ‘puff puff pass’ the tray along to you!


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