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“Ice Set” Concave Flat Top Full Quartz Banger + Carb Set


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Whether you’re setting up a brand new dab rig or want to add some essential accessories to a 14mm jointed rig you already have, this nice Glass House Full Quartz “Ice Set” is great.

Inside the box, you’ll find a 14mm male beveled edge flat top quartz banger with a deep bucket and rounded base. The full quartz banger has a 25mm bucket diameter, a 90-degree joint angle, and walls that are 3mm thick.

You’ll also get a flush fit tornado carb cap for maximum vaporization of your concentrates. The Ice Set also includes two 6mm terp pearls to help sweep your bowl clean and an internal quartz insert dish for clean low-temp dabs.


  •  100% Quartz Glass
  •  Beveled Bucket
  •  Includes 2 Terp Pearls
  •  Includes Quartz Banger


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