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Supreme Cleaning Kit


This kit also comes with Resin rags, thin but absorbent rags that are perfect for cleaning and polishing your glass pipe,This cleaning kit has everything necessary to give nearly any glass pipe a thorough and deep cleaning inside and out.

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Higher Standards focuses on creating gear for the cannabis enthusiast that is affordable and quality made. Their Supreme Clean Kit has everything you need to clean your valuable pipes to like-new quality,The classic method of using isopropyl alcohol and salt has been elevated in this package. The alcohol is the purest that can be found and the rock salt is of a premium density ideal for abrasion. To get to those hard to reach areas they have included both flexible pipe cleaners and long-stemmed swabs. Their textured wipes are large and easily scrub away residue.


  • All-In-One Cleaning Kit
  • Premium Tools
  • Eliminates Residue & Buildup
  • Deep Clean Action
  • Exclusive Products Included
  • Effectively Cleans Pipes, Rig, & VaporizersWHAT’S IN THE BOX
    • 1x Higher Standards ISO Pure
    • 1x Salt Rox
    • 1x Resin Rag
    • 1x Salt Schute
    • 1x Stem Brush
    • 2x Dot Wipe
    • 6x Tube Top
    • 12x Pipe Stix
    • 12x Pipe Dreamz

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