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Glass Donut 10mm Dab Straw with Titanium Tip


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You don’t need a lot of gear to thoroughly enjoy your dabs and concentrates. All you really need is this Glass Donut Dab Straw w/ Titanium Tip. This awesome dab straw features a thick body made of borosilicate glass and a 10mm titanium nail that can be attached with the included clip.

At 5.5-inches long, this dab straw is highly portable. It’s designed with cool colored glass spirals that are encased in a layer of clear glass.

This dab straw has a donut chamber that splits and cools the smoke before you inhale so you get super smooth hits full of flavor. Because these dab straws with the ti tips are individually-made, they vary somewhat in color and design.


* Fumed Glass



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