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Famous Brandz “Papaya” Rolling Tray

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If you’re on the hunt for a new rolling tray that’s both eye-catching and functional, this funky rolling tray named Papaya features a psychedelic trip design in colors that pop! This is a durable, well-constructed tray made of high-grade aluminum that can take a beating.

The Papaya rolling tray comes in your choice of 2 sizes: Small (5.5″ x 7″) and Medium (6.25″ x 10.5″). If portability is important to you, the small size is travel-friendly. Just toss it in your backpack or bag and off you go! The larger, medium tray has plenty of space for rolling your joints and extra real estate for holding your bong, rig, grinder, etc.

This is an easy-clean, non-stick rolling tray with rounded edges to prevent your herbaceous products from getting caught in the corners. It also has high sides to keep all your gear securely in place.

The Papaya rolling tray makes a great gift for any smoker who enjoys rolling their own. Choose your preferred size and order today!


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