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Vaporite Mini Air Desktop Vaporizer




Vaporite’s Mini Air Desktop Vaporizer is one of the brand’s top sellers because it’s compact and delivers amazing vapor that’s full of flavor. The Mini Air is made of high-quality metal that offers durability while providing the unit with a classy look.

The small but mighty Vaporite Mini Air is equipped with a high-quality odor-free whip. This vaporizer has a digital control with Up/Down buttons you can control remotely via the included remote control. This makes regulating the temperature as easy as pie and fun!

This mini desktop vaporizer will kick on its fan automatically when it reaches the set temperature. When the unit detects that the temperature is dropping, it will turn the fan off.


  •  Ceramic Chamber
  •  Includes Hose
  •  Mini Desktop Size
  •  Tabletop Base


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