Tron Trail Chillum


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This can prove to be very beneficial as a fallen chillum can result in loss of product, a full mess, and worst case scenario, a broken pipe. The flat mouthpiece also feels better on your lips while inhaling. The body of the Tron Trail Chillum has a pink, fumed glass makeup with the blue lines running over it. The lightly fumed glass can look different when held in different lights and the more you use it. Now you do not have to worry about your pipe appearing dirty, as it can actually aid in the overall look of the chillum. Right before the bowl of the Tron Trail Chillum, the pipe bellow out, pinches, then protrudes out again.


  • Length: 3 inches
  • Blue striping
  • Flat mouthpiece
  • Colored glass
  • Thick glass
  • Fumed glass

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