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Standing Colored Glass Sherlock Pipe

These sherlock pipes contain a colored glass chamber leading from the bowl to the neck and mouthpiece. This sherlock style glass pipe is available in multiple colors and features a deep bowl for packing large amounts of dry herbs. The bent neck and the mouthpiece are made from clear glass, and the rounded shape of the mouthpiece provides an easy and smooth pull. The standout attribute of this glass pipe is the three glass nubs that allow this sherlock pipe to stand on its own. These sherlock pipes are manufactured from thick borosilicate glass. The speckled option comes with randomly chosen blends of all the available colors for a truly unique pipe.

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  • DankStop Hand Pipe
  • Available In Your Choice Of Colored Glass
  • Glass Nubs To Stand Upright
  • Glass Pipe
  • Rounded Mouthpiece
  • Sherlock Style Design
  • Bent Neck
  • Clear Glass
  • Colored Glass
  • Deep Bowl
  • Thick Glass


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