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Revelry Mini Broker Stash Bag


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The Revelry Mini Broker is a stash bag for your pocket. Put your stash inside this durable rubber-backed canvas bag, zip it closed and go on about your day. The Mini Broker’s hybrid technology features a carbon filter system that’s comprised of 3 layers to trap odors. The middle layer contains activated charcoal that both absorbs and traps the smell of what you’re carrying. The two outer layers serve as synthetic filters to help protect the unwoven charcoal.

The Mini Broker is just what you need for those times you want to carry your stash with you without anyone knowing. Measuring just 6.1″ wide x 4.3″ high x 0.79″ deep, this stash bag is truly portable. Either toss it in your bag or slide it in your pocket and nobody will know it’s there. To keep prying eyes and sticky fingers out, the Mini Broker is lockable.


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