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Quartz Banger for 20mm E-Nail Coils


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If you have been using a torch for dabbing, then welcome to the world of electronic heating, where you can actually control the temperatures for the right intensity of heat. This specific replacement quartz nail has been built to last, and the quartz makes sure of that. It works with 20mm heating coils and comes with a coil rest for ease of portability and aesthetics.

This quartz eNail is just what you need for your 20mm heating coil. It has a built-in hook on the side to secure the coil and prevent it from moving/falling. This pail is made of the best quality 100% premium quartz. It’s got a hollow thermal bottom.

We recommend this eNail to anyone who likes quartz and wants to switch their titanium or ceramic eNaill to a quartz option. You can do low and high temps with it, depending on what you want. It holds heat well and helps you get excellent flavor.


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