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Ladder Style Ashcatcher with Showerhead Perc

Ash catchers are a great accessory for both adding an extra layer of moisture-conditioning & water filtration, but also for keeping your glass clean by preventing unwanted debris from reaching the main chamber of your bong.

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The Nucleus Ladder Style Ashcatcher will transform your favorite glass bong into an eye-catching display with unparalleled functionality that effectively cools each rip to perfection. The Ladder Style Ashcatcher with Showerhead Perc also comes in your choice of joint size. Both joints will correspond with one another. For example if you order a 14mm, the female joint on top which holds your bowl will be a 14mm as well. A Nucleus decal is displayed prominently on the front of the ashcatcher.

About this product

– Showerhead perc

– Height: 5.5 inches

– Joint size: 14/ 18mm

– Male joint

-45° joint

– 90° joint

– Nucleus ashcatcher

– Choice of joint size

– Choice of joint angle

– Corresponding female top joints

– Fits female water pipes

– Holds male bowls

– Nucleus decal

– Polished joint


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