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Sherlock Pipe

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Sherlock Pipe, Sherlock pipes got their name after their iconic appearance in the hands of Sherlock Holmes over a century ago. These pipes have a nice and unique aesthetic that separates them from spoons, chillums, or glass blunts. It is hailed as a classic among smoking connoisseurs. The sherlock pipe was actually once referred to as a “billard” or “bing,” and its influence made it as far as the English colonies in Africa, India, and America. DankStop offers an assortment of various styles, colors, and designs of sherlock pipes. In fact, there are many brands that produce their own signature Sherlocks. Among these companies are Mathematics, Grav Labs, and Chameleon Glass. The great thing about having this variety of options is that you can grab yourself a perfectly suitable pipe, no matter your preference. On the one hand, the Grav Labs Mini Sherlock Pipe is smaller than most. It is also unique in the sense that its dry herb bowl is not spherical and bulbous. Rather, the bowl is cylindrical shaped. It gives the bowl a more classic look.


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