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Famous X Sherlock Hand Pipe

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An homage to Sherlock Holmes and the iconic hand pipe he smoked from, Sherlock pipes are perfect for anyone looking to add some class to their smoking profile. You can honor the iconic detective and have your own token Sherlock moment with this beautiful Sherlock Hand Pipe by Famous X.

The 4″ long Famous X Sherlock hand pipe is handcrafted using thick & durable borosilicate glass. It’s got an ice-catcher built into the mouthpiece that blocks any unwanted material from moving down the pipe. The deep & roomy bowl has a built-in honeycomb screen to filter and cool the smoke before you inhale.

With the carb hole on the left side of the bowl, you can control the intensity of the hits you take. To make packing the bowl easy, the pipe features a slightly flattened bottom so it stands up when placed on a level surface.

This Famous X Sherlock glass pipe is travel-ready with its durability and pocket-sized design. Pick one up today so you can add some style and class to your seshes. The pipe is available in 3 color options: Clear, Jade White, and Milky Jade Green.


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