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“Bullet” Concentrate Vaporizer Kit

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Offered in a nicely compact size, the “Bullet” Vape Pen is a portable concentrate vaporizer produced by The Kind Pen. This handheld vape works wonderfully with essential oils. Its atomizer is structured with dual quartz rods and titanium coils, which both sit inside of a ceramic heating chamber. This atomizer securely screws onto the pen itself. Its mechanism ensures the efficiency and flavor of vapor; any oils that fall off the coils are heated by the ceramic chamber. Thus, the ceramic chamber allows for you to reuse some of the oils that do no vaporize, as ceramic material is less conductive than the quartz.

  • The Kind Pen Vaporizer
  • “Bullet” Vape Kit By The Kind Pen
  • Ceramic Heating Chamber
  • Compatible W/ Concentrates
  • Includes Retractable Micro USB Charger And Packing Tool
  • Lifetime Warranty: Redeemed Via The Kind Pen Website
  • Safety Feature: 5-Click Turn On/Shut Off
  • Screw-On Atomizer: Dual Quartz Rods And Titanium Coils
  • Direct Draw Vaporizer
  • Analog Vaporizer
  • Portable Vaporizer
  • Vape Pen
  • Fixed Temperature


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