Buffer Chamber to Showerhead Ashcatcher


the Nucleus Buffer Chamber to Showerhead Ashcatcher is the perfect accessory. Coming in your choice of joint size and angle, this ashcatcher has not only a perc to initially diffuse your smoke but an extra chamber to keep debris from reaching your water pipe. The Buffer Chamber to Showerhead Ashcatcher is a beast so make sure you have a heavier, more sturdy water pipe to attach it to.






– Height: 5.5 inches

– Joint size: 14/ 18mm

– Base Width: 3.5 inches

– Male joint

– Nucleus ashcatcher

– Nucleus decal

– Corresponding female joint on top

– Choice of joint size

– Choice of joint angle

– Holds 14mm or 18mm male bowls

– Fits 14mm or 18mm female jointed pipes

– Clear glass

– Showerhead perc

– 45° joint

– 90° joint

– Dewar’s joint – Scientific glass

Additional information

Weight N/A


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