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Solo II Vaporizer


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Compatibility: The Solo 2 is only compatible with dry herb. However, it does have a secondary function as an aromatic diffuser. In that mode, aromatic herbs can be placed in the “aroma dish” where they heat up and spread their therapeutic aroma throughout the environment.

There are a variety of different accessories available for the Solo 2, but the most interesting are the various mouthpieces.

  • Curved Mouthpiece – This mouthpiece curves at the top and allows users to vape without having to hold the Solo 2 directly below them. This is possibly the best mouthpiece for Solo 2 and it would have been nice if it were included.
  • Tipped Aroma Tube – This mouthpiece has a narrow, tapered opening that feels more natural to inhale from. It also allows users to inhale less vapor during each draw.
  • Frosted Glass Tube – If you want to attach a water pipe to the Solo 2, then this is the accessory you need.

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