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45˚ Ashcatcher with Matrix Perc

This clear glass 45˚ ashcatcher features a matrix perc at the bottom. This perc filters your smoke through vertical and horizontal slits and helps keep your bong clean. Available in your choice of 14mm or 18mm male joint.

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You could spend hours every month washing out your bong and doing everything you can to get the grime out of your water pipe, or you could just add on an ash catcher. This 45 degree ash catcher does double duty: first, it helps to filter any unwanted particulates from the dry herb and stop them from entering the pipe (or your lungs). Second, this ash catcher features a matrix perc that will filter smoke before it even enters the water.



  • 2″ Base Diameter
  • Choice of 14 mm or 18 mm Male
  • Matrix Perc
  • 45° joint
  • male joint
  • 14 mm joint
  • 18 mm joint


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