3 Arm Tree Perc Ashcatcher


This ashcatcher comes in almost every style you need to fit your bong. Choose between joint size, angle and even color. Every variation comes with a three arm tree perc and is made with thick, scientific glass. Use this ashcatcher to keep your bong and smoke clean.



This highly effective ash catcher is a great way to add some extra filtration to your water pipe without adding an unnecessary amount of drag or volume to each draw. The compact & lightweight design of the 3-Arm Tree Perc Ashcatcher works great on any size bong without the need to worry about it becoming top-heavy and potentially tipping over. Each arm is equipped with three slits at the end of the glass tubes that work to diffuse your smoke through water while preventing ash and other nasty particles from reaching the main chamber of your bong.


Joint Size:

14/ 18mm male


4.5 inches

  • DankStop Ashcatcher
  • Choice Of Joint Size
  • Choice Of Joint Angle
  • Choice Of Color
  • Three Arm Tree Perc
  • Scientific Glass

Additional information

Weight N/A


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