Weed Reader helps you shop for the best weed accessories that make your smoking sessions so much easier! We have many variety that you can choose from we provide you the high quality and affordable accessories you’re looking for!

The five essential accessories that every smoker should have to start off. We have a rolling tray this is a raw small rolling tray or mini rolling tray you don’t want to get everything everywhere or waste any product that’s pretty expensive so get yourself a rolling tray and save yourself a headache a small pipe this is a silicone pipe with a quartz lid, easy to clean you could just take and rinse it out put it in the dishwasher . Sometimes you don’t feel like rolling up or you don’t want to take out any big devices or pieces so this is really convenient.

Everyone should have a grinder three chamber grinders because you get to grind your stuff on top in the middle it’s where everything comes through and at the bottom you get all the good stuff stored on and then you can come to the little scraper.  We  also have a mini bag  for tight bag it’s pretty simple they have multiple colors see-through blue red whatever you whatever you’d like press button here to vacuum out all the  air and you have pretty much an airtight vacuum sealed storage container to store all your herbs and keep them fresh.

We also have rolling mission some people are against rolling machines but they’re super convenient and if you’re gonna roll up all the time or you want its perfectly rolled joint andyou’re not that great at it rolling it by hand highly recommend getting a roller they’re super easy to use and you’ll be done rolling in a couple seconds.