Marijuana Recipes

Top 3 Ways to Infuse Your Danksgiving Feast

The holidays are just around the corner, and if your friends and family are cannabis connoisseurs like yourself, you may be looking at ways to infuse your… Read more »

The Dankest Cannabis Tea Recipes

There are many different methods of absorbing cannabis. You can smoke it, vape it, eat it, lotion up, or drink it. Smoking weed is not an option… Read more »

Cannabis Infused Drinks Are Big Trend

The Many Faces of Cannabis Drinks Welcome to the future of cannabis drinks! The legalization of marijuana is encouraging many people to create their own products like… Read more »

Top 10 Interesting Marijuana Facts

Here are the most interesting marijuana facts I know. As an avid cannabis consumer, I am always finding new info about weed. Much of the information comes… Read more »

10 Easy Makeshift Smoking Devices

Everyone needs a makeshift piece eventually. Sometimes, an accident robs you of the only pipe you own and a makeshift option is needed. Other times, you bring… Read more »

Recipe: Wake and Bake Waffle Cakes

Wake and bake with these waffle cakes! This batter recipe can be used for pancakes, too! With a little more sugar and some cinnamon and nutmeg, these… Read more »

Recipe: No-Churn Avocado Lime Ice Cream

I cannot get over how simple and delicious this recipe is. Dairy-free, nut free, and soy-free, this ice cream is perfect for a bright, refreshing dessert that… Read more »

Recipe: Fudge You Up Pot Brownies

Dense, chocolatey, chewy, and fudgey as… well, fudge. A vegan and gluten-free spin on the classic pot brownie. Top with nuts or chocolate chips for variety! The… Read more »

Recipe: Raw Pie for the 4th of July

A bright and mouthwateringly delicious raw pie for the 4th of July! No oven or baking required. Dairy and soy-free, but this is not a recipe for… Read more »

Creamy Dreamy Hot Chocolate

Drink this rich, creamy hot cocoa, and in no time you’ll feel as toasted as a roasted chestnut. Main recipe serves 2 or 3 people, roughly 8oz… Read more »

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