Pennsylvania Approves Eight Colleges for Medical Research

Pennsylvania makes history Pennsylvania is on track to be the first state to license a number of universities to begin scientific studies of marijuana. Just three months… Read more »

Synthetic Marijuana Poisoning Sparks 3 Chicago Arrests

Synthetic Marijuana is causing problems. A rash of synthetic marijuana fueled hospitalizations recently led federal investigators to the King Mini Mart in Chicago’s west side. There they… Read more »

Youtube Creators Get Shut Down for Cannabis

Youtube creators  are shut out Video streaming is so popular, that Youtube and Netflix account for over 70% of peak internet traffic in the U.S. Billions of… Read more »

5 Exciting Cannabis Stocks of Today

The United States is a hotbed of exciting cannabis stocks. States from one ocean to the other are passing laws legalizing production, distribution and most importantly, taxation… Read more »

Canada Still Hashing Out Cannabis Act Details

Canada Wants More Time To Review Cannabis Act In an interview last Thursday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said that recreational cannabis is on track for summer. This… Read more »

Medical Marijuana on Wheels in Lakewood

If you’re in the medical marijuana game, Nugrunner is a name you’ll likely hear a lot more as it continues to grow in and around Lakewood, California…. Read more »

Weed Supply Issues Resolved By Grobox

My weed supply is in constant jeopardy. From work to school and kids, there is rarely time left for personal pleasures. All the demands of the day… Read more »

Growing Marijuana Indoors; A Beginners Guide

As users of herb, it makes sense that growing our own bud would be the ideal situation. You may be thinking, “That sounds way too difficult and… Read more »

Which States Are Most Likely to Legalize Pot in 2018?

The election is still a ways off, but one state has legalized pot already in 2018. Vermont made history back in January by becoming the first state… Read more »

The Most Convenient Way to Access Cannabis in L.A.

GrassDoor. That’s a name you’ll likely hear a lot more as it continues to grow in Los Angeles. A similar concept to Uber Eats, GrassDoor delivers reliable… Read more »

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