marijuana lessons for canada usa vs portugal vs netherlands

Many people are campaigning for marijuana legalization around the world. But from the legal point of view, what will that look like? Should people be allowed to smoke weed anywhere, or should there be certain restrictions? Can one grow weed at home? What falls under a criminal offence? Currently, Canada is faced with such questions. Their government has promised some sort of marijuana legalization, but it is still not clear what that will look like. With the purpose of contributing to the debate, this infographic compares marijuana legalization laws in three countries that can be used as a model: the USA, Netherlands and Portugal.

This analysis will, without a doubt, be interesting to non-Canadians as well, because it shows different approaches that these countries have to marijuana legalization. While some countries allow consuming a personal amount of this substance, others view it as an addiction issue. Again, growing weed at home is not without limitations. There are restrictions on the number of plants that can be grown and how they are looked after. All this shows that we are still far from a perfect legal model. Maybe Canada will lead in this process. In any case, when you read the following infographic, you will certainly look at the marijuana issue with different eyes.
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