Top 5 Video Games to Play while Stoned

The best games to play while high should be visually appealing and fun to play. Games that provide more creativity and freedom are perfect for a stoned audience. Depending on the strain you’re smoking and your mood, you might want a more casual game to play or a challenging adventure. We’ve compiled a list of recent games that would be perfectly paired with cannabis.

  1. No Man’s Sky
    No Man’s Sky has gone beyond the open-world game genre. It should be considered an open-universe RPG because you are free to explore the planets of the games various galaxies. Who doesn’t wish they could explore the depths of the universe when they’re high? No Man’s Sky provides this experience with stunning graphics and vibrant colors. The stoned eyes will surely appreciate the aesthetics and level of freedom they will have in their gaming experience. In NMS you can mine for items that can be used to repair spaceships. You can then use your spaceship to explore other planets and solar systems. Every player’s experience is different, you may find several uninhabited planets before you find one full of life. You may also find yourself being attacked by the inhabitants of other planets. Either way you’ll be in for a surprise when playing NMS. The game isn’t too challenging for heavily stoned players and the combat system is simple so you can just focus on exploring and upgrading your ship/gear.
  2. Minecraft
    Minecraft is a modern classic game that has captured the interests in children and adults alike. For the stoners craving a creative and adventurous outlet, this game definitely one to check out. Minecraft is a 3-dimensional block construction game with an added element of a virtual world. Everything in the Minecraft universe is made of blocks, but don’t be fooled by that description. Upon spawning in the game, the player will find him or herself immersed in a vast and stunning landscape that is completely made of blocks. Not to mention, the background music is ambient and calm. There are a variety of modes to play, but the top two especially for stoners would be the classic survival mode and the creative mode. Stoners looking for an adventurous challenge should choose survival mode. In this mode, players must manage their health and hunger to survive. To do this, they have to mine and collect resources, build structures, and battle various creatures such as zombies and skeleton archers. There are many possibilities on what a player can do, from taming animals to exploring the endless and various landscapes. Creative mode takes out the survival aspects and is perfect for the stoner who just wants to be creative without the pressure of surviving. The player’s inventory has unlimited materials to work with so mining is not necessary. Here the stoner can zone out and create anything, whether it is their dream abode or a pixel art structure of a video game character like Sonic the Hedgehog. Last but not least, the creative mode is a stoner favorite because it allows the player to fly, which makes building tall structures and travelling and exploring far distances easier.
  3. Don’t Starve Together
    Don’t starve together is a fun survival game that you can play with a friend after a sesh. Unfortunately, you’ll need two computers but it doesn’t take much to run this game. The game has overwhelmingly positive reviews and it can get quite scary. If you’ve ever watched a horror flick while high you’ll understand the appeal of this game. The goal of the game is to gather resources to craft items and structures that will help you survive various dangers, creatures and surprises. If no one is available you can still play the game alone. However, it’s much more fun to have someone just as stoned and into the game as you are to play with. This game is a little challenging because you die of starvation or worse if you don’t take the proper actions, so try not to get too high before playing.
  4. Witcher III
    Witcher 3 has to be one of the best and largest open-world RPG’s ever made. Open-world RPG’s like Skyrim give stoners the freedom to explore. In recent open-world RPGs you can also tailor the way the story unfolds. Witchers take paid contracts to exterminate monsters so if you feel like extending the games duration or just exploring what else the game has to offer you can go on monster hunts. You’re forced to play as the old white-haired witcher named “Geralt” but this gives you a character with a rich history. Most RPG’s let players create their own unique character but this leads to a lackluster story. Throughout the game’s story you’ll see glimpses of Geralt’s past. He develops a father-daughter relationship with a young girl he is mentoring named Ciri. These glimpses hint at why Geralt’s character is so passionate about saving Ciri during the games story.  There’s also tons of side quests you can go on for various rewards. It’s hard to get tired of this game there’s always something to do and you’re free to choose how to handle certain situations. For example, if you see someone being bullied or robbed you can mind your own business or violently intervene. They say smoking reveals your real self so smoke up and see what kind of decisions the real you will make. Consider it a form of self-reflection.
  5. Far Cry 4
    According to leafly, first-person shooters are a favorite among pot lovers. Far Cry 4 combines the first-person shooter experience with an open world. You’ll find yourself on an action-packed adventure on a fictional island. Even though it’s only one island there is a lot to be seen in Far Cry 4 and even more to be done. You can follow the main story line or you can help rebel forces liberate clocktowers, and outposts filled with armed enemies. How you choose to do this is up to the individual. You can liberate an outpost without alarming or killing anyone if you play stealthily enough. However, if you’re feeling impatient and particularly belligerent you can hover in from above with a rocket launcher and wipe all your enemies clean off the map. The choice is yours in Far Cry 4.

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