Top 10 Cannabis Hiking Trails in California

Have you ever been on a hike, on weed?

California has a lot to offer to the average consumer. Whether it be climbing a mountain or hiking down a deep valley, there’s a cannabis hiking adventure for everyone. California offers a variety of scenic views and landscapes that will take your breath away.

1: Lassen Peak Trail

Have you ever wanted to get stoned and stand on top of an active volcano? Well, Lassen Peak Trail offers a moderate to hard hike that ends on top of a beautiful and safe volcano. The view is breathtaking and worth the 5-mile hike.

2: Eagle Lake

If a volcano hike seems too much, try an easier walk on Eagle Lake. Smoke-a-bowl and enjoy the beautiful waterfall views and magical woods. The 2-mile trail leads to a mirror-like lake within South Lake Tahoe.

3: Sierra Buttes Fire Lookout

The Sierra Butte Fire Lookout is another great place to get stoned at and enjoy the open fields filled with wildflowers. This trail is easy to moderate because travelers can continue their cannabis hiking through rocky terrain that leads to a 600-foot drop lookout.

4: Cataract Falls

This 2.7 mile trail is moderately difficult to hike, but the trail is filled with the sounds of bubbling streams. Smoke a joint and enjoy natures cooling streams and breathtaking waterfalls.

5: Fern Valley Trail

Looking for the Jurassic Park experience? Well you won’t find dino’s here, but it was the backdrop for Jurassic Park II. This easy to walk 1-mile park is filled with wildlife such as salamanders and centipedes.

6: Salt Point Trail

Salt Point Trail delivers a true Northern California coastal experience. There are wildflowers, colorful sandstone formations and the big beautiful deep blue ocean. Don’t get too blazed, the trail can be a little confusing so it’s best to bring an updated map.

7: Feather Falls

The best time to visit Feather Falls is during mid-spring to early summer. Just after the winter snow has melted the wildflowers are in full bloom. Get blazed and enjoy the shining waterfall and sparkling waters within the 8-mile long hike.

8: Mishe Mokwa Trail

In Malibu, California there are a variety of peaks, but Sandstone is the crown jewel of the area. You’ll also see vibrant green landscapes and a gorgeous ocean backdrop. This moderate difficulty, 6-mile long hike is perfect for couples who want to smoke-a-bowl and enjoy the views together.

9: Mt. Baldy (Mt. San Antonio)

A difficult path for sure, this 10-mile long path is not recommended for beginners. The views are filled with beautiful natural scenery. And for those who want to omit 4-miles from their hike, there is a ski lift available during the summer months.

10: Torrey Pines State Reserve

This amazing trail offers three different points: Red Butte, Yuca Point and Razor Point. These points on the hike provide an incredible view of colorful wildflowers, natural seaside wonders and a few rattlesnakes. Yes, rattlesnakes are also a part of the hike so be careful stoners and don’t pet the snakes.

Featured image: notez_rachapong / Instagram

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