Strain Review: White Widow

6 Introspective

10 Munchy

8 Energetic

10 Euphoria

9 Social


White Widow is one of the first ever strains I can remember trying. A friend laid out a few nuggets that were bright green, densely coated in white crystals, and smelled thickly of dank earth and grass. The high afterward was so sweet and floaty, free from stress or any paranoia about being caught by someone’s parents (as I’m sure many smokers have been through). The same night I tried Blue Dream, and the two combined were an intense, and as you could probably imagine, hazy experience.

Another one of the world’s most popular and most-accessible strains, White Widow is a hybrid of Brazilian sativa and South Indian indica that bursts in with euphoric qualities and stimulating energy. You might be familiar with some of its genetic offsprings– White Russian, White Rhino, and Blue Widow. However, White Widow is the Netherlands-born classic found in just about every coffee shop and dispensary across the world.

Like I described before, the white crystals give a cheesy, resiny hit that coats the inside of your mouth and sets off the potent effects of the strain. High relaxation, creativity, happiness, and euphoria are all named benefits of using White Widow. Some batches lean more on the indica side, so you’d get high pain relief and relaxation with minor cerebral effects. Other times, the hybrid combination is in full force, and the high creeps slowly in until you are completely swamped in a state of euphoria. A solid dose of White Widow in an edible just might be the thing to knock a person off their feet! Try it out vaping or smoking before experimenting with any baking, since ingesting cannabis is an entirely different experience than it is with smoking.

Users say they like the body high for dancing, working out, or being outside, while others feel bubbly and more personable, cracking jokes and feeling little anxiety. Some feel relief from stomach pain and muscle cramps while others may feel a heavy sedative quality. Enjoy productivity, make tasks pleasurable and find new ways to look at the world or shift your perspective by trying some White Widow. Great for wake-and-bakes!

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