Snoop Dogg Isn’t Playing Around When it Comes to the NFL

Snoop Dogg is one who is always known for speaking his mind when it’s needed most. There has been an ongoing debate over the last several years regarding whether or not NFL players should be able to utilize marijuana. Despite the NFL’s lack of policy change for players regarding cannabis, one of their recent decisions has Snoop blazingly pissed off. After hearing that the NFL made a decision to allow NFL players to own guns and even went as far as to add gun responsibility to their player conduct training, he went to Instagram to let the NFL know just what he thought about it. 

Anyone who has common knowledge regarding cannabis knows that NFL players could benefit substantially from being able to utilize marijuana for medicinal purposes. For some reason, the NFL thinks that players owning guns is more important than them being able to utilize a natural plant for medical applications. Snoop Dogg was also quick to point out that NFL players are already a little wired up and how cannabis can help ease their agitation.

In the past few years, there have been several NFL players including  Eugene Monroe and Ricky Williams that have come out of the cannabis closet and started to speak up for the players in the league regarding just how beneficial marijuana can be.

Eugene Monroe is reportedly the first active NFL player to have ever openly campaigned for legalizing the consumption of medical marijuana. Unfortunately after spending an off-season advocating for medical marijuana and spreading knowledge about how NFL players could benefit from cannabis, he was released from his position as an offensive tackle with The Ravens. Despite being released from the team, Eugene has no plans of stopping and has vowed to continue advocating until the league accepts “medical cannabis as a viable option for pain management.”

Leonard Marshall is former NFL player that is also speaking up about the benefits that players both in the league and retired can gain from cannabis. Being a former linesman for the NY Giants, Leonard knows firsthand the injuries that can come along with being a part of the league. Unfortunately, he also knows about just how quick an injury can turn into an addiction to opiates. This is why the former linesman is now advocating for the NFL to remove cannabis from their list of banned substances. He is also urging the league to invest money into research surrounding how cannabis can help combat traumatic brain injuries which are suffered by many players throughout the NFL.

If you would like to check out the original NSFW video posted on Instagram by Snoop, you can find it here.

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