Most Popular Facebook Groups for Stoners

Facebook groups are the best part of the social media site.

The social media colossus started out as an ivy league idea that grew into an international marketplace. The key to that growth has been how the site connects users to each other through their Facebook groups. Anyone with a Facebook account can request to be a member of these growing communities.

Facebook groups are collections of users who have similar views or hobbies. Cannabis is common on Facebook, with thousands of active groups at any given moment. The best groups have more than just a lot of users. They are able fun, engaging and growing.

It takes some good moderators, admins and plenty of engagement for a Facebook group to take off. Even then, trolls can ruin a great thing. Remember to not feed the trolls and enjoy meeting new people, seeing new things and enjoying some great marijuana.

Here are some of the most popular weed groups on Facebook. growing weed facebook groups

This list is in no particular order but each of these groups are top notch. Some focus on growing, some on medical, and others are more general. All are growing and provide their members with something special. Check them out, you might just like it.

1. Cannabis Oil Success Stories

Current Members: 125,527

If you are looking for information on Rick Simpson, Phoenix Tears, “RSO” you will find this Group useful. This group is growing quickly and hones in on educating members on sensible Cannabis Oil. They also highlight members with success stories of their own.

2. Growing Cannabis Outdoors

Current Members: 23,166

Facebook groups like this specialized for outdoor growers. They cover tips and tricks for better outdoor growing. The content revolves around soil preparations, fertilizers, and mold prevention. Basically all that stuff that’s useful to know about growing outdoors. This is not the group to post random stuff and memes because they are ALL about growing cannabis outdoors.

3. Cannabis Oil Success Stories CBD

Current Members: 16,943

CBD Oil Success Stories is similar to the group above but specializes in high quality CBD. This group is making a name for itself and highlights CBD Cannabis Oil. They also highlight the struggles and triumphs of members with success stories of their own.

4. My MD Cannabis™

Current Members: 14,644

My MD Cannabis grants its members free access to a continuous stream of informative medical cannabis related news and articles. These articles have been professionally produced and vetted. Facebook groups like this promote/facilitate interaction with other likeminded group members in a professional and supportive environment. They even allow group members to post additional cannabis/hemp news and articles to the group for members to review and comment.

5. Cannabis Growers Helping Growers

Current Members: 31,491

This is a group for legal marijuana growers around the world to share knowledge and opinions respectfully. They also promote/facilitate interaction with other like-minded group members in a professional and supportive environment.

6. Cannabis

Current Members: 224,876

The official group of cannabis! This is the perfect place for sweet memes or some smoke trick videos. They regularly post additional cannabis/hemp news and articles for this Facebook groups members to review and comment.

What Facebook groups do you like?

There are a lot of amazing Facebook groups. Let us know in the comments below what groups you think should be on this list. Thanks for reading.

Updated: 17th July 2017

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